Leaving a Legacy of Light

Leaving a Legacy of LIGHT

A while back, we were asked what we would like to leave for our legacy. We told the interviewer we would like to not leave a legacy. Some leave legacies in the form of money. This is probably the one your mind first goes to when you think “legacy”. Some leave political lineages. We think differently than most. We believe it is not important who we are – it is important who YOU are.

It is funny how that works – choosing to not leave a legacy, does not make it happen. People will remember us however they choose to. That is a legacy. We cannot stop that so we will continue to remind you that the world is made up of all life and YOU are one of those lives!

It is our job to remind you who and what you are. You are souls having a physical experience. You have probably heard that way too many times. It is, however, true AND it is a truth that is evolving as we speak.

There was a time in your world when you could take your time getting ready for the evolutionary shift that is now occurring. Prep time is over. You are now steep deep in the shift and moving along with the change, whether you like it or not.

A period of change is always a time to reflect back on who you are, and how you can live that to the best of your ability. Everybody tells us that you want to make a difference. To what? For whom? These are questions that are once again plaguing humanity.

You legacy has been known as what you leave behind. It usually goes with a name, reputation or remembrance of the one who has left. It is important that you live your life to the fullest potential. This does not just mean that you succeed at something. Success is not a thing; it is a belief you hold and you either achieve the goal or not. When you do not achieve your own goal, you judge yourself a failure.

We are speaking of a greater success – the act of living life full out, pedal to the metal. You have all seen the posters about living like there is no tomorrow, etc. It is time to do just that. Love like it is the only thing important in your world. Do it without fear of losing the object of your love. Love openly, wholly, and unconditionally, even if it means letting go of the object of that love.

Most of all, love yourselves with all the qualities we just mentioned. When faced with a choice to nourish your heart or put yourself last and please others, choose yourself. Whether the other person is pleased – or NOT – is the other persons choice. You cannot make that happen, no matter how hard you try.

This is where the question of selfishness always comes in. You ask where to draw the line. When does selfishness become hurtfulness? Our answer? – When you push someone else out of the lifeboat. Remember the Titanic. There were not enough lifeboats for everyone, HOWEVER, if the space had been shared, many, MANY more would have been saved.

Many of you have a problem with the word selfishness. We do not mean it as a negative. We will, however, change the name to nurturing for those who cannot accept that putting yourself first is OK. Or, you can think of it as self-FULL.

Putting yourself first does not mean letting go of or ignoring everyone else. It means you take care of you FIRST so you will be there for others. It is the same as the drill on the airplanes when you put your airbag on first. If you pass out, you are not able to be there for others.

There are also times you need to put yourself first and let go of those who are pulling you under the water. It is not selfish to save yourself when someone else is hurting you. You may feel sad, angry or confused with the choice. You do NOT have to drown, emotionally or otherwise, to save someone who is not willing to save him or her self. Getting battered is NOT a healthy way to nurture yourself.

Everyone in this world has taken on responsibilities, whether it is being financially responsible for a family or taking out the garbage. Honor your responsibilities. Do NOT let those responsibilities turn into obligations.

Obligations are different than responsibilities. They start out the same and somewhere along the way they turn into something else. Responsibility is not heavy. It is not something to be carried or dragged along with you. Responsibility can be a joyful process, especially if you choose to share that with others. It does not have to be all on your shoulders unless you choose it to be.

Obligation is a “have to” and do not “want to”. Obligations are heavy and almost always, no one else will carry them with you. Others know better and probably wonder why you carry it in the first place. There is an easy way to shift it back to responsibility. Own it! It can only be done when you accept the truth that you no longer love doing it. Only then can you change it. The truth shall set you free!

These may seem like strange things to be talking about with your legacy, but are the perfect things. You will be remembered for what you leave behind. When you show your families what it looks like to nurture yourself, they will learn to nurture themselves and show others the same. This is your legacy.

When you show others how to be doormats and let people walk all over you, they will do the same or resent you. When they see you being doormats, they feel they need to take care of you and they lose some respect for you in the process. You become their obligation. Is this the legacy you choose to leave?

Legacies are many and varied. You can interpret them any way you want. The fact is that you will leave behind who you are. It is up to you who and what that is.

For us the choice will always be love in whatever form that takes. We have loved and lost. We not only survive, but thrive in knowing it was awesome while it was here. It is never gone, although it does feel different when you are in the midst of the experience – better, greater somehow. Now it is a smile.   Even though it is bittersweet at times, we would not change it for the world.

That is our legacy – to live – to love – to take you by the hands and guide you onto the ride of life. It is much like a roller coaster. While we are speeding up and down the curves and dips, we scream our lungs almost empty. The greatest part for us is getting back in the line for the front seat so we can do it again!