The Sparkling Rainbow - Cover
The Sparkling Rainbow - Cover

The Sparkling Rainbow (A Personal Healing Guide)


The Sparkling Rainbow (A Personal Healing Guide)

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Do you want to heal and grow?

Do you want to give up your belief that you have no choice or power in your healing process?

My book, The Sparkling Rainbow, will help you move into a new way of living your health. What happened to me is also possible for you.

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An Excerpt

“I found that it was easy for me to go inside my body and see things. Deborah would be drawn to a particular area on a particular day, and I would be asked to go into that area and see what was there. I would always find something stuffed there from long ago and have to live through whatever it was.

There were many tears shed as I felt the feelings of anger, betrayal, loss, rage, grief, etc. I was now living through all the feelings I was unable to deal with at the time they happened. To say it was easy would be lying through my teeth, but I will say it was the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

No one wants to hurt, which is why feelings get stuffed in the first place. Opening to, and living them, is transforming. As I learned, the only way out is through. You can’t go around, over, under, or in any other way evade an emotion. If you do, it will be stored as physical energy in your body somewhere.”

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