Sacred Soul Workshops

Pat Caffrey is, I believe, one of the greatest spiritual teachers and healers working in America today….in the unlikeliest of packages. Pat has not spent years wandering around India looking for a guru, nor does she speak “New Age lingo”, nor is she touchy-feely. She is a down-to-earth, pragmatic and no-nonsense New England mother and grandmother.  A thirty-year veteran of Emergency Room nursing, she has just about seen it all.

This gift came to Pat unexpected and uninvited; and her reverence for her bewildering gift comes through in her workshops.

Pat can’t really plan her workshops, because she does not know who will show up and how spirit will want to work with them. The participants are guided to be as authentic and real as possible; and people do open up and start talking about their lives. Pat gets people to recognize the power and validity of their souls, and see where they really want to be in life and what to do to get there. Pat can also see, and help people realize, what has always crossed them and held them back.

At this point in the workshop I felt great sadness, as I suddenly remembered what a brilliant, talented, amazing child I had been …. and what a mess I had made of my life!

But somehow, due to Pat’s connection to spiritual beings and the almost overwhelming energy in the room, something mysterious or miraculous happens.  These life-long patterns start to shift and dissolve. Issues that seemed huge and insurmountable seem manageable and even a bit silly. Participants are suddenly able to laugh at themselves, and talk about their lives not as victims, but as survivors.

For me the real spiritual reward came in the days and weeks after the workshop. I had so much energy I literally had to get up early and walk 5 miles before starting my day, or I’d be buzzing all day long. But the greatest blessing was finding my brilliant, amazing “inner child” again, and knowing she is a reflection of my soul; and knowing that now she need not be afraid because now she will be acknowledged, loved, and protected.

Jan (California)


The Sacred Soul Workshop was simply amazing. In the workshop you will find yourself immersed in a very compassionate safe environment that will provide you with the tools and clarity needed to hone in on what is most important.  It will help you focus on what is blocking you and illuminate your goals.  The experience leaves you with a renewed sense of energy, hope and clarity.  In the group environment, everyone’s experiences help the group move forward in a very profound way.  I recommend this to anyone looking to move forward on their individual path.

David   (Connecticut)


The Sacred Soul Workshop was incredible.  Pat’s ability to stay focused and guide us all through the path of self-knowledge was indefatigable.

Pamela  (Massachusetts)


The Sacred Soul workshop was an incredible experience for me.

I felt such support, concern, and caring from people I did not know, very heart warming. Looking forward to more.

Beverly  (Massachussets)


I felt very connected to an extraordinary group of people and look forward to reconnecting with the group in the future.  The day after the workshop, I contacted an editor to have her advise me on an unfinished book that has been collecting dust for over fifteen years.  Thank you Pat/The Council for encouraging me to take the first step.

Beth   (Rhode Island)


Your work is so important; thank you for all you are doing to bring it to the world.

Kerry (Massachusetts)


It’s a coming home—a connection to my soul—a heart experience with others—an awakening–in the presence of divinity, love, and light.

Cynthia  (Florida)


, Thank you so much for an awesome experience! You’re wisdom, stamina, focus, and commitment are “simply divine”! Thanks for creating such a safe place to open and share and for bringing us to a new level.

And thanks to everyone in the group for all you gave of yourselves including your love. Thanks for helping me experience being part of a   beautiful community of sacred souls.

Terry (Connecticut)


I wanted to thank you all for your love, and kindness and support this weekend

I am going to keep my heart open and love myself (and you too)

I have learned….I need to love myself, which is difficult for me to do as I have had so little love and kindness directed towards me, but I can keep my heart open and love myself simply by putting myself first, being kind and loving to myself.  By participating in things that bring myself peace, calmness, pleasure and enjoyment, I can create more love on earth

As I will be helping it grow not only in my self, I will also be giving it to others that I share it with.

All of us together will create Heaven on Earth.

Holly   (New Hampshire)


Private Sessions


     Having a private session with Pat Caffrey is like having a conversation with your own soul. Since Pat can tune in and see your soul’s journey so clearly, it is hugely helpful to those seeking real insight into their lives, and a real understanding of spirituality. After a few private sessions, and once you develop a relationship with Pat Caffrey, you will start to understand why your life has taken the twists and turns it did, why you made the choices you did….and how your conflicts can resolve themselves.
Pat keeps the sessions genuine and down-to-earth; she works with you exactly where you are at; the more honest you can be, the more value and resolution you will get.
      I have now had about 4 or 5 private sessions, and been to one workshop with Pat Caffrey. I can honestly say I now have a whole new life, which I doubt I could have created without her help; and I am in the process of letting go of – and forgiving myself for – past chaos and unhappiness. She has shown me in her simple, frank way how to love myself in spite of it all, and this has allowed me to create the life I always wanted.
     My spiritual, emotional and intellectual landscapes are now starting to come together, and this keeps me anchored in my soul. I no longer make impetuous emotional decisions, or spin around in endless intellectual circles. I can honestly say that working with Pat Caffrey is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done in my life!
Jan   (California)


Through the knowledge and guidance of Pat and the Council I was able to open doors I had unconsciously closed years ago. My life has taken on new beginnings and my direction has specific purpose.

Marian  (Connecticut)


Pat’s private sessions have allowed me to face what I know to be true and understand it; my sense of self and those around me has deepened enormously.  I have been to many practitioners over the years: Pat’s true kindness and love moves in with Grace and strength to the places it needs to go….the energy flows!

Pamela  (Massachusetts)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The peace I feel now is wonderful. The healing continues. The pain is dissolving.

I look forward to seeing you again

Diane  (Connecticut)


It was wonderful to have the session with myself, and my husband on Sunday.  We had long-standing, deep and ancient pain relieved, and now we are living in a fresh and new way.  What a magnificent blessing and gift we received!  These words hardly touch the core of the experience; it was H U G E!!  And we are so much lighter and happier because of it.

Diana  (Pennsylvania)


My Healing Session was amazing. As always, the Council got to the root of the problem. This time they removed ‘Darts’ of pain stuck all around my heart connected to my Grandmother and other family members. Amazing! And I feel so much better!  I learned that being vulnerable makes you strong. When you open your heart you let not only Love in, but YOURSELF as well. Thus, you can better heal any pain you may be experiencing.  When you close your heart, fearing the pain, you feel more alone and the pain is greater.

Lucinda  (New Jersey)


I just wanted you and your angelic co-workers to know how much I appreciated your healing and clearing of my past life emotional wreckage.  It was subtle yet powerful. My body was in a tight, clenched grip of stress from an unknown origin. I was guided to call you for help. I was glad I did. By the end of the session I was feeling relaxed again.   Thanks again, I am very grateful. Wonderful work.

John  (Pennsylvania)


The healing I received from you/angels was amazing.  I didn’t feel much that day – a little pressure here and there, although I was not touched by human hands, but I certainly felt like I was walking differently, standing taller and much straighter when we left.  By the end of the next day, I felt some discomfort – not unlike having a major chiropractic session to put things back into place.  The discomfort lasted a couple of days.  What is still amazing to me, is that this was all done “without being touched”.   I have had back problems for years, and I now feel wonderful every day.  I certainly believe in energy work, but this really helped me to “feel” and believe even deeper.   My back has felt great ever since; I sleep without any discomfort now, and have better posture and strength in my back.

Sue  (Connecticut)


“…remarkable experience. I feel as if my vibration has changed. It has been changing slowly over the past few months. But after your session, it was like a Fast Forward button to my healing was pressed. Since then, I have been in a very different state. It’s what I imagine the 5th dimension being like…”

Sharon  (New Jersey)


“A group experience in a higher frequency than we can hold alone…personal messages and healing from the angels and a kind of debriefing afterwards…I highly recommend this to anyone even slightly interested in stepping more into their power and getting to know who they really are. It lasts approximately an hour – there anyway…. the transformation continues after you have left the ‘presence’…”

Susan (Connecticut)


“…these sessions are extremely powerful. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am for you and these incredible healing sessions! Thank you for your dedication!”

Lori (Connecticut)


“…didn’t really know if I would get anything out of it. Well I can tell you that the moment you walked in the room I could tell you were the real thing. I don’t always feel energy shifts, but there was no denying that one. I’m glad you reminded us that the healing and light would continue for the weekend and coming days, because I do feel like that…”
Kyle (New Jersey)


“….My husband remarked that something profound had happened to me. He could sense it and see it in my eyes. I had changed, but instantaneously!!! He said I looked like somebody who had just crossed over. Ego-less, no fear, plugged into a spiritual outlet. I have been to other healings and they were wonderful, but change was not as profound. It looked as if I had gone home to the Source. I was joyous, free… Because of that, I am listening for God’s voice, feeling connection to his universe—trees, plants, animals, food. There is an excitement about life…”
Victoria (New Jersey)


“….I just wanted to thank you for bringing Pat here. I had the most amazing , humbling, blockage breaking session. My head is still spinning with the releasing of my blockages and the most extraordinary messages given to me. I understand so much now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Alexandra (Pennsylvania)


“I highly recommend Pat. She has a wonderful gift of helping individuals reconnect with their body using mind techniques and practical tips on healing energy imbalances. Her most impressive aspect is her ability to open us up to a greater spiritual awareness.”

Carol Tyler, MA, RD  Health Promotion Coordinator, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, (Connecticut)


“I have known Pat for quite a few years. She is talented and gifted. Her own path can be an inspiration to all …… I recommend her to you without reservation”
Mark F Warner, MD / Cardiologist, Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Harrisonburg, (Virginia)


“Pat’s program helped me get in touch with my spiritual side and showed me how to draw on that strength. Little did I know that the ability to do so would help me 4 months later when I was faced with the challenge of breast cancer surgery        and treatment. I sincerely feel that the experience with Pat and the awakening of the powerful spiritual resources available to me made my journey to recovery much easier and more comfortable for myself and my loved ones.”

Sharon (Connecticut)


“My world changed when I met Pat. Her guidance helped me connect with my spiritual side and dealing with everyday challenges with grace and peace. Thank you!”
Debbie – (Connecticut)


“Pat’s story is a remarkable journey, which will bring deep inspiration to all. It is profound in its simplicity, yet has the power to change your life. Finding your Self within yourself is the greatest treasure of all. Let Pat be your guide on this discovery home.”

Margie Levine – Author of Surviving Cancer (Massachusetts)


Group Sessions

The group session I attended was remarkable–the presentation of the evolution we are going through made absolute sense to me. I felt a sense of tremendous relief! A place to be where my questions could be answered.  I was very grateful to be in the presence of knowledge, wisdom, and love.

Pamela  (Massachusetts)


“…..Being with Pat is looking through her ‘Eyes into the Universe'”
Judy (Massachusetts)