Clearing the Battlefield

We have been telling you for quite some time that the world would be dumping it’s old beliefs, thoughts and systems.   You are in the process of going through these changes as we speak.   Many of you now understand what is going on in the world as the evolution of humanity accelerates. What most of you did not anticipate was the cleanup phase.

In conversation recently, we found ourselves explaining it this way……….

Think of where you have been as humanity as being on the battlefield. It is an awful place to be. While you are there, you spend all your time in survival mode. You have no time to think about what you would feel when it was over. You could only concentrate on each moment of the battle, just to survive.

We do not mean that all of you have held guns and killed people in this lifetime. The battle has been the experience of separation or duality. One person or group always had to be right and this left the other as wrong. There was no room for unity and peace. It is also not just this lifetime; it is the continuous life and experience of your soul.

This is where you have been. Where you are now is in the midst of the battlefield, watching the dust clear and the old ways being dissolved. Although there are pockets of battle and war around you, you are watching people put down their weapons and you are doing the same.

Now you are looking around and seeing, perhaps for the first time, the carnage that is left lying on the field. You are feeling the effects of emotional trauma that is left from your actions on the field. In many ways, you are beginning to feel the wave of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   You are examining the world you now see and wondering what part you played in the battle.

It is easy to push it aside and say it was others who created the carnage. It is more difficult to admit that your hate, judgment and fear added its own piece of the whole. When you can own and admit your part, the healing and cleaning up can take place. Time for blame is over.

The next part of this is cleaning up the battlefield that you now see in front of you. The field is littered with injured soldiers. In many cases those soldiers are too young to even imagine why they are there in the first place. They are disillusioned and in pain.

What do you choose to do about the field? We know, as a species, you have chosen to move away from the battlefield, to create peace. It is now time to look at what role you played in it and decide what role you would like to play now. It is time to clear the traumatic memories and the blame. You cannot move forward until you clear that path.

Many of you would like to jump over this part. It is much more comfortable to avoid the painful parts. It is easier to blame others for the state of the world. Since all of you are connected, it will no longer work that way. You blame or punish another, and you will punish yourself.

The cleanup process is crucial. Without getting the carnage removed, there will be no clear path on which to move forward. It will be tainted and you will carry the energy of the battle with you. It is time to make room for the energy of peace and love. You can no longer live with fear and hatred.

We have spoken much of bringing in the energy of love and light. We have spoken very little of clearing the path. What does that look like? How do you do that?

As you move more into forgiveness, acceptance and love, you will notice the discord around you that is leftover from the battles – fear, anger, rage, prejudice and hate. They are still there. What do you need to do to clear that path? Choose to let go of your own anger, prejudice and hate.

You are all the same – you are human. It matters not what your background is. As souls you may have had much experience in higher realms of love or darker realms of hatred. You are also each individuals that have your own way of seeing your world. There are no two people in your world that can, or will ever, see things the same way. You cannot because you are seeing through your own set of eyes, through your own filters of experience.

You are the same – and you are different. These two things are not exclusive of each other. They are two sides of the same one coin. You cannot have a coin without both sides. Each one is different, but the coin includes both. It is ONE coin with different perspectives and attributes.

It is imperative that you understand this before you can clean up the battlefield you have littered with your old beliefs and actions. As long as you fight against the other side of your coin, the differences within your whole, peace can never be obtained.

This is your new job as human beings. You must accept all of humanity as equal to you. You must love the other side of your coin. Together you can, and are, changing your world. You are moving it from a world of hatred and separation to one of love and unity. TOGETHER.

This does not mean you will agree with everyone that differs from you. It means you can find ways to work together. Instead of fighting, find ways to bring peace to your differences. Instead of continuing to ignore and abuse your planet, find ways to heal it. As a group for example, clean up the pollution. As individuals, stop creating it. Do the same with individuals, countries and systems – bring love to all things.

Find the ways that you have littered the battlefield with the carnage. Get together with others and clean it up, both individually and collectively. You have this power. You have the intelligence to do so. You now need to find the desire and commitment to do so.

Now is the time. Here is the place. You are the solution. It is up to you.

It is with the greatest of love and joy that we share these words with you. We are with you in every step, in every way. Connect with your hearts; listen to them and follow the advice and knowing that is there.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT