Clearing Your Cellular Memories

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We are in a time of change. Now, more than any time on your world, you are experiencing what it feels like for a butterfly as it emerges from the chrysalis. To get a larger perspective of what that looks like, look at the elections that just occurred in America. We had said that when 51% of humanity reached 51% of God Consciousness that we would, as a species, begin to walk into the higher experience of love as human beings. You reached 51% in October of this year. This is what you see reflected in the election results.

What does that mean for you? It is time to let go of all the trapped traumas that are left in your cellular memory banks in your DNA. Many of you have been working on this and releasing for quite some time. That’s why you are part of that 51% majority and leading the way for others that will now be awakening. Because you have done your work, you are the example for others that will be faced with the same.

No one is exempt from these emotional traumas that are held within the cellular memory. If you are in a physical body, you have these memories to some degree. Whether it is from a personal soul memory of another life experience or generationally passed from you parents does not matter. It is still a memory in your DNA.

We have had to do the same. We also had to clear memories that were held in our DNA. Some were soul memories from “Pat’s” life experiences here on Earth. Others were being cleared from the mass consciousness of humanity. It matters not where they come from. It matters that they are released.

We do not usually use our own experiences as examples, but due to the circumstances we believe it would be advantageous to tell you a story of our own. We will give you one of these experiences so you may see that you are not alone.

It was a cold day in spring and I’d come to Heinst to spend some time in the country. We were going to have a leisurely day away from the city and I was thrilled. I was going to tell him today that I was pregnant with his child.

The confusion that ran within my, heart and veins was overwhelming. I had fallen in love with my lover. Not only that, but Heinst was a Nazi, not just one of the many, but one of the few at the top, inner circle of Hitler himself. I was a mole, a spy, and had been getting information from him for over a year. In falling in love with him, I felt like a traitor to my own people and to myself. I felt unclean. I felt very guilty. I loved him. I loved my country and the world. I was torn in two.

I was in a state of denial. I allowed myself to believe that the man I loved was the man I saw in his heart. I refused to see the man in the newspapers that had people killed with the blink of an eye. As long as I didn’t see that, I could keep up my role. I saw his friends and “Nazi family” as monsters, but he had none of that tarnish. I fooled myself into believing he was the lone, lost, loving soul in the midst of Hell.

The trouble began with the belief that he loved me also. I had met the side of him that was tired of war and I had fallen in love with that part of him. When he was tired and unhappy, he even vented to me about his doubts about Hitler and their cause. He was beautifully kind, gentle and loving with me. I also knew he was ruthless with his enemies. I did not consider myself his enemy and that was my downfall. I was.

As we rode through the country on that cold spring day I told him I was pregnant with our child. He was not happy with this news and I was crestfallen. I was beside myself feeling the pain of rejection. I had become a foolish child myself in believing he would be different with me and I now had to look at this. My world was collapsing.

Things went on pretty much as it had been for the next few weeks and I began to live in that dream again. I was beginning to show the bump in my belly and was wearing bigger clothing to hide it. He was getting more restless with each day. I was his mistress and by that I had certain boundaries to stay within and I had broached that line.

It seems as he was becoming disenchanted with me, he did some investigating and found that I was much more than mistress. I was working for the great network of spies operating within the country and in others around the world. As he learned this, he was outraged and rage was something that would set him off like nothing else.

I had heard stories of his legendary rages and had fooled myself into thinking that was a lie and the person I knew was the real one. If I didn’t see it, it wasn’t real. How very wrong I was. As I arrived at his rooms that day I was met with a coldness I had never experienced from him. His rage grew and grew until it exploded.

He told me what he had discovered and I was stunned; I believed my cover was secure. There was no use denying it; he had the proof. I think in some deep recesses of my mind I expected if he found out he would run away with me and give up his role as a Nazi Officer. I was so very wrong.

He ranted and raged about the baby first – how could I have done such a thing? How could I let this happen? He was outraged that I thought of myself as anything more than lover and confidante. He was, I believe, outraged with himself. He now found himself in a very precarious predicament. The “leak” he’d been trying to find was him. How would he explain that to his superiors? How would he explain this to Hitler?

So – he took all that rage out on me. I was screamed at, cursed, shoved and thrown to the floor. I landed on my left side and he began to kick me. Hard. I was first kicked in the abdomen to vent his rage at the baby and the situation he found himself in. He then kicked me on every available surface he could find until his rage abated. Every bone on my right side was broken and the right side of my face was smashed beyond recognition.

As I lay there I knew only one thing. I had to protect the baby. I curled into a ball around my belly and inwardly spoke with my child. I felt such a deep sense of shock and betrayal that I was beyond outward words. I felt blindsided to the point of total stunned silence. Even the pain at that point felt like it was happening in someone else’s body. I was outside place and time.

I could not understand how he was doing this to me, and his baby. I had truly believed he loved me as I loved him. For all that I was as a spy and seeing all the things I was so appalled by, I was so blinded by my love for him that I could not believe he was doing this. I had met his soul and not the role he played in that life.

I felt the pain as if from a distance. The hate that was being thrown at me like fire was another story. I was in terror of this hatred. I had seen so very much of it in my years there, but never had I experienced being attacked by and with it. It burned itself into my soul experience to stay until I found it and released it. It is the worst thing I can ever remember. It was worse than the physical pain. I could not understand how anyone could feel such hate.

I then understood the enemy I had worked so hard against. And I was devastated. As I lay on that floor, dying to this world, I felt many things as if an observer, not a participant. I watched him kicking me, screaming, swearing and totally out of control. I was helpless to stop him. I could only watch – and weep.

I cried for my baby, for myself and for humanity. I was renewed in my knowing that this could no longer be something humans did to each other. We could no longer do this individually to each other or in groups, such as Hitler did with his country. I have now watched it over and over as our world held hatred and power over others. I am now watching as people stand up and say “No more!”.

As I watched from the perch on the ceiling, I watched his anger abate. When he was done with the rage, he looked at my body and went into a sort of shock within himself. He remembered that he had loved me and felt remorse. He wept. He remembered that he was the leak that released so very many secrets high up in his command. He could not face that. With this remembrance, he took out his pistol and he shot himself. The leak was plugged.

For me in this life, the imbedded memory manifested as great fear of rage and anger. I (Pat) had even been born with many physical ailments on the right side of my body. I had dreams and memories of a black boot kicking me as I lay on a floor. I was mortified with the Holocaust or any type of killing. I married German men and went to Germany. I felt pain but did not, at the time, connect it with releasing the memory and terror.

When I was finally ready to feel the memory, I recalled this story and experienced pain in my body and emotions I never realized I could feel. It reached a point where I chose to seek medical help as I released the energy that was trapped from the experience. It had been imbedded so very deeply.

I met this soul again in this life. He felt guilt for everything he touched. He believed he was the cause of every bad thing that happened in the world, including World War II. I didn’t know at the time who he was or why he felt that way, but I do now. No amount of helping him to let go of this guilt helped. I also saw him watch his grandson die in this life. Karma has been balanced.

As I now look back through my lifetimes of experience with similar things, I begin to see what I need to do with the experience. It is time for me to stand in my own power and help the world to understand that hatred is the most destructive energy in the universe. It is love that we are and love that we need to remember within our lives and our bodies.

I spent many weeks allowing the energy of this imbedded memory to leave my body. The body memory has kept it intact so I could find it and release it when I was ready. It is now time to take the wisdom from such experience and use it to help others to say “No more!”. It is time to let go of the suffering and remember the love. Hatred, revenge and prejudice must stop. It matters not if those feelings were directed at someone else or ourselves. It can only stop in the world when we have all released our own.

It is time to forget the pain. We have been taught in every way possible that we must remember the suffering. I can tell you now that this will only bring you more pain and harm to others and yourselves. Remember the love. Remember every time you have experienced it and let it grow. Send this love to others so they can release their pain. If you are too caught up in your pain and unable to feel love for the ones you are releasing, give it to us to do for you until you are ready to do so yourselves.

We have all had experiences of suffering, whether it be from this life or others. In most cases it is both. It is time to take the wisdom from the experience and put that into action. It is time to release the pain of the experience and see how to use it for powerful healing in the world. It is time.

My prayer is this: Help me to use all the experience I have had to help others out of their pain. Help me to use this knowledge and wisdom to move this world into a brighter and more loving place. Help me to help on personal and global levels.

Oh, and Lord, help me to be kind to me too.

Pat/The Angelic Council of LIGHT