What Dreams Really Are

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There was a time in your world when dreams were something you thought of as a result of bad food before you went to bed. You are now reaching a time and place where you know they are more than that. MUCH more.

Your dreams are real. They are as real as the fingers on your hand or the air you breathe. Because they happen in a different part of your awareness, you believe they are nothing but figments of your imagination. Your dreams are the utmost reality of your heart/soul.

Up to this point we have been talking about the dreams you experience while you sleep. We’d like to expand on that perspective. There are also the dreams you have while you are awake. These are the same except that you experience them while you are at work, school, etc. You often call them daydreams.

These occur when you are more aware of them happening, and can remember them better when you once again return to your surroundings. These often happen when you are bored, in a place where you are not interested in what is happening around you and your mind drifts to other places.

We’ll now expand your perspective even more. There are other dreams that you have all the time. They are your deepest desires and inner yearnings. They are the fantasies you believe are unobtainable and in most cases, push them away as foolish dreams of a child. You tell yourself (and the child) that there are no monsters under the bed and no castles except in fairy tales. The castles are representations of your true heart’s desire and your monsters are the fears you have yet to face, keeping you from the castles.

Without these dreams, you would have no future. It is these dreams that forecast your true self better than anything your mind could conceive. You have been living your lives by listening to your minds. They tell you how to look, what to say, and what to do. If you do not meet up to the mind’s expectations, you judge yourselves as less than perfect and a failure.

Dreams are the tools you create to show you the inner most desires of your heart/soul, and the fears that block those desires. Humanity is letting go of all the ties and restrictions that you have bound yourself to. Limitations were the device that kept you in what the mind believed was safety. It kept you in familiar patterns, away from trying new things and seeing new places and possibilities.

You are evolving. Humanity is no longer just about surviving. It is about thriving. Your mind will help you survive. No doubt about that. It will not help you thrive. Your soul/heart holds all the answers of who and what you are. It is now time to recognize them as real. Take a deep breath and look at those deepest dreams and desires and ask yourself this: How can I make this real in my life?

We spend a great deal of our time helping people break through these pattern and ties that have bound you so tightly to your past. Does this mean by letting go of the patterns and fear that you will be propelled into the future? No. It means you will be able to live in the present as you discover your true passion for life and create that as your new reality.

This is the step that has been missing from humanity for so very long. You have been living in either the past or the future. Many of you have been very busy remembering what was, with either longing or sorrow, and you cannot experience where you are with happiness. Others of you are so busy dreaming about where you want to be that you cannot see where you are.

It is now time to balance the two. Knowing where you came from will not make today better unless you look at it honestly and choose whether you want to keep repeating the same lessons or learn them and move on to others. Many of you have used the past as a badge of courage. You say, I withstood a painful job, marriage, family (fill in the blank) for 40 years! It is said with pride. It is NOT said with love or joy. What if you were able to say, I created peace with my job, marriage, family (fill in the blank), and moved on to a life I love?

Others of you spend most of your time enduring where you are and dreaming of a future that you never attempt to fulfill? It is easy to sit in your chair after a long day of work you hate, and dream of something that seems so much happier. It is more challenging to put yourself out there and create the experience of those dreams in your life NOW.

This is what dreams are for. They are experienced when your defenses are at their weakest. Your mind has put up fences, blockades, and beliefs that keep you from harm. It sees stepping into the unknown as the biggest fear in your world. When you sleep or when you are distracted by things you are not interested in, you allow your true self to come through. This also happens with repetition, such as when you are driving a long stretch in a very long road.

It is now time to wake up. We are ringing your alarm bells, loud and clear. It is time to recognize your dreams, as you are awake. It is time to face the monsters under the beds and allow yourselves to believe that the castles are obtainable.

Let’s take this in simple steps:

1. REMEMBER your dream while awake. It is time to fully be awake in the world in each moment.
2. KNOW the castles are possible. FACE the monsters and let them go.
3. PROVE your mind wrong. When your mind pops up with all the reasons you cannot have the dreams, see it as an outdated belief system, trying to keep a child safe and not trusting the capable adult. The rest is up to you. Dream. Dream BIG.

The next step is to act on the dream. Once you know your heart/soul dreams, it is up to you to act upon them. It is up to you to put yourself out there and create what you know will fulfill your dream. It will not just land in your lap, but once you take the first step, you will find things getting easier and easier as things seem to just “be there” when you need them.

That is our job. It is the job of the Angelic Realm to help you walk into those dreams. We need your help. We cannot do this FOR you. You have to start the forward movement and tell us what you need. Give us permission. Make that first step and we can help place the stepping-stones in front of you as you keep walking.

We cannot interfere in your lives. It is Universal Law. We CAN help you when you ask. If you tell us you need money, all we can say is: “Yes, you do.” When you tell us you need money and ask us to show you ways to achieve that, you may notice signs on the side of a truck, ads in newspapers, songs on the radio or other things with the answers you are looking for. IT IS THEN UP TO YOU TO ACT ON THEM. Pick one thing to start, then the next, then the next……………We have our job; you have yours.

It is our joy, love and honor to be helping you grow into the next biggest dream you have for yourselves. See yourselves as we see you, and see each other with the same eyes.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT