Living the New You

by , under Angelic Readings

You are experiencing life in a way that has never been done before. It is time to open your hearts and remember what has been forgotten, lost to a world that has been unable to see the light as we see it now. To do that you have to forget everything you think you know about who you are. This most likely sounds rather frightening to most of you who are caught up in the reality of who you’ve been. You are not the sum of what you have learned in this life. This is just a very small part of the whole that is you.

You are a composite of beliefs that you have acquired over eons of time and experience. Because you are presently tapped into the experience of this life, in this body, you have forgotten the wisdom you accumulated in all the others. It has been easy for you, in a life on Earth, to hang onto the painful things that you carried with you from those times, but you have not been able to awaken to the wisdom and happier memories. And yes, before you ask, there have been MANY!

You have been everything. You have been lover and loved, killer and killed. You have experienced all the above and more. Because you have lived here in a place of relative darkness, you have remembered the darker moments and were unable to see the light.

That is now changing. As your world becomes brighter, it discharges the darker elements, which you carry. You are seeing this around you as the chaos and violence erupting in your world. We have said this before and we will repeat it again: your world is NOT getting darker! It is the release of the darker energies of hate and fear that are spewing out around you that block you from seeing the light that is forcing it out!

As you change within a world that is changing at the same time, it is crucial that you understand one thing. It is time for you to release your darker energy of fear and live in the light that is emerging in you. As you do this, you will begin to see everything around you in a different way. The lighter you become, the more you see light in the world around you.

You can only see what you believe. When you believe the world is bleak and black, you will see the world as such. You do NOT believe the world is black because of what you see; you see it because you believe it. You create what you believe in ways you have never thought possible.

Your reality is more flexible than you imagined. It is up to you to create what you want, not what you fear is impossible. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. It is this step that will allow for a faster and easier transformation from darkness to light.

You are evolving. You are transforming. You are doing this as we speak. Make no mistake about that. It is not the evolution that will change, but how smoothly it is experienced in your world. The more smoothly you make those changes in yourself, the more smoothly it will go for your world.

You are not separate from each other. Every time you make a choice it sends out ripples and affects those around you. How they react to these ripples is up to them. You have no power over that. You do have power of choice for yourself. You can create the life you prefer in every moment by choosing what makes you smile. Find what choices make you feel good about yourself and choose that path.

Most of you get upset at this because you believe it is selfish to put yourself first. It is your belief in selfish that must change. Putting your needs before others, does not take away from others. It enhances them. It shows them how to do the same and honor their own needs. This does not mean if you see a drowning child two feet from you that you let him drown because you would rather file your nails.
To love yourself means you love others also. If you truly love you, you automatically love others. It also means if you will drown by saving someone else, you may have to make the choice to let that person drown so you will survive to save many more.

When we helped you get ready to become human in your present life, we never told you it would be easy. As a matter of fact we told most of you that it would be extremely challenging at this time in your evolutionary shift. We will paraphrase here, but you all said “No problem! Piece of cake!” Then you got there and had second thoughts.

It was harder than you thought. You have agreed to let go of lifetimes of karmic debris in one lifetime and wonder why it has been so difficult. The challenges you face are many and diverse and we tell you now: you are doing magnificently.

You think you are not doing enough. Some worry that you are not up to the challenges and are tired. Some of you got so caught up in the role you forgot you are the actor (soul) in the role. We see worry and stress and self-judgment in every moment. We watch you beat yourselves up and we are here to tell you to put those whips down. You are beating yourselves bloody for what is not even real. You ARE doing what you agreed to do. You ARE enough. You are perfect.

There has never been a group of people on your planet that has been so driven. You are obsessed with holding as much light as you can so those who are less awake can see it too. You are tired. You are questioning your very existence and getting discouraged because the changes are not happening as quickly as you would like.

Please do not be discouraged about this. It took millennia to create the patterns of darkness in which you have lived. The light is penetrating the darkness and you are beginning to see the changes. Where there was light mixed with the darkness you are seeing changes quicker. Places and people who held deeper levels of hatred and fear will take longer. The light takes longer to penetrate denser areas.

It is much like a body. When a body disintegrates, the soft tissue does so quite quickly, but the bones take much longer. Consider, if you will, the darker places of fear and hatred on your planet as the bones. The light will penetrate them, but they will be the last to awaken.

So once again we repeat: Your job is to awaken the light and love within yourself. For now, don’t worry about the speed of others. They will awaken at their own levels, in their own timing. The next thing to remember is that this is OK! Do not judge others by what you know and do. They are not you! Allow them to take whatever time and have whatever experience necessary for their own awakening.

The last thing we want to say is this: Now that you are awakening to the light, it is time to walk the talk. It is time for you to live what you are remembering. Be brave enough to love everyone even when they are not awakening at the same speed, in the same way as you. Be happy with the world you see around you and you will create more love and light for others.

You cannot fix anger by being angry with those who are spewing theirs. You cannot heal fear by being afraid for them. You cannot heal hatred by judging that hatred. This does not mean you have to be happy for these things. You do not have to like them. To change them, however; you have to add love. You cannot change something from the same energy that created it. It may have been your Einstein who said that. He was correct.

This brings us back to the beginning. Love you until the ball of light that you are shines out to the world.
It is with the greatest of love and honor that we take our leave. As you love yourself, you will see love in those you formerly believed unlovable.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT