On Feet of Light
On Feet of Light

On Feet of Light


On Feet of Light

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When Pat was told by the Angelic Council of LIGHT that she would be taking this journey, she had no idea how it would change her life. Come with her and the Council for this 18 day journey, 3000 miles through the Southwest as she learns to hear and feel them, as well as see through their eyes.

On Feet of Light is a journey. It is a story of love and life, of living each moment to the fullest. The synchronicity of events kept this journey flowing from one moment to the next in perfect harmony with the world around her. It is also filled with the knowledge and experience that Earth is a part of us in ways we may have never imagined.

Be one with Pat as she relives the experiences, so richly set before her in each day. Feel her fear being released and left behind, and feel the joy of life being recreated in each moment, with each choice. The Pat that began the journey is not the same person who returned so many days later.

This book is packed with moments of fear, surprise, joy and a range of emotions that embody all life. Each chapter includes conversations with the Angelic Council, at the time known as “The Guys”, and lessons learned on that day. If you are ready to take that journey, open these pages and see not only how her life was shifted in so many ways, but how you can use the lessons on these pages to help you do the same.

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