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Book a Personal Healing session or Distance Healing session.

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Personal Healing Session
Book a Personal or Distance Healing Session with Pat – either in person or via the phone.

Pat facilitates a powerful healing modality, done privately, which aligns the tissue with the vibration of light. Long dormant codes of light within the DNA are awakened, helping you in all levels of life, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The truth within is exposed, removing blocks and patterns so lifetimes of healing can take place.
People have reported significant experiences of healing, as well as a sense of peace, relaxation, comfort, joy and wellbeing. This can permanently be a part of the new you after the session. We bring you to a place where there is no illness, disease or injury. It is up to you to bring that experience back with you to your every-day life.
People may either lie on a healing table or sit in a comfortable chair and relax as the Council checks for blocks and patterns in the energy field. Sessions are done with you, not for you so you will be asked to visualize, feel, or otherwise participate in the session. Sessions are approximately one hour in length.