Creating Our New World

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We have been talking for some time about the evolution of humanity and how it is affecting mankind. It is now time to take you to the next step. Now that you have completed the transition, it is time to learn how to work with the energy to create the life you prefer, creating the New World.

You have been raising your vibration throughout your lives and you have succeeded in creating the new human that you now are. Welcome to Homo Luminous. Now comes your next level. What do you want humanity to look like? It is up to YOU.

For the first time in human history, there is no rulebook. There is nothing to show you where you are going. There is nothing to show you how to get there. You are on your own – AND you are more connected to others than ever in your world. The connection has always been there but you are now able to feel and access it in a very different way.

The first thing you need to do is connect with the energy around you. To do this you need to find a way to be in a quiet space and feel what it feels like. Some of you like to meditate and connect with your source and will find this step very easy. Some will need to begin by being in a peaceful space. It does not matter if this space is a room with music or an ocean. Use whatever brings you the greatest sense of peace.

Once you are there, quiet your mind by letting the thoughts that invade your mind drift through. Do not fight them, just recognize them and allow them to flow through until you find them becoming the background and your surroundings becoming the foreground. If it helps, hear the sound of your own breathing to lead the way. It is a matter of focusing yourself away from your mind. It loves to remind you of all the things you need to do. Ignore it.

You will most probably find in these quiet moments that you hear, see, or sense a knowing about things that you never noticed before. It is the inner voice that you so often discarded as imagination, the one you never allowed yourself to believe so you did not listen.

Once you have become familiar with this connection you need to trust it. This is the step that allows you to use the peace you connect to. This is the inner peace of your own heart/soul. This is the connection to YOU. It is this connection that will show you your true desires, beliefs and needs.

It is now time to decide what is right for you. What is your truth? You have been living by the rules and beliefs that you have been taught. Which ones of these are truly yours? Are you afraid you will disappoint another to be true to you? Are you afraid you will lose your family, your friends, to be true to you?

These are some of the reasons for the unhappiness in the world. You have been living your lives for others and not allowing yourselves the freedom and permission to love yourselves. You have been taught that you have to suffer, that things have to be hard, “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. These are the beliefs of a past that no will no longer work in your world.

It is time to put yourself first. Know what is in your own heart and be true to that. If you are not happy, no one around you will be either. If your heart is not open to you, it cannot be open to others.

You have been taught that it is godly to put others before yourselves. We tell you now; you can only give out to others as much as you are open to in yourselves. If you are being untruthful to you, that untruth will follow to others.

When you are in fear of being hurt, you put a barricade around your heart to protect yourselves. It works pretty well for that purpose but it also keeps love from coming into your heart. It separates you from the world around you and keeps you prisoner. It is time to break the chains you have kept around your hearts and allow the light to come in. For some of you it may be like opening the windows of a room that has been closed for centuries. You will need to clean out the cobwebs and allow the sun to penetrate the walls, warming them in the process.

Fear was our way of life as humans; now it is not. It is now love that will sustain you but you must first find your way to your own heart. Without this step, moving forward will be sluggish and empty at best.

Find your own hearts. Open them. Nurture them. Allow for your own needs and beliefs to be lived by you. It is NOT selfish to do this. It is the one step that allows for life to flow with love, warmth, joy, and happiness. It is the truth of who you are as human beings. It is NOT about suffering and denying yourselves the joy of life.

The next step is allowing love to flow into your heart without fear of being hurt, without judgment that you do not deserve it and with no strings or restrictions. As you become more comfortable with you and your own truth something magical happens; that love that you are simply begins to flow out to others without even trying. Other’s love flows out to you as well.

It is you who have put restrictions, strings and attachments to love. In truth there are no such things. When you love yourself, you open that love to the world around you. What goes out is pure, with no expectations of what you get back from it. What comes to you is pure, expecting nothing of you.

This is the world that awaits humanity. It is up to you to decide what this will look like for you. Are you ready to love yourself? Are you ready to be loved by others? If the answer is yes, it is time to choose to do so. If you find it difficult to do this, find others who can help you to see the wonder that you are. Move away from those who tell you that you are unworthy of love. Refuse to be a part of anything that does not represent the love that you are.

There are many choices in your future. Some of them will feel easy and some will seem more challenging. All of them will mirror to you one main thing – will you choose love? It is the one question that is infiltrating your world. The love that is being introduced in the world as we speak is a level of love that asks nothing of you and gives you everything. All you have to do is choose to feel it. Honor the truth that you are and allow that love to fill you to overflowing.

Earth is your present home. If it were a house, how would you like it decorated? What food would you like in your refrigerator? What would you do to make it homey and comfortable so that when you came into it, you felt safe and happy and warm?

This is the world you are building. Use the building block of love to create a world you will feel happy in, just like that house. The only difference is in your belief about it. You think you have no impact on the world around you. This is not so. Now, more than ever, you have tremendous impact. You move, it moves.

We leave you with these thoughts to ponder. You have the choice in front of you to change your entire world of experience. Only you can change that for you. You can wait for others to make their choices and go along with them, even if they do not match your own heart, or you can add your beliefs to the mix and be happier for the change it creates.

Watching the world go by and complaining about it, without letting your own truth be heard will no longer be an option. Speak out, be heard; tell your truth. You can, and do, make a difference. There is no one to blame for anything any more. You can change whatever you want to change. If something is unbearable for you and you can’t change it to what you want, where you are – walk away. Create it somewhere else.

Love is truth and it is alive and well. Fear is breaking at its foundation. Help it to crumble by choosing love in every moment, first for you and then it will flow to the world around you.

It is with the greatest of honor, love and joy that we take our leave. Honor your self in all you do and see the love in yourselves that we see in you.

The Council of LIGHT