Group Healing Sessions

Group sessions are a gift of light.  The Angelic Council of Light is able to see you through Pat’s eyes and you can see them through hers. They are also able to touch you with her hands and you can feel their energy directly. This has never been done before and an experience of a lifetime. There is a feeling of love and peace that cannot be described. As you sit in this presence of spirit, you experience feelings in yourself you never knew were there.

Pat will be with you in a room filled with peace and love and hold this light so you may awaken in it. This experience of being in the light helps you to awaken to your own which is often hidden in your own beliefs and fears.
She/They are a vibration of love in the form of light that will reawaken and “light up” the heart/soul that is you. She does this with spoken word, Tibetan Mudra and transmission of light that will spark your remembrance of who you are. It is at this space where all healing takes place. This loving vibration not only releases long held emotions; but, produces a transformation of body, mind and spiritual essence.

Sessions are approximately 1½ hours and filled with compassion and grace.

Personal Healing Sessions

Pat facilitates a powerful healing modality, done privately, which aligns the tissue with the vibration of light. Long dormant codes of light within the DNA are awakened, helping you in all levels of life, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The truth within is exposed, removing blocks and patterns so lifetimes of healing can take place.
People have reported significant experiences of healing, as well as a sense of peace, relaxation, comfort, joy and well-being. This can permanently be a part of the new you after the session. We bring you to a place where there is no illness, disease or injury. It is up to you to bring that experience back with you to your every-day life.

Distance Phone Healing Sessions

These are the same as Personal Healing Sessions but done either on the phone or with Skype.