Birthing YOU

by , under Angelic Readings

We are here on planet Earth at a time of massive change. Everything you knew, did and are, is changing so quickly you may not have time to process the shift. We hear from people daily now that are in terror of the feelings that are being released. They may seem overwhelming at times. Please know that they are necessary for your rebirth.

As with all things physically live-born, there is a stage of gestation when rapid growth takes place, and you have no way of accessing those changes in your life. You are safe in an environment that is protected from the world around you. You are in a dark, warm environment, safe from everything.

Next there is a transition from that safe place to the outer world. This is the phase that has been experienced for the last year for many of you. Some of you are now in that birth canal, pushing toward the light and feeling the fear of leaving the safe haven behind.

Some of you are now entering the bright light of the world around you and are feeling the shock of that light. When you move from a dark, warm, safe environment into a glaringly bright one, it sometimes feels quite unsettling. From this new perspective it is almost too bright to assimilate.

In the past, when you were born into your physical bodies the light was blinding when you arrived. You were darker than the world. It is now different. You are now the light that is entering the world. YOU are the babes that are shining the light in the world around you. You are helping the world you are being born into to become a brighter light.

Think of yourselves as newborn babes coming into the light of the delivery room. You are naked, cold and in wonderment of the world. Everything is new. How you are welcomed into the world is the most important thing for you at this time. If you are welcomed into loving arms, your love of life will blossom. If you are met with fear it will slow your growth.

OVER HALF of the world is now either in transition phase or bursting free of your old constraints and into the world as brighter light. That leaves the other, slightly less than half, feeling the effects of your light. You are shining that light onto the fear and hurtful beliefs they have about themselves and they are not always happy with your light shining on them.

The people you shine your light on that are eager to evolve will welcome you with arms wide open. Those that are stuck in the darkness of fear will either grudgingly welcome you or attempt to put out your light so they do not have to look at what they need to change in them.

It is up to you to decide what to do if you are met with fear. Some of you chose, at first, to dim your light to accommodate them. Now you are faced with the choice to shine that light even brighter. It does not serve you to become small and dark to allow others to stay stuck in the past. It is not healthy for either of you.

It is now time to own the fact that you have grown. You are either going to shine your light on the world and put your hands out to others to do the same, or you will choose to hold back and try to balance the darkness of fear and brightness of love. There was a time you could do that, but it will no longer work. Once you have become a brighter light, you will wither in the dark.

Many of you feel pain when you see those who are stuck in the dark. Countries like North Korea and other groups that are still soaked in hatred and fear tend to make you feel there is no hope and that you are not doing anything by holding your light. That is incorrect. You are doing more than you know when you choose to simply shine the light in the world. It will grow and you will start to see the difference it makes.

The more you shine light, the more darkness disappears. It is a process that cannot be changed. You have passed the half waypoint and there is no turning back. It is now up to you to keep moving forward toward love. You do not do that by trying to make someone else become brighter. You do that by making YOU brighter. Shine YOUR light and that light will affect the world.

You are the new human. What do you want to do with that? How do you choose to make a difference in the world? Every one of you will have different answers to those questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Find what your passion is in life. Find what you would most love to experience and then find a way to live that.

You are babes, learning to walk and talk. Feel the world around you. Feel what is in your heart and be brave enough to taste it. Smell it. Touch it. Hear and see, with clarity, what that means for you. Use your non-physical, intuitive sense of knowing to find what is right for you.

Once you have found what is right for you, act on it. It is this piece that many of you are now facing. It has been the custom of humanity to complain about what is in front of you, but not make an effort to change it. It is now up to you to stand together with others of like mind and be heard. When you see things that are harmful to your health and well-being, speak up. Let it be known to your leaders that what you see is unacceptable.

It is up to you. Complacency will no longer work as a way to live. It is a way to survive and that is all it is. Watching the world die around you without taking part in the process of healing it is no longer acceptable. It does not mean you have to stand on a public street corner and scream your discontent. It may mean you band together with others who agree with you and peacefully stand arm and arm, shining your light of love until others move into that light with you. Let them know you will not go away.

This is a time of upheaval. As the earthquake of human fear rumbles free from all of you, the debris of fear and hatred will become more visible to you as it erupts. You are seeing it all around you in earth changes and people doing things they would ordinarily never do, acting out their repressed rage. This is happening on an individual and global stage.

It is not up to you to try to stop them. Do not even try to get in their way. You could be harmed in the process. It IS up to you to avoid falling into a pattern of despair and believing there is no hope. YOU ARE that hope. It is up to you to become more loving. Know this is just a phase of releasing the darkness as the light penetrates the world around you.

Be brave and remember that you are the light and that you have the power to change the world in which you live. Do not be discouraged by the fear and darkness. Become a brighter light to shine on the darkness and illuminate it so it becomes less dense and dark. Choose love in every moment. Refuse to be dragged down into the fear. You are the light bearers for the world.

You are the light you are birthing on the planet. You ARE the light.

It is with the greatest of love, honor, peace and joy that we take our leave this day. See the light in yourselves and each other as we see you. It IS who and what you are.

The Council of LIGHT