Moving from Complacency to Power

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This is a great time of change.  With change there is often an upheaval of energies as you move from one reality to another.  This is what you are experiencing now.  This is the shaking loose of all the old stagnant energy of complacency that is giving way to the new energy of activation and power.

 This activation is on all levels of life.  You are finding that it is no longer possible to stay in the old way of being, where you took no responsibility for your own lives.  You are all feeling the pull, on some level, to “move onto higher ground”.  This is not meant from a physical perspective, although that may be true in some cases.

This refers to the reason that you are feeling you are about to be swamped.  This is happening every day as you are inundated with new ideas and explorations.  Never before has your world seen so much possibility in front of you.  You are like children walking into a candy shop and there are a billion choices of candy in front of you.

Which one do you choose?  In some cases you have at least experienced the category of candy, such as chocolate, but have never seen so many different varieties in one place, at one time.  If you have never tasted the flavors that are offered, you have no idea what you like.  At the same time, many of them sound or look as if they would be wonderful to try.  For others you may shrug your shoulders and walk away.  They just don’t feel right to you.

Life is much like that right now.  There are so many choices that you don’t know where to start.  It is not always easy to make a choice when you don’t know what it is you want.  Even if you do have an idea what it might be, you have no idea how you will like it when you try it.

You have been living your lives as powerless.  You are victim to other people’s ideas, choices and money.  You have believed that you are less than those you perceive as better, smatter, richer, men, women, older, wiser, etc.  This is all belief that you have adopted from someone else.  CHANGE THE BELIEF.  You believe others are better than you.  Take them off the pedestals you have hoisted them onto.  They are only better in your eyes.

In some cases this stops you from doing something that you believe you would love.  You may have a fear that you will not like it, or if you do, you don’t know if you will succeed at it.  Please keep in mind that success is only in your mind.  Nobody else has your same definition of success.  For some it is making a lot of money; for some it is finding joy and happiness.

It is important to know these things before you make your choices.  If you have an expectation, a definition of what you want to get, you set yourself up for success or failure even before you make the choice.  It is necessary to go into things with no expectations or definitions placed on your choice.  It is the only way to truly have a chance to flourish.

The world you grew up knowing is crumbling, bit-by-bit, as we speak.  Politics, religion, the financial world, and even personal success are no longer seen by the same definition.  It is necessary to be brave, to dare to create new ideas with the knowledge that all things are possible.  It is time to throw out the boundaries that kept you chained to a job, relationship or world that could not or would not expand.

In government you have elected officials to do your work for you and forgot you have not only the right and privilege, but also the responsibility to tell those officials what you want them to do for you.  With money you have felt sorry for yourself because you did not have enough or blamed someone else for keeping you stuck without it.  You forgot it is up to you to create situations where you can earn it.  This is, again, in part because of the definition you have about your own worth.

If you believe you are worth prosperity you will create jobs or careers that bring that to you.  If you believe you are not smart or not good enough, you will create jobs that will bring you very little.  If you believe there is always a dark cloud over you or that the “other shoe will drop” when things start going well – that is exactly what you will create.  It is up to you now to RE-create those beliefs.

You are the only person who can make or break you.  It does not always feel that way because you have grown up with the belief that others have power over you.  This is only true if you allow it to be.  As a child that is not the case.  Children are given very little power in your world because they are considered to be of sub-average intelligence.  In many cases they are the ones who could be teaching you.

You have chosen to believe that your power and worth are based in money, power over others or just plain taking more than anyone else because you believe there is not enough for everyone.  This, again, is not true.  There is enough of everything in your world for everyone – and then some.

This brings us to the next question you need to ask yourself as you move into that candy shop.  How much is enough?  This is a question you need to ask yourself – often.  How much money, how much power, how much love……………..?  The list goes on and on.  It is the root of greed that has strangled your world.  It has happened in government, religion, finances and every other structure in your world.

It is up to you to change how you run your world.  Do you choose to keep giving the responsibility over to others or do you start taking responsibility for your own choices?  It is these choices that will establish how the world grows and your experience in it.

When you change your focus from victim to power, something magical happens.  You are no longer at the mercy of anyone else.  You have the opportunity to choose what makes you happy.  It matters not if you are president or ditch-digger.  It matters you are happy being whichever you choose.  Without the passion or joy of the choice, there is only empty complacency and a belief you have no power in your life.  This leaves you with no hope for a happier future.

Your world is shimmering like gelatin.  It is in a state of flux like never before.  It is up to you to solidify it into what you want it to be.  If you are not happy with what it has been it is up to you to change it.  You do that by changing yourself and letting others see that change.

Power is NOT force.  It is not destruction.  It is the power to stand in your own choice, based in your heart, and stand up in the world and live that choice.  Others may not applaud your choice.  Your life does not belong to someone else; it belongs to you.  Only you can make it happy or otherwise.

It is time to see that other’s lives are theirs.  You have no control over them, as they have no control over yours.  You may feel like they have power over you but it is not true.  It only feels that way when you do not take back your own power to choose for yourself.

We are here to help you and guide you but the work is up to you.  It is up to you to make the choices to create the world as you have always wanted it to be.  Now is the time.  As it holds the gelatinous form of energy as it presently is, you can mold it to your light as never before.  It is moving from fear and darkness to a level of light that is unprecedented.

You can leave it to others to mold so you can blame them if it does not look like you want.  That is what you have been doing and it has not worked well.  OR – you can choose to get involved.  Take the deep breath you need and choose to take charge of your own beliefs.  Elect people to positions of power in your world that represent love – the heart of humanity.

If you feel you are so inclined and have passion to lead, run for office.  Lead a group.  Teach a class.  Show your children what it looks like to make choices from your heart.  Let them know that money is not power, but a tool.  A tool has no more power than the person using it.

Let your children learn that the energy of All That Is, that which you call God, has many names and that no one is better or less than another.  Let them know that they hold that energy within themselves.  Live that truth.  Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Native and more………………..all the same.  You know the God Force, the energy of everything, everywhere, everywhen by many names.

Let go of prejudice.  You are of different color, language, culture and belief and yet you are all the same.  Human.

It is time to rethink your world and your existence in it.  What you have lived no longer works.  It is shifting as we speak.  This shift is carrying you onto higher ground, an existence of love and light that you are just beginning to feel and not yet understand.

The upheaval is the darkness and fear that is erupting and being shaken loose as we speak.  You are seeing it in your emotional lives, physically and globally as storms and earth changes.  You cannot stop the change, but you can determine the nature of it.  It is up to you.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we leave you this day.  We are so very grateful that we are making this change with you.  You are loved more than you know.


The Angelic Council of LIGHT