Taking Center Stage

by , under Angelic Readings

For eons, people have been taught to take care of everyone else. If you chose to take care of you, you were often judged as selfish or self-centered. We are about to tip the balance of that belief. It is now time to change that to putting yourself first. Without that, your experience of the shift as the “new human” will take longer. As a friend recently said, “This is not dress rehearsal.”

No, this is not dress rehearsal; this is opening night of the play. You have worked hard to be where you are. You have let go of the old beliefs that kept you stuck in old habits. You have allowed yourselves to see and choose happiness over gloom and doom. Now you must practice loving yourselves in every way possible.

For those of you who have stage fright, we can feel you holding your breath. Please notice this and take a deep breath. The only thing keeping you from moving forward is the fear of the unknown. You are afraid of many things.

You are afraid of stepping onto the stage and forgetting your lines, allowing the audience to see you are not perfect. It is the fear of being imperfect that is at the heart of this one. Someone may judge you for your intellect, your looks or character. We say to you – do not fear what they think. They can only reflect your own fears to you. If you fear none of these things, what they think will not matter. If you do have this fear, their opinions will pile upon your own and they are very heavy.

You are afraid your bodies are not the right shape or size to be appealing to the audience. You fear their judgment and criticism. You fear being seen as less than perfect. You see your blemishes in the mirror as great big defects. It is your own judgment of your appearance that fuels this one.

You may step onto the stage because you think you need to make the money it will give you or the prestige, the accolades or the acceptance. You give the audience the power to tell you how wonderful you are – OR how terrible. You allow what they think to be more important than what you think.

It is the person who steps onto the stage with joy in his or her heart that will love the experience of life. The stage of which we speak is life itself. It is stepping into your world every day and being seen. It is living in the world around you and becoming a part of it.

You can also choose to stay in the wings and not step onto the stage. Many of you are there now. You are waiting for the prompters to tell you it is time for you. You are waiting for the managers to tell you what to do and how to do it. It is perhaps a place to feel safe, but not to experience living.

What is the play of which we speak? It is life, life in big neon lights. Your name is displayed for all to see. It is a wonderful place to be. It can also be scary for you if you are one who has been hiding, trying not to be seen because you have been too busy seeing your blemishes and judging yourself for them. You believe others will judge you as you do.

Judgment has been the biggest energetic pattern in your world. It has kept you prisoner in the wings. It has been taught to you in so very many ways. Your parents, schools, religions and peers have been very quick to tell you what you SHOULD be, do and say. Sometimes this has been confusing. Many were different and had opposing views.

It is here that we tell you how much we do not like the word “should”. It is filled with hatred, both toward yourself and then others. There is no should in our world, only “could”. Yes, you could do or be something different. No blame. No judgment. Only choice.

Judgment is the greatest cause of disease in the human experience. It goes from judgment to blame to guilt and shame. It infiltrates the bodies, minds and hearts of humanity and eats it from inside. It erodes your physical health and your confidence. It determines what you think of yourselves and THAT is what creates your experience in every moment.

Like it or not, you have all now stepped out onto the stage of life. The curtain is being opened and you WILL be seen. How do you want to be seen? We will ask you a question. What actors in your world have you admired? Do you admire the ones who are mediocre and shrink from the light, or do you admire the ones that stand out, the ones who seem to shout their presence and power on the screen?

You can tell a lot by watching others. Read some books. Watch some movies. Find the characters that you would like to emulate and then see what you need to do to embody that energy. We can pretty much tell you that most of you will love the actors, or characters they portray, that are strong.

Humanity strives to be strong. What you have not yet realized is that being strong does not mean you have to be hard. No violent tendencies, no sharp edges needed. You think that fear is weak. You see tears as a sign of that weakness. That is NOT TRUE. Allowing your children and others to see you cry makes you and them stronger. Fear can keep you from walking off the side of a cliff or putting your hand on a hot burner. None of this is weak.

If it is the “John Wayne’s” of the world you admire, take the time to look and see the softer side of him too. It was there. If it is the comical characters that take your fancy, find the humor in you. If it is the heroes or heroines that inspire you, find the courage that has always been hidden within you.

Look within yourself. Be truly honest with yourselves. See the things in yourselves that you would like to change but do NOT judge them as bad. Just change them. Just because you have always been one thing, it does not mean you must always be that. You can be anything you want. These are not just empty words.

Imagine yourselves, every morning when you get out of bed, to be stepping onto a stage. This is your play and you are the lead role. What lines will you speak? What direction will you go in? Who will you interact with? These are all question you can find your own answers for.

There is not right and wrong choice to these questions, only answers. There is not a quiz that will happen at 2pm in room 23. The only one correcting your moves is you. If you are not happy with the experience in this act, write act II, or III or IV. There is no time period where the bell will ring and you have no time for the next choice. The curtain is not going to fall. Even if the choice in your present life comes to completion, there will be more choices to make in the next.

You are eternal. Your life experience is eternal. It is not a failure to change your mind or your choices. You simply choose again. Create the next act. You cannot fail. There is no failure except in your own judgment and this brings us back to judgment.

We have completed the circle and brought you back to what keeps you stuck. It is this judgment that has led humanity and now it is time to stop the process. Judgment can no longer work for you. It will only cause and create dis-ease, unrest and a bitter experience of life. It will not work for you and it will not work toward others. It will only backfire on you and create more unhappiness for you.

Please look at what is important for you now. Look to the qualities you admire and incorporate them in you. If anyone tells you that change is impossible, walk away. Do not listen. Listen only to your own hearts that are filling with love. It may feel foreign to you as the world fills with this love, especially if you have been brought up in fear, anger, hate and mistrust.

Love is not painful. Love does not hurt. You cannot love too much. You fear all of these things because you fear the pain you believe is from loving. It is not; it is from what you feel as the rejection of that love. It is not the love, but what you feel as the lack of it that causes the pain. The solution? Fill yourselves with more of it. Step into the experience of love even more and soon you will see that it is equal opportunity and pain free.

Now comes the next step. Practice. It is time to practice the love that is so abundant on this beautiful planet. It is time to fill your own hears with it until it overflows and spills out to everyone, everywhere. It is time to feel the happiness that life was meant for.

This is yours. And it is up to you to nurture it, to grow it and fill your hearts to overflowing with it. Do not worry about giving it to your neighbor right now. Fill you instead and let it overflow to them. The more you fill you, the more will overflow to the world.

It is with the greatest of love, honor, peace and grace that we take our leave this day. Please give these things to you, love first, then honor yourself, live in peace and the grace of light will fill your days.

The Council of LIGHT