Your Origins of Evolution

We are here to tell you of a syndrome that is arising as we speak. This syndrome is the syndrome of life. It is, in a sense, an explanation of life here on this planet. You are here as human beings and as such, have been here for millennia. Much has been said about who and what you are. We are here to give you a little more of an insight into that.

As you know, you began as a humanoid species that was more apelike than what you are now. Your scientists have been looking for a very long time for the “missing link” as to how you got from there to where you are now. It is quite simple, although perhaps difficult for some of you to grasp. You were genetically manipulated.

By whom you ask? It is easy for you to believe that you are the most intelligent and advanced species in your world. What does that question mean to you? Does your world include just Earth or are you open to the universe being part of that equation? You are not alone; all you have to do is look back at your Bible and Creation stories from all the other major religions in your world to find your answers.

Who are we? We are angels and ascended masters, but what does that mean? In a sense, because we are mostly in non-physical, non-form, you think of us as Divine, as in “coming from God”. In truth, so are you. The difference is that you are living out your existence right now in physical form, as are we with Pat. Michael, Gabriel, Jesus, Mary and a multitude of others? They exist in pure consciousness right now.   You can communicate with them in your hearts, but not see, feel or touch them.

In that sense, you can call us Alien. Other than. As long as we are in pure energetic, consciousness, soul or what you call spirit, you have the tendency to put us above yourselves. It is time to change that. It is time to step into your power and take responsibility for your own soul choices. It is YOU who are evolving to take our place in your world.

We were created to guide you on your way to remembrance of who you are. It matters not whether you were originally created by one Divine spirit you call God, or by other worldly beings, being led by that God source. The result is the same and the love is the same. It all comes from the same origin, no matter how it was guided or who did the actual hands-on work.

When you see something you do not understand and it seems like “magic” or “Divinely guided”, you call it miracle and give the credit (or blame at times) to “God”. When you read your creation stories that were written from all of your cultural and religious groups, you see stories that speak of exactly that. There are stories of events that were not understood and so attributed to “the gods”. It was the only explanation from those times. That was before you awakened to the remembrance that you were one with God.

You are now being challenged to see more truth than you could then.   Will you? Will you open your hearts and be brave enough to challenge your beliefs that have held for so very long or will you deny what you believe to keep the statue quo?

Times of evolutionary change are never easy. You are, and will be, challenged to look at yourselves in ways you never thought possible. It is time to dig deep into your selves and open your eyes to all possibility. It is time to feel your hearts and accept what you know to be true. It is time to trust in YOU.

We are here to help you see more of who you are. It is time for you to wake up to the awareness that you are all connected in ways you are just beginning to understand. Quantum physics. String theory. These things are bringing you to a remembrance of your connection to everyone and everything in your universe – and MORE.

You are the sun and the stars. You are made of the same stuff of the universe and you are part and parcel of the consciousness that is everything, everywhere, everywhen. You are your best friend and your worst enemy. You are intelligent and you are clueless. You are physical and you are spirit. You are angel and alien.

We tell you this now because it is crucial that you open your minds to accept the possibilities and probabilities of your existence. Even your Vatican has announced that you need not be surprised to find you are not the only intelligence in the universe. It is time to open to who you are and what that means to you.

This does not require that you take courses, read more books or listen to more lectures on this subject. We ask only that you listen to your own hearts and when things feel right to you, listen and act accordingly. When things do not feel right to you, refuse to believe them. That goes for us too. If these words do not feel right to you, click delete. No harm done.

You have a right to your own feelings and beliefs. Find out what they are. Foster them. Nurture them. Protect them as part of your right to live a life that fits your beliefs, not someone else’s. You are also living in a world that has it’s own laws and rules to keep peace and order. There are times you have to compromise your actions to fit both. The rule – harm no one!

What is our dream and desire for you? We wish for you to remember that you are the love of the universe in physical form. We wish for you to remember that you are connected to all that is. When you harm another, you harm yourself. We wish for you to remember that change is the opening for growth beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

We are here to help guide you through this maze of change. It will continue to be chaotic until you come to peace with who and what you are. It will take as long as it takes for you to open your hearts to love and give up your hold on fear, prejudice, separation and hatred.

It is our fondest desire to see this happen within 50 years in your world and it is a dream we find very approachable. We will help, AND it is up to you to do the lion’s share of this work. It is up to you in ways that have never been before. You must take the reins and the responsibility for these changes in your perspective and choices. Choose love over fear. Every time!

It is time.

It is with the greatest of honor, love and grace that we stand beside you in each moment, whispering in your ears, guiding your events and reminding you in every way we can – you are ONE.

The Angelic council of LIGHT