Your Compassionate Heart

by , under Angelic Readings

We with you to help you accomplish your goals here on Earth. You agreed to bring forth the learning you have acquired in many past life experiences. It is time for the world to remember these things. It is time for you to awaken to your own Compassionate Heart.

We just took a trip to Tibet. It was there that we remembered a life experience that was one of the pivotal experiences to our work here now. It was there that we began our journey into compassion. It is a life experience that holds an energy of love that we never thought possible in physical form. We now understand what we need to do with it.

It is compassion that we will teach. In the true sense, it cannot be taught; therefore, we will help you REMEMBER this compassion. We can do this because that is what YOU are in every sense of the word. We understand you do not truly believe it, but it is true. The only thing keeping you from knowing it is your definition of compassion. This is one of the first things we need you to examine.

We will be bringing you opportunities to help with this task. You may feel it more like a grand lesson. We understand you are feeling “driven” to do something, but have no idea what that is. This is it. You are waking to the knowing that this is what you have come here to do. It is your life purpose. When that is fully remembered and embodied, you will know what to do with it. You will also be given opportunities to remember more of that purpose.

Right now it is crucial that you wake up to the piece in front of you. It is not important who you were in other lifetimes. It IS important what wisdom you have brought with you. Take the wisdom and play it forward. It is not necessary to know what that wisdom is. It just IS. It is the love in your hearts.

All things in the world, religions included, are changing. It is time for that to happen because you are all waking up and know that the truth, the clear message of love within you, no longer supports the dogma that spouts the fear of man.

In the beginning it was the truth of love that was known in the deepest recesses of the heart. It was, however, overlooked and pushed aside so you could live your lives in a very dark world. You had never been physical, you see, and when that happened you became so imbedded in the dream of separation that you forgot you were the light and love in your hearts.

You are now waking to remember there is something more and questioning the life you see around you. This includes religion. As with all things, religion was based on that inner truth and, in the beginning, your religious leaders used it for control of the people. It was used for power to keep the leaders of the day in control. As long as the people believed they had no power, those in leadership positions could hold the power over their people.

That is no longer true, or even possible, in your world. As you awaken more and more to the truth bubbling up from within, you can no longer feel comfortable with the idea that you have no power to choose your own lives. This is happening at the most basic of levels at home, and it is also awakening in the global sense of the world around you. No one will be able to control anyone for much longer.

There are still countries that are trying desperately to hold onto the control of the people. This will continue for a while, but it is becoming more and more difficult to do so. The freedom which all of you seek is deeply imbedded in your soul/heart. It is the freedom to be as you truly are. As this awakens, there is nothing outside yourselves that will be able to keep you from it.

When someone now tells you that you are less than someone or something else, you begin to feel confused or you feel resentment building. It just does not feel right to you anymore. As you watch those in leadership positions holding all the money and making choices for your own lives, you also feel frustration building. Many of you are contemplating moving away from those religions, families, jobs or nations. Some of you have already done this or are in the process of doing so.

It is rare still in this world to be able to feel the love of your heart, without believing you have to give some of it up to your leaders in some way. This happens from the first steps in your homes to your teachers, your governments and your religious leaders.

We are not saying that you need to leave those teachers or that you are to not listen to them. In many cases they have many wonderful things to teach and many also have your well being in mind. Many, however, do not. It is up to you to decide what feels like truth to you. When you have done that, it is up to you to be true to that.

If you feel at odds to your surroundings or beliefs, it is time to look at them honestly and choose what you want to do with them. Many teachers still tell you how to think and what to feel. If that is the situation you are experiencing, step back and feel what is in your heart. If what you feel or believe is different than your peers or teachers, question them. Do this with respect for their positions, but do it none-the-less. A true teacher will not tell you who you are, but help you to find that in you.

Change does not have to take place with conflict. Conflict happens when two sides believe they are right and they feel threatened by the other’s different opinion. There is NO REASON to feel threatened. Different opinions are necessary for growth. Nothing remains the same, even from one breath to the next. Change is a constant. Even the cells in your body change from moment to moment as the old ones die off and new ones emerge.

Change is not an enemy. It is not to be feared; it is to be embraced. This is the only way you can evolve as human beings and it is evolution you are immersed in at this moment. You are evolving as a species to a level of love you have not experienced since before you were physical beings. You are remembering this love that is your soul and it is awakening in your physical experience. This has never been done before.

You are pioneers. You all worked very hard to be here at this time in this world so you could take part in the awakening. You are now standing in the center of this evolutionary shift and watching the world around you crack apart. Many of you run or hide in fear because of the conflict and confusion around you that is arising in the world. We ask you to do something now……………look at it from a different perspective. See it as the old cells dying to make room for the new ones.

These changes are necessary. It is BECAUSE of these changes that your hearts will open in ways you never believed possible. It is happening on all levels. In your families you are seeing relationships break apart. Because you have been taught that is a bad thing, you fear that sanity is being lost in the world. It is happening in nations, churches and schools…….AND…….it is NOT a bad thing.

Hanging onto old beliefs that are built around fear and control keeps you prisoner to those beliefs and puts you in the hands of the teachers who spread more fear. Changing your beliefs to match the love in your hearts breaks the chains of power and control that keep you from feeling your own hearts.

Now, how do you do that without creating conflict? As complicated as that sounds, you have to keep it simple. Find what is in your own heart and if it does not match what you are being taught, told or coerced to do, refuse to take part in it. Walk away. For those of you who are in situations that would cause bodily harm to do so, find a place of safety and then walk away.

It is time to be true to you. The love that is in your heart has been called many things, God being one of them. You have been taught that “He” is all-powerful and although you have been told you were created in his image, you have actually created him in yours, complete with physical body. He/She/It is love and love alone. It is not to be feared. He does not judge; you do. She does not want to see you suffer; you choose suffering because you believe it is holy to do so.

These are all things that have been created to keep you from knowing that you are the love of God within you. We know God as the love within every thing in existence, be it physical or not. It is the love that fires the passion within. It is the love you feel for all things. It must also, now, be the love you feel for yourselves.

We have spoken much of this lately and we will say it again. It must be the love you feel for you. Without this crucial step you will not be able to connect with the love around you. It will be there and you will keep it at arms length. People will tell you they love you and you will not hear or believe them. It is necessary for you to feel and be the love in you first. That is the doorway that opens to and connects you to it.

Do not fear the changes you see around you. They are necessary steps to build your world anew, this time from love instead of fear, together, not alone. Only you can take this step. We can open the door and suggest you step through it, into the experience of the love that you are, but we have no power to push you through it. We would not do that, nor would we want to. That is your choice, not ours.

In closing we ask you this: look at your lives and see what truly says: “This is me”. This is my heart and it is compassion”. If it does, live it with passion; if it is not, make changes that will scream those words to the world. It is your heart we see as you awaken. We will do all in our power to help you get there, but in the end it is your own acceptance of that love that will change your experience and your world.

It is with the greatest of honor, love and blessings that we take our leave for now. Look in your mirrors, physical and otherwise, and see the love that we see.
The Council of LIGHT