Book a Private Session

Personal Healing Session
Book a Personal or Distance Healing Session with Pat – either in person or via the phone.

Sessions are one hour in length.

If you’re booking a session at an event: you should book through the event organizer. Full contact information and links are listed on the event page..

Otherwise, if you’re booking an appointment directly with Pat, before you make payment.

  • Book an appointment using the contact form (click here – please make sure you select “Distance/Personal Healing Booking” under category.)
  • You can call Pat at (860) 774-2251 (9AM-5PM Eastern Time). Once you and Pat have booked a date and time, please make payment (details below.)

You can read more about these offerings by clicking on “Healing Sessions” in the menu above and then select the service offering you’re most interested in.

Once you’ve booked a session, return here for payment.

Price: $125.00