Alice, OUTSIDE the Looking Glass

by , under Angelic Readings

Humanity has been living like Alice IN the looking glass for eons.  Everything has been twisted and seen from a reflective position.  You are now moving back outside the mirror and can begin to see from a place of clarity, without the distortions.

There is a belief that has been long held by humanity that every man is for him or her self.  That was the fall into the looking glass.  It was the separation you feel as you live on this planet.  As long as you are in a body, there will be a tendency to believe that you are separate from everyone else.  This is the human condition you have agreed to experience and it is now time to bring it into balance.

This is what is happening right now and for many of you it feels quite strange.  This is not because it is bad, but because it is different.  From where you are now, the dust of eons of darkness and distortion are clearing and you see something completely different in front of you.

You are no longer looking out of the looking glass to a world that feels foreign and crazy.  The craziness was the world in the mirror.  That is where you lived.  You are now outside the mirror, IN the world.  It is up to you to change the craziness that is still in the mirror.

This may seem like a daunting task for many of you so we will help to ease it for you.  To change the world you have but one thing to change – YOU.  As you now look in the mirror of life you have the opportunity, for the first time in human experience, to see yourself directly reflected back without distortions.  You have the chance to look in the mirror and NOT blame others for what you see.

This may also sound like something you have not wanted to do.  Although it is certainly easier to blame others for what you see, it is now time to put that behind you and see your part in the whole.  Remember, you are stepping OUT of the mirror so you can do exactly that.  If you see hate in there, what part of you feels hate?

Whatever it is you see in the world, it is now time to own what you see.  We are not saying that if you look into the world and see a murder take place that you are a murderer.  It does mean that there is still a part of you who believes that some things should live while others do not.  Take that at its simplest form and you have your dietary habits if nothing other.

Every thing that happens in your world is a reflection of your beliefs, fears and, yes, thank Heaven, your love.  It is this love that has made it possible for you to tip the balance and allow you to fall back out of the mirror.  You created the mirror.  You are now re-creating it to fit your now changing world.  You are doing this with each choice you make.

Everything in existence is one thing………Consciousness.  Energy.  You are a part of that whole.  You are the energy of All That Is, being experienced by the piece called you.  Since all of the pieces are part of the ONE, there is no way you can make a change in you that does not change the whole in some way.  You can not cut off one arm and still look and feel the same.  You have changed the whole.

This brings us to the next step.  What do you choose to do with what you see in the mirror?  Since you are no longer trapped inside the craziness within, what changes can you make in you that you would like to see reflected back?  It is these changes that will actually alter the world you see around you.

Each one of you who change from fear to love, change the world around you.  It may seem very small at first.  It gets frustrating at times when you make many changes in you and you cannot see them in the world.  Those of you changing first have to wait for the world to catch up.  It takes a certain number of people to change and when the balance tips it will show up automatically in the whole.

Please do not get discouraged (dis-COURAGEd) when you do not see the world where you would like it to be.  It will happen!  AND it takes many of you being brave enough to keep on choosing love over fear.  It is you who are changing the world.  What would you like the world to look like?  Be the ones who choose love even when it looks dark out there.  Be the ones who, when you get tired, rest and recharge so you can choose love another day.

Many of you feel like you stepped out of the mirror a while back and have gotten discouraged because you see the world still trapped in there.  We ask for your patience.  We understand that is the “P” word, which very few of you like.  The world you have created does not want to take time for anything.  You have been so busy striving to move that you have forgotten how to stop and love, for the sake of love.

It is not only acceptable to stop and “smell the roses”, but necessary to do so.  When you get tired and stressed because of the pace and confusion of the mass exodus from the mirror, it is time to STOP.  Take a deep breath and remember that you no longer have to live within it.  STEP OUT.  Remember that you have a choice and that your choice will help millions of others do the same.

The world is not separated into good and bad, light and dark, right or wrong.  It is a place where all the parts of you have been torn apart and put into separate blocks and boxes.  You are all of these things and there is nothing wrong with any of them.  It was when they get out of balance that you fell into the mirror and got caught in one or the other.

Now you will be able to see that you have all of these things within you.  It will be up to you to not judge the parts of you that you do not like.  As long as you judge some thing as bad, you judge you as bad and the rest, as they say, is history.  We would now like to set the record straight – You are NOT bad!

In human experience, everyone feels all things at some time.  Some of you have pushed out some thoughts or emotions as bad, or judged yourself as bad for having them.  Many of you have gone so far as to believe you do not love at all, even to loving yourselves.  We will tell you now that is not true.  You all love yourselves.  You do not, however, treat yourselves with love.  There is a difference.

It is time to get this straight.  It may seem like a small thing, but it is the essence of your lives.  Until you start treating yourselves with love, you will not be able to treat others with love.  It is a universal law.  What you give out you get back.  There can be no other way.  Do not withhold love from others, but do understand that it will not be unconditional love you give out until you give it to you.

Think, or feel, about how you would show love to others and then give it to you.  When you have become comfortable with doing that, you can then give it out to others.  If you do not take that step, it will become more and more difficult to grow the love for your world as quickly as you would like.

In the past, from within the looking glass, you have attempted to give it to others without giving it to yourselves.  This has left you with a feeling that you are not loved.  Not true of course; you ARE love and that can not change.  You can, however, as human beings, believe you are separate from others and FEEL unloved or unloving.  That is an agreement of the human experience.

You are changing the experience for your world and for your species.  It is more important now than any other time in your world that you make those changes consciously.  Decide what you want the world to be and make your life that world.  It is this that will most quickly take the world out of the looking glass.

Right now, you are looking into the mirror and seeing the explosion of fear and chaos.  As you bring this to balance in you, you will begin to see the glass clear and then the glass will disappear.  It may take 50 more years for everyone in the world to be out of the distortion of fear.  As more and more of you step out, the others will all lose power and be less and less noticeable.

It is because of you that this is possible.  We have been working with humanity for eons to get you here and you have now made the choice to step out into reality of thought and vision.  You have stepped out of the fear, chaos, war and destruction.

Live that newly awakened love.  Show the world what that looks like in you so that others can do the same.  As you see it change around you, you will be stronger in showing it even more.  This is your future and your destiny as a species……………to awaken to who you truly are.

Welcome home.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we leave you this day.  You are the change that is creating the world anew.  We are with you in every moment, as we have always been.  Do not be afraid to call on us for help or at least, rest with us when you are weary.  You are wrapped in our love.

The Angelic Council of LiGHT