Merging Soul, Spirit & Body

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Much work has been done over that last several years, getting humanity ready to live your (1) Soul Essence, (2) Spiritual Body, and (3) Physical Body as one. It is now time to integrate them. For now it will be enough to know what each one of them is. Let’s take them in order and see if we can help. Because of the mass belief that each one is a separate thing, and each one wants to be in charge, it will take many of you to make this transition before the majority changes and it becomes easier for all.

1. Soul Essence: You are the energy of All That Is; call it God, the Universe, or any other name you choose to use. This energy is a CONSCIOUSNESS that is everything, everywhere, everywhen. It is a knowing beyond doubt, an experience of being. It is love, compassion and grace.

2. Spiritual Body: Your spiritual body is the energy of the soul essence in form of light; some call it the light body. This is the form, which bridges the soul and physical world, as you know it. It is this construct or template that creates the physical and gives it structure. It converts thought and belief, which come from the soul essence, and it transfers this energy to the body. The connection from soul to the physical body is the heart. Permeating the template is the DNA.

3. Physical Body: Because of the advances in medical science, this is probably the most and least understood of all three. The reason for that is simple; you believe it is real, solid and unchangeable. In truth, it is the least permanent of the three. It is malleable and mostly space. By making changes in thought and belief in the “middle man” or spiritual body, you change the physical experience. Because of the mass belief of humanity that says the body is the ruler of your personal universe, you have overlooked this simple truth.

We have recently begun facilitating workshops, which show you how to use the thoughts and beliefs you have acquired, to reshape and create a different physical experience. It starts with giving love to you. This is why we have been working so diligently, speaking of self-love and compassion for several months now. If you do not take the step into self-love, the transition will be much more challenging.

You are NOT static in nature. You are ever changing and growing in every way possible. The energetic flow of change is a constant. It is the resistance to the flow that creates the blocks, creating physical, and emotional traumas. It is within the flow of the energy of choice that all change happens. You can make it what you choose.

You have probably felt at times that your body has a mind of its own. In many senses that is true. Over eons of time, your bodies have developed a belief that they are your total reality. Your teachers, religious and otherwise, have amplified this. They have told you this one earth life is all you have.

Some people believe they are only a body and will go into nothingness when their body dies. Some believe that their bodies house a soul and when the body dies, the soul will dis-corporate and go to Heaven or Hell. Forever. With no second chances. The truth is that you are a soul, consciousness of ALL and you are eternal. Within that eternity you choose many, many life experiences.

The soul vibrates at a very high frequency. As you chose to have a human experience you lowered your vibration to meet the level of your world. The part of you that could hold a vibration low enough became mass and that is the physical body, as you know it. The rest of you, the energy of ALL of you, is there also, but not visible to most people, although some see it as auras around the body.

When you can see it from that perspective, as we do, you begin to see just how flexible your reality really is. Because it is the beliefs that determine the experience of the body, all you have to do is change the beliefs and the experience will change.

We do understand that it is more challenging than it sounds. That is because of the deep seeded beliefs in your mass consciousness; it’s like swimming against the current. As each of you dares to make changes in your experience, the energy of the mass begins to dilute and it becomes easier for the next person to make changes also. Every change you make helps every other person to make alterations also. When mass consciousness is reached, the current flows in a new direction and it becomes quite easy.

This may seem like pretty words, but it is much, much more than that. It is the essence of life itself in your world. It is ever changing and will continue to be so because energy cannot be still. You move, flow, and morph with every belief and choice you make.

This brings us to the DNA. It is much more than you know for the greatest portion of it is unseen. Just as the rest of your energy body is there around you, but unseen, so is your DNA. Your scientists have found a very small portion of it and that is the portion that resides within your physical world, which is a vibratory range, or dimension. The rest of the DNA is at a higher vibration and outside the boundaries of physical range. You simply have not developed technology yet that can measure it, but it is there, no less.

It is this part of the DNA that holds your memories, this life and other life experience, what you know as past, present, parallel, or future. The part in your physical range (the double helix) is imbedded with the traits you chose for this life experience. This includes hair color, eye color, body type, etc., and is shared with the “family” of your choice. It may also be “imprinted” by love or respect of others you emulate, those in proximity, or those you fear. It is only static because you believe it is.

It is changeable! We hear people, every day say “That’s who I am. I can’t change that.” This is untrue. You can change anything by changing your belief about it and making different choices. This is not the same as saying the words that you want to believe. We hear these words, but if the energy of the words does not match the belief, we will always hear the belief as the truth and nothing will be altered. Words have power only when they are attached to the belief or passion that matches them.

Every way you look at creation, you bring it right back to #2. It is no longer acceptable for humanity to keep creating unconsciously. That is what you have been doing for eons. You have also been blaming your creation on everything or everyone else, like you have no power yourself. It must stop now. It is time to realize that you have the power to change your reality by making conscious choices. In the process, please be sure to make the choice match your belief. If the belief no longer suits you – change the belief.

Soon, it will no longer be possible to live unconsciously as you have been. Humanity has raised its vibration too high to support that choice. You will be faced with seeing your truth at every turn and challenged to see those hidden beliefs. It will then be up to you to honor your own truth and make choices that integrate your soul essence, spirit body and physical body.

Soon, you will no longer have a choice to separate these aspects of you. You are one being with three aspects and as you become more integrated with soul, spirit and body, separation will seem a difficult concept. You were born into a world of separation, but that is changing as you become integrated within yourselves. Your experience of humanity is becoming more unified.

In closing we will say this: it is up to you to take responsibility for each and every belief you possess. It also falls to you to be true to those beliefs and live them with integrity. This means being true to you at the deepest levels. Your truth is your own. No two beings in the universe hold the same. You will have common beliefs but you will each see them in your own unique way. It is up to you to be true to you.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave. Know that you are love and you are loved beyond your imagination. And know that you are the creator of your world. Create with love as only you can do.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT