Sacred Rites of Passage for Humanity

November 5-8 – Moorestown, NJ

Center for Conscious Living

Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson

Phone: (856) 722-5683

November 20-23 Somers, CT

Optimal Living Center, LLC

50 Old Farm Rd.

Somers, CT 06071


Sacred Rites Workshop — Direct Attunement from the Angelic Council

It is time on Earth to speed up the bonding process of your soul with your physical experience. It is because of this that we are bringing the Rites to you. You are evolving from homo-sapien to homo-luminous beings. This means that you are becoming a higher version of the light that you have always been, and long since forgotten.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT has designed the Rites. The Council is a group of angels and ascended masters who have overseen and guided humanity for eons. Some have been embodied and some have not. Because of their combined experience, it is now possible to help you elevate the status of your human form to a union with spirit at a level never seen before in your world.

Pat Caffrey is, and has been, a member of the Council for all of time. She has been in human form for unique life experiences where help was needed. Because of this unique position, she is able to be the embodiment of the Council for the purpose of passing these Rites on to you.

You have lived in a world where you looked outside yourselves to find the light that has been within you all this time. We are here to open the doors you have so carefully kept shut. These are the doors of belief that kept you feeling small and separate from the world, and even yourself.

Come to us and we will help you open those doors. It is YOU who holds the light and it has always been so. Let us touch you with our light and merge our light with yours. Each Rite is designed to build on the next so you can experience this spiritual evolution in a safe and sacred way.

Here is a list of the Rites:

Sacred Soul

You are a matrix of light, which holds the information packet of YOU. It is reflected in your physical world as your body. The body is your vehicle with which you maneuver your world. It is the means with which you interact with everyone and everything. Without it, there would be no body, or physical experience. In truth, you are the soul, or packet of light/consciousness, living as your body in this world. Your soul is a part of All That Is or God. It is Holy. It is Divine.

Sacred Heart

Your heart is present in multiple layers. The two we are concerned with here are your physical heart, the pump that beats and flows the blood to your body to keep it alive, and the etheric heart that is your direct-connect to HOME. Home is where your soul exists. Without this combination, or union, you would cease to exist as a human being.

Sacred Fire

Think of your heart as a furnace and the fire as the passion, which burns within. It is the passion that shows you when you are moving to the highest call of your soul. When you are in sync with your soul, you will feel it more strongly than when you are not. Following your heart, or passion, will bring you to what you love faster than any other thing in your universe. It IS love.

Sacred Contract

You made a contract with your soul when you chose to be in human form for this life experience. This contract contains the lessons you chose to work on while you are here. For this Rite, you will be aligned with this contract as it opens your third eye a bit wider and gives you new clarity into your life purpose.

Sacred Vessel

Your vessel is the body for this life on earth. It is a matrix of light. It contains packets of light that are the consciousness of All That Is, or what you call God. It is holographic in essence and projects the experience of being real and solid in this world. It often seems as if it has a “mind of its own”. While you are here it is experienced as solid. This Rite will expand the cellular structure to hold more of the light or the consciousness of God.

Sacred Union

This is the merging or your Sacred Vessel with your Sacred Soul. It is now time to live your lives as your soul, having a physical experience, not the other way around. You have known this in essence and not been ready or able to live it in truth. With this merger of soul and body, at the angelic level, you will be transformed to LIVE your love as never before.