The Thinning Veil – Angelic Reading April 2014

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The Thinning Veil

April, 2014


As humanity continues to grow and evolve as a species, the veil of illusion that kept you separate from your soul memory is thinning.  This makes things for you both easier, and at the same time, more challenging.  All experience of how to navigate your world is being erased and changed before your eyes.

One of the things that makes it more challenging is the simple fact that you no longer know who you are, where you are going or how to get there.  It is as if everything you knew is no longer.  For many of you this is a challenge beyond words.

We constantly hear from you that you are scared, angry and just plain lost in the world you knew as home.  It is now time to reacquaint yourselves with your surroundings.  It is also time to look around you and recognize what you feel about where you are.

Many of you are feeling lost in the extreme.  Some of you no longer care when you get up in the morning if you even get out of bed.  In the past this was called depression.  In the now, we will call it “limbo”.  In this limbo it will most likely feel like you are walking in a dream.  It may not feel real.  The illusion you were living in feels more real than your present experience.

This is what happens when you wake from a dream, and make no mistake, this is exactly what is happening now.  You are all waking from the dream of total separation and innately know there is more that you know, and don’t know what that knowledge is.

The hidden knowledge is YOU.  Because you have been living in the belief that all things are opposite, you have forgotten to remember that all things are one.  It was much easier when you could blame someone else for your situations.  It was much less stressful to not have to look at your own choices and say you had no choice at all when you made them.

That is not the truth.  You have always had choice but your experience of separation was so heavy and felt so real that you could get lost in it.  As you know, that is no longer the case.  You are now finding it harder and harder to find others to blame and if you do, it is more and more difficult to make them believe it was their fault.

We are now in a “no-fault” world.  No one else is responsible for your choices– AND – it is not yours either.  There is no fault, only choices.  When you make a choice that does not end the way you hoped it would, simply make another choice.  No fault.  No blame.  No guilt.

This is a time of new beginnings.  The old rulebook is no longer valid.  It would be wise to carry over many of the old ones, but will no longer work the same way.  Some of the old ones remain as valid concepts.  For example, it is universally unacceptable to take another’s life.  We see it not as right or wrong, good or bad, but unacceptable to take another’s choice of life experience from then without their permission.  The soul will continue, but you have no right to make that choice for another.

As you can see, there is a whole new way of looking at who you are and how you live your lives.  With the old rules no longer being valid, you are being challenged to change your entire world.  This may seem like a terribly heavy burden until you remember that there is only one way to change anything that appears outside yourself – by changing YOU.

This is not just a cliché.  It is truth.  You are all connected in ways you have barely begun to notice.  You change, they change.  You move, they move.  Make no mistake, this will happen.  What you have no control over is how and where others will change and move when you do.  You have no power over others.  On the flip side, you have all the power in the universe over you.

You have heard it said that the age of secrets is over.  This is true.  You must also know that the day of YOUR secrets is over.  This brings you a new option of choices.  Where you once would have done things because no one would ever know it was you, it will now be necessary to understand that whatever choices you make will most definitely be seen by others.

This brings you to a new level of honesty.  How will you act and make choices differently when you know that others will see what those choices are?  It is kind of like moving from a very heavy building with solid walls, to a glass house.  You may still choose to put opaque walls on your bathroom, but you can not live there for the rest of your life.

This brings us to the next step for humanity.  It is now up to you to learn how to navigate the life of connection.  You are at a new level of feelings.  Those of you who were empathic and felt other’s feelings already know how this feels.  Those of you waking up to this are finding it much more difficult.  Many of you are experiencing feelings and don’t even know where they come from.  To make it easier, if you can not put a story to them, the feelings are not yours.  You are feeling the emotions of others.

If you can put a story on them, for example – you are feeling sad and your cat just passed from your world – the feelings are your own.  If they are your emotions, face them and come to peace with them.  If they are not, let them go.  Give them permission to leave and tell them to go or hand them over to a higher power to take them away.  If you do not know how to do that, find a healer or teacher who can help you.

When things are different than you have known, you have a magnificent choice in front of you.  You can try to stay in the same of patterns (which will no longer work) or you can explore who and what you are now.  Yes, this is new.  Yes, this may by frightening.  And, yes, this is the greatest opportunity humanity has ever experienced.

Instead of fearing the loss of what you have been, celebrate the birth of the you that you are becoming.  First and foremost, you can not lose who you were.  You are going with you.  You take the parts of yourself that you like and build on them.  You do not become a new person who stepped out of nowhere; you make you into the new model that you have dreamed of being.

You will be finding many more things change as the veil thins even more in the coming months and years.  As secrets are brought into the light, lying will stop.  Honesty will become the norm.  As love replaces fear, wars will disappear from your world.  You will make choices that will bring hope, and healing to yourself and others.

These choices start with you.  It is time to look around you and see the world for the first time.  Pretend that you are a child, walking into the world.  Decide what you like and what fits who you are.  For many, this may mean changes in careers, relationships and many other things.  That is OK.

In the world of old, when a relationship ended, it was done with anger and sometimes, even hatred.  The time for that is over.  It is possible to leave relationships without such things and remain friends in the process.  This will take time and much work on your part, but possible it is.  It is up to you to create these changes.  You CAN!

For now, we ask you to practice walking in the world, waking from the old dream, and simply observe yourselves.  See what suits who you are now.  Refuse to fall into the old patters of hatred and fear.  Take responsibility for your choices and let the world know you hold them responsible for theirs.  You can do this with money, politics, food, relationships – the list goes on and on.

Take this time – make this time – to be true to you.  Find all the things in life that represent who you are now and have the courage to be true to you with the choices in front of you.  Please, do not get caught in the worry of your future.  Even next week may be too far away to make a wise judgment of what you will want or where you will be by then.  Put all your effort and focus on NOW, TODAY.  It is that focus that will make next week what it will become.

By the same token, do not put your focus on yesterday.  That is gone and no longer dictating your choices now unless you choose to be stuck there.  It is a choice, but will not hold your present truth as the veils thin even more each day.

As always, it is a joy, honor and pleasure to be with you in this way.  Hold yourself in your hearts as we hold you – with love, honor and respect.  You are the light that is our world.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT