About Pat

The Angelic Council of LIGHT is a group of angels and ascended masters who have overseen and guided humanity for eons. Some have been embodied and some have not. Pat Caffrey is, and has been, a member of the Council for all of time. She has been in human form for unique life experiences where help was needed. Because of this unique position, she is now able to be the embodiment of the Council on Earth.

Pat speaks the wisdom of the Council through her voice and they see, hear, taste and touch the world through her.   It is a unique connection and allows her to bring programs and healing sessions directly from their realm to yours.

She agreed to be born in the usual way, forgetting whom she was until it was time to remember. She studied with many masters in this world as well as collecting and remembering information from spiritual masters in other realms. She is now in remembrance of her soul and is ready to help you remember your soul as well.

Pat has agreed, in this lifetime, to experience as much physical life as possible so she can understand what you are going through. She became an RN to satisfy her need of healing, and she has experienced physical disabilities, marriage and divorce, setbacks and triumphs, just as you have. She speaks plain language, not “Angel Speak”, and lives in the world as you do.

It is her prime purpose to reunite you with your own soul and purpose, which she does through the “Sacred Rites of Humanity”, a program designed by the Angelic Council of LIGHT and facilitated by her.  She also does private and group healing session on request.

She is the author of The Sparkling Rainbow, a Personal Healing Guide, and On Feet of Light. She is presently working on a new book of wisdom from the Council.