Sacred Soul Workshops

Sacred Soul Workshop
A Journey of the Heart: Down to Earth Truth from Heaven

For many years, you have buried your soul beneath tons of beliefs and fears that have kept you from finding the true self that represents YOU, your sacred self. That self is your heart/soul/compassion.

It is time to awaken to the experience of love. It has been thought that love/compassion is to be given away. In fact, it is something that first needs to be given to you. Before you can find your life’s passion, you need to clear away the beliefs and fears that are hiding it from you.

This program is an exploration into your true self, a journey to the center of you. We will help each of you to recognize and release beliefs and fears that are blocking you from the joy of love, pure and simple. Then we will help you find the focus of your heart’s desire and guide you to take simple steps to get there.

We will first open the heart, using a mudra, gifted to us in Tibet. The first half of the workshop will be spent opening the heart to its fullest as you clear away the debris of eons of fears and beliefs. We use group sharing, meditative techniques and personal experience. In the second half we focus on your heart’s desire and practice walking that path so when finish the workshop, you can LIVE your passion.

We will be keeping the number of participants to a small group and work together in an intimate setting. We want you to be comfortable and bathed in love as we work together. This is not just a workshop to learn how to find your compassionate heart, but also an experience of living it.