Weekend Intensives

Dayville, CT

April 25/26 (filled)

May 23/24

9am to 5pm $350
If you are feeling blocked, in need of a tune-up and do not have a lot of time, join us for an intensive, two-day session to find and clear away the blocks and patterns. The Angelic Council will find and help you clear away old, outdated views, past life stumbling blocks and help you to live your truth and integrity NOW.

Due to the level of the work, we will only accept 4 people per intensive so you can get the highest amount of work in the shortest amount of time.

You may feel tired and vulnerable for a day after, so please plan a day for rest after the intensive.

For more information and bookings, contact Pat Here or call 860-774-2251.     Return Here to pay.

*Dates can be arranged to accommodate your schedules.