Wandering the New World Roads

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Wandering the New World Roads
October 17, 2012

As this is an election year in the United States, we will speak of your rights and how to navigate the roads you choose to walk. You have for so long been led in the dark, with your blinders on, being told what to do, how to do it and do not know you had a choice to change the way it is.

We have done a lot of talking about the changes that would be coming in 2012 and the growth and evolution of Humanity. Those changes are here. We have told you that when 51% of Humanity reached 51% of God Consciousness you would begin to wake up as a species. You are there!

You are now standing in a world that is on a precipice. 51% of you know that you are people with a spiritual purpose. You may not know what that is, but you sense it is there. You are also looking out on the 49% that are looking around them and wondering what they are seeing in the world, like they have never seen it before.

The people that are now opening their eyes are watching a world of fear, anger and hatred. It is waking up to itself and is appalled. You are watching elections that make you sad to watch. For years throughout history there has been infighting and chaos. It is still there as it clings to hold on to the old paradigm of fear. The difference is the number of people who are fed up with the process. Most of you are no longer willing to play any part in the energy that runs it.

Many of you are turning off your televisions and refusing to listen to the fighting. Many more of you will be doing so within the next year. Many more of you will be deciding you have the power to make change in the systems you no longer believe in. You are experiencing the disappointment and discouragement of what you see and feel. It is no longer acceptable.

The question that remains is this: What are you willing to do about it? Are you ready as a growing, evolving species to stand up and be heard? Are you willing to let the world know you are ready to move forward in peace and love? Are you willing to turn away from the fear that is constantly shown in your media?

This does not mean you have to give up your lives. It means you have to stand up in your truth and refuse to add your fear to theirs. When you stop buying the papers you say you no longer like, stop watching the news you are complaining about or eat the foods you believe are unhealthy, you send a message to the world that says we choose a change.

What do you choose to see in your world? If you choose to see and experience a healthy, happy life, you need to be brave enough to stand in that truth and not be afraid what others will think of you when you disagree with their choices. It means you will have to be seen for the love in your hearts instead of hiding behind others choices and complaining about them.

You have a chance right now to make the changes that will steer your world into an experience it has never imagined. You can end war, not by fighting to stop those in the world, but by stopping your own hatred within yourself. You can end hunger by giving to food banks. You can create equality in the world by helping those with less knowledge or money to stand in their own power. Teach them how to manage their lives in healthy ways that empower self-pride in themselves. Teach them to fish instead of just giving them the fish.

There is enough food in the world for everyone. It can be created for all. There is enough work for everyone in this world; the jobs can be created. Humanity has always stood by as leaders managed things for the minority and complained that you are the casualties. It is now time to stand up and tell your leaders what YOU want. You elect people to represent you. Let them know what you prefer instead of blaming them for making choices while you sleep. You are all waking up and seeing what you do not like. Do something about it. You have the power to stop the fighting you see. Let your leaders know you want them to stop working against each other and work together for the good of the people. You have that power. Without you they will not be in power.

It is time to walk the talk. It is time to stop your own fighting with yourself and each other and accept who you are. If you do not like who or what you are – change. Make choices that help you walk the roads of life you prefer, not the ones you have been led upon that no longer fit who you are. Only you have the power to do that.

You have for so many years in your world, believed you were nothing. You believed you had no power to change the world. You have ALL the power to stand in your truth and make that change. If you do not like the products being offered, refuse to buy them. If you do not like the choices being made for your workforce, stand up and be heard.

The platform you use to be heard does not have to be large. Let your truth be know to your friends and let that grow. Change happens with group energy. As one is heard it makes a ripple. As ten speak it is heard by one hundred – one hundred speaking is heard by thousands. And so it goes.

As the world awakens to see itself in the mirror and does not like what it sees, help it to change so it will like what it sees in the mirror. It is not the fault of that mirror that reflects back to you; it is what you are when you look into that mirror that comes back to be seen. Do not break the mirror, but yet change what you are when you look into it.

We are asking people across the world to stand in the power of your truth. If you do not like war, stop fighting and refuse to support others in their fights. If you do not like the foods being grown, stop buying them and spend the little extra for what you prefer. We can tell you – when you stop putting your money to a product, they will create what you prefer. Money still holds power in your world.

If you are unhappy with your elected officials, tell them what you want and find those who can represent you as best they can. Do not vote for someone you do not trust. Let it be know you are unhappy with them. Let them know what you want and be willing to let them know that NOW.

The world you have been walking in is changing. The roads you have been walking are changing as you change. You are creating a roadmap to a new world. Please do it consciously and from a heart that is pure. Do not settle for less than you deserve. Do not settle for someone to be the scapegoat that you can blame for your own refusal to stand up and be heard.

We leave you with a challenge. Be brave enough to change yourself to the person you are proud to be. Then change the world by being seen for who that is.

It is with the greatest of love and joy and honor that we are with you and take our leave for this time. We are proud to stand with you in your truth and love.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT