Your Changing World

by , under Angelic Readings

You are in a state of change that is unprecedented in your world. Everything you have known is no longer valid. For many of you, change is a thing to fear. Fear of the unknown has been at the heart of keeping you stuck in patterns that are no longer working for you. This feels, in many ways, that you are losing your minds and your body is falling apart.

You are being restructured. This is a process that you have been preparing for, for many, many years. Now that it is here you wonder what is happening to you. It is simple – and it feels very complicated. The change that you are encountering now is inherent in the human being. It is not just something that is happening to you.

At a subcellular, sub-atomic level, you have shifted to a higher level of vibration. Not only that, but you are also noticing a frequency of that vibration that feels different. Many of you are recognizing this as ringing in your ears or a malfunction in your equilibrium. You are feeling dizzy or off balance. This is due mainly to your physical bodies adapting to the new vibratory frequency. It is also happening as you feel the re-wiring of the two hemispheres of your brain.

Let us imagine for a moment that your body is an engine, which in many senses is true. It has many moving parts and runs on fuel. For eons it has been a rudimentary engine. Let us compare it to your “model T” engine. It did not run smoothly and would run on fuel that was not highly purified. You could probably have dropped a grain of sand into it and it would still have kept working. You are now using engines that are highly refined and that simple grain of sand would stop it in a blink.

It is this change that you are feeling and you are noticing that the fuel you feed it may no longer have the same effect as before. Foods that once worked for you are not settling well or you no longer have the same desire for them. Your bodies feel achy and tired when you eat as before. Your “fuel” has been filled with heavy, greasy, toxic components that do not digest the same way they used to. Your engine bogs down.

At the higher vibration of light that you are, excess body weight will also be felt as doubly heavy. It will make you feel sluggish at best, impossible to move at worst. The bright side of this (yes, there is a bright side) is that as your vibratory frequency rises, the extra weight will begin to drop. You will have less craving or need for the heavier food, or fuel, to sustain it.

If the need for fuel is not just to run the engine and comes from a deeper sense of guilt, shame, self-loathing or other emotion, it will be necessary to face and release those emotional traumas so you can move forward. Many of you know whom you are and what that means to you. Do NOT take it as a failure that you have these emotional blocks. You all have them to some degree. Best of all, because of the new frequency, it will now be easier and faster to dissolve them than ever before. The fuel you choose also determines your energy level. The more refined the fuel, the more energy efficient the vehicle.

Many of you are feeling stuck in your lives. While some of that is personal, much of it is global. Your species is experiencing a unique situation. You have been living in a world that was based on fear. Your focus has been mainly on protection or attack. You have believed that someone out there would harm you so you did one of two things. You either put walls around yourselves to keep you safe, or you hurt someone else before they could hurt you. Both of these are based in fear.

This way of life for humanity has come to a halt. Those of you who have been defensively hiding behind walls, either physical or emotional, are finding this a great relief and want to move forward. You are peeking out into a new world and asking: “Who am I? Where am I? What do I do now? Those of you who have been using offense as your shield are finding there is no enemy to attack. It is time for you to look at yourselves and see who and what you are so you can also move forward without fear.

Foundations for all major systems have cracked and are shifting before your eyes. New foundations are being built. Financial corporations are changing to fit the needs of many. Smaller, local institutions are grabbing hold and offering more lasting values such as putting the customer first. Schools are finding ways to help children by adapting to the newer vibrations of love and wisdom, instead of trying to stuff them into the old molds that worked before. Religious leaders are resigning because the level of love in the world will no longer tolerate outmoded beliefs. You are finding freedom to love in your own way.

Mother Earth is finding her own way of dealing with the higher frequency. In her world, love and the higher vibration equate to heat and free movement. She holds the combined vibration of everyone upon her and interprets it within her body also. Her freedom to love herself is to shake off the heavy chains and spew out the injustices that have been inflicted upon her. She is birthing a new world. The more you help her, the easier the birthing process will be.

Is it true that you have caused this global warming with the misuse of your resources and your greed? Yes. AND, it is true that your love is changing her into something more beautiful than you ever knew possible. In order to help her through this, you must stop the abuse you have inflicted upon her to balance her changes. The heat of the loving frequency COMBINED WITH your misuse has speeded up the process. The process needs to slow down so she, and you, can incorporate the changes safely.

We would love to tell you to help her as you help yourselves, but we are reluctant to say those words. You first have to help yourself. When you are willing to help yourselves first, then you will help her automatically. It will just flow out to her and she will flow more easily and smoothly. What you do for you, you do for her. You are in this together.

The choices you make also affect those around you. What you do, you do for everyone. There is no separation between you and those you see. You move, they move. Where would you like to see them move? In some cases you want them to move with you; in others you want to not be with them. That is all OK but know this, the choices you make do and will affect them. You may move a thousand miles away but you will never be apart from anyone. What you want to see out there you must do for yourself.

That does not mean you have to feel guilty for your choices and stay with people you do not feel at home with. On the contrary, it is now necessary, more than any other time in your world, to be with people of like mind. Those who are in fear have stayed “in packs” because they believed there was safety in numbers. Now you need to band together with those who love so it will grow beyond the limits you have previously placed upon it.

You have always put limits on love. It is called conditional love and, for the most part, all you have known. You are now experiencing a new frequency of that love has no conditions or boundaries. It is freedom to love yourself as you are and so become who you most love to be. It is freedom to allow others to do the same and if that does not match who and what you are, allow them or yourself to move on.

Find those who represent the love that you are birthing in yourselves. Let go of the chains that have kept you stuck in fear. Release others from the chains of blame in which you have bound them. Your choices are not their fault. Let go of the belief that you have limits that keep you stuck from growing and changing. Change is the only constant in your world that is constantly changing.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. We, and you, are LOVE.
The Angelic Council of LIGHT