Answers to the Age Old Questions of Humanity

There have been so many questions asked about who we are and why we are here that people have stopped asking them because answers have not been forthcoming. These are answers that will only come from within and are different for everyone asking the questions. Oh yes, the basic answer will be the same, but the application of each will always be different for the person asking the questions. No two of you are alike, although very similar in many ways.

You are all “houses” so to speak. Each of you has a structure that you identify yourselves with in this universe. You have personalities that are unique and individual to each of you. You all fall into the category of Homo Sapien and even that is changing as we speak – to Homo Luminous. You are holding more light.

All of this sounds great and looks good on paper, but what does it all mean? It means that you are evolving in such a way as to act and re-act differently in your present world, therefore changing your world. For those of you interested in spiritual growth (that means you if you are reading this), you have most likely already noticed that you do not react to the same old things in the same old way any more.

Perhaps you would have gotten very angry with some action a couple years ago and now you get angry but can no longer sustain the anger. Perhaps you are becoming more tolerant of others, more compassionate. And then there is the flip side of that as you evolve – you may be LESS tolerant and MORE angry. While it feels very uncomfortable, it remains the best way to release the old patterns and beliefs.

What makes you different is what you do with the anger and intolerance. The Universal Rule is that you must not do harm to another. That means no knives, guns or fists involved. If it means retreat, then retreat. There is no shame in walking away from a situation you cannot win. Most probably you would not even be heard. Walk away to come back for a discussion later when all parties have calmed down. In situations where violence is imminent, call for help. Then leave if you can. Be as calm as you can but do not engage a person who can no longer see or hear clearly.

There is a lot of rage being released in the world right now and nobody is talking about how to handle it. This is why we are here today. It’s time to be practical. There are times your rage will rattle at your cage walls and you will know that you can walk away also. Go for a run or a walk, scream, or cry. Write or shout out your anger. When you allow this, you will be surprised how quickly it evaporates.

Most of all, do not expect others to agree with you. Many will not. That does not mean you are wrong. It also does not mean they are. There is room in the world for both opinions. When two do not match, you may have to agree to disagree. Find a compromise and if you cannot, choose what you need to do with the situation. Can you live with the compromise, or lack of it? Only you will know. You may have to move on and find someone your ideas and beliefs are more compatible with. No harm, no foul.

We are changing from a world of right and wrong. On top of that we are moving from a world of blame. There was always someone who had to be at fault. This new world is a no-fault world. It is time to learn to work together, or at least side by side. We need no longer go to war over religion, politics or any other hot-button topic. It is time to hear each other and work together for common causes.

You have been living beliefs that you cannot fix anything with someone who holds a different belief. It is a cause of competition. If I have an idea how to create a cure for cancer, and you have a different one, chances are it will take many years to find the answer. If, however, we work together, most likely the time period will be shorted by at least a factor of ten. We can help each other to see things we could not see by ourselves.

It is the same with all other things. It is time to allow ourselves to see through other’s eyes. It does not mean we will adapt to their beliefs or ways of thinking, or they, ours. It does mean we can see from a larger perspective and grow in ways we never believed possible.

We feel like solitary creatures, yearning for connection to others. In truth we are not. In experience it can feel like we are alone in the world. Some of you love to connect with others and find it very easy. Some of us find it more difficult and have to make ourselves join in the world. It does not matter which category you fall into. What does matter is how you live it.

I/We, for example, while teaching a class or a workshop, feel perfectly at home and content in a group. Put us into a party of people we do not know and we will be the one sitting on the side of the room, watching the interactions. Is it a defect in the workings of our psyche? I would have said yes at one point, but now I know more. It is my comfort zone. I am perfectly comfortable observing when we are not teaching.

What is your comfort zone? Who are you? What do you like to do with your life? Where are you most comfortable? These are all very important questions right now as you move into a higher level of understanding of yourself. It is only then that you can move smoothly into your next phase of who you are.

You are not stagnant, nor are you sedentary, even if your jobs or life style says differently. You, your soul, is ever changing and forever. It is time to make friends with it. Get to know you. Then, and only then, can you begin to know others. Only from there can you become the beings of light you have been training to become for eons.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. You are awakening not only a world to who and what it is, but an entire species of being to what it will become. We stand beside you and guide you. It is you who does the work and we are so very proud.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT