Living Love

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As we walk into 2013, we do it with eyes open to a new world around us. We are now in transition from an experience of life being lived through our heads. We have been ruled by time and made our choices, based on the information we had been taught by others. We are now being challenged to change that. It will now be necessary to make our choices, based on the feelings in our hearts.

We are moving from a thinking world to a feeling world and it is necessary to change our old habits to match that. When we do not, it will slow down our creation of what we prefer and intensify the experience of what we do not.

We are learning to live with love, not only for others; but most importantly, for ourselves. As we love ourselves we automatically feel and send love to those around us. It is this that is and will be changing the world we live in. Breathe in the love that you are and that surrounds you. Feel it in every cell of your body.

As we maneuver through this obstacle course of life, we will be experiencing what it feels like to live in the moment. In the midst of an obstacle course there is no time for pondering your next choice. You will be learning to feel what is in your heart and spontaneously acting upon that feeling.

It does NOT mean the learning that has taken place in your life is of no import. It is very important when you are faced with situations that do not have to be decided in an instant —– as long as you do not get caught up in second-guessing and fear!

Your past experience in humanity has been to think things to death. You think of all the things that can go wrong and by the time you come to make a choice, you are too afraid to make the one you know in your heart is the one for you. Life is not about fear, but love. You have made it about fear in every moment of your past. It is time to change that NOW.

Are there things that could go wrong? NO. There are choices that will not bring you the experience you expect or prefer, but that is not wrong. It is because of those choices that you have made in your past that will no longer make them. We can also tell you that in almost every one of those cases, the choice you made was from fear in the first place.

The first step for all of you is to learn to trust your heart. Many of you do not even know what it means to feel your own hearts. You have been so busy thinking your way through life that you have not allowed yourselves to feel at all. Many of you are so disconnected from your body and feelings that you cannot recognize them when you feel them. It is as if you are numb to life.

Feeling is about passion. That does not mean the hot, torrid, passion of romance, although that can be part of it. It is about passion for life. A woman asked us a very important question. She is 90 years of age and said she lived every bit of her 90 years. She asked if we have done the same. We said yes.

If you can say yes to that question you are feeling your way through life. There are times you fall and wish you had taken another path. If you can look at the lesson from the experience and be happy you chose that experience, you will understand this reading. When you can know that you would not give up any of the pain in your life if it meant giving up the love, you will know of what we speak.

We are not saying this is easy. We know that many of you hate to feel pain of any kind. It is the refusal to feel the pain that has kept you from feeling the joy. It is time to take a deep breath and allow for all the feelings to be expressed and felt by everyone. You will find that when you allow the feelings of pain, the feelings of joy begin to grow as well. To block one you have to block them all.

Another great thing to know as you evolve into feeling beings is that the more you allow the feelings to flow, the faster they move. Pain, although sharp at first, can move through in seconds when you allow yourself to just feel the energy of the emotion. Emotions are pure energy and need to move. Trap them in the body and they become a bomb. Allow them to be felt and they move. It is much like taking the cap off a bottle of soda and allowing the bubbles (the emotions) to dissipate from the container.

Living in the heart is not just for you. When you all start to do this you will find that relationships begin to blossom in great new ways. When you can be a support to someone else as they release their emotions, it allows you to do the same, and vice versa.

This process you are experiencing is changing your world already. This is bringing up a lot of judgment you have held about feeling emotions. Many of you feel that to show emotion is a weak thing to do. You have to be strong and keep everything inside. This is not true, but has been a common belief. Sometimes allowing yourself to be seen in your truth is the strongest act you can do, and the most loving.

We cannot stress how important this is right now for humanity as you grow into a higher level of yourselves. It is changing the world in ways you cannot quite grasp at this time. It is the beginning of the end of war. It will change disease, as you know it. As stress leaves the experience of life, so will disease. Relationships will change in ways that you have yet to foresee. Politics, religion, financial markets, and many, many more things are changing as you add love to the scene and deny fear as a choice.

Greed, the belief there is not enough (money, love, etc.), prejudice, all things based in fear will become a thing of the past so we can work together as a world. We can, and will, heal the planet. We can, and will, heal ourselves. It starts with you.

Do not get caught up in fear that these things are just a pipe dream, a fantasy of someone’s imagination. These are real concepts that are taking hold right now and it is up to every one of us who hold physical form to accept our part.

We can see this beautiful future unfolding in front of you. What part you play in that, what choices you choose to make a difference, these are all up to you. You can choose to stay stuck in fear and think yourself out of a happy future for yourself, or you can choose to be brave and feel the emotions that have kept you stuck in fear. Choose to feel the love for yourself and then everyone and everything around you. It WILL change your world.

Please “feel” about this. “Thinking” about it will keep you going in a circle, trying to understand something that has not yet been created. The mind has no language to do so and will keep you stuck in analyzing what is not understandable at this time.

It is with the greatest honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day. You are love and you are loved beyond your wildest imaginings.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT