Marching to Your Own Drum

by , under Angelic Readings

We have reached a time in the world where it is crucial that you learn to march to the beat of your own drum. You will first have to find out what that rhythm is. Your song changes with each choice you make, with every step you take in the world. To find who and what you are now is the purpose of this message.

Because of the changes happening in humanity right now, you may be looking in your closets and wondering who’s clothes are hanging on your hangars. You may be looking in your cupboards and wondering why nothing looks good to eat. It is because you are no longer the person who shopped for those things.

Every person on this planet has his or her own beat to march to. There are, and never will be, any two alike. You may be similar and like the same kinds of things, but no two of you will ever match completely, even identical twins. This is because every soul has had a different experience. Your soul’s journey has brought you to where you are now. It is the experience that you have had as your soul, which is eternal that defines who you are.

No two persons will or can ever hear the exact same music, see the exact same colors and light, or taste the same foods as the exact same flavor. Ever. It is so very important that you understand this before we go any further. For eons you have lived as if everyone must feel what you feel, know what you know, and believe what you believe. This is just simply not possible and it is the root cause for all conflict in your world.

By believing that everyone is like you or at least “should” be you lose the rich experience of life as a whole. It is the uniqueness of you that makes your world so special. Only you can see it as you do. Every other person in the world has his or her own unique, special way of seeing it, which is not yours. It is time to accept that face.

No one can be, or even really understand, who and what you are. They have not lived your life, both here in the physical and as a soul’s journey of life experience. You cannot truly understand someone else either. It is time to acknowledge this and allow for this truth to be your guiding force. It is when you want someone else to be like you, think like you or know what you know that your road gets very bumpy indeed.

When you understand that each different way of looking at things adds to the whole picture, you add to the wealth and growth of your world. It is not the differences that are a problem in your world; it is your belief that others must conform to yours, or others want you to conform to theirs.

Imagine an orchestra if you will, with only one type of instrument, playing the same tune, at the same time. No variations allowed. Everyone has to play the same notes as everyone else with the same beat, rhythm and tone. The tune might be pretty, but there will be no life to it. Without variations of vibration, tone, rhythm and beat there will only be repeated notes.

Now imagine an orchestra with many different and unique instruments, all of them playing at the same time. Some may even seem to be playing different tunes, but yet fitting together beautifully. At times they may sound like they clash but yet have an interesting resonance. Sometimes you may want to change the notes a bit to fit together in what seems harmonious. Sometimes you choose not to play together at the same time.

There are some of you that are more at home with a fast rhythm, some prefer slow. Some feel more comfortable with mixtures of sound and beat that will be disharmonious to others, much like scratching fingers on a blackboard. Not all rhythms mix well. Sometimes you have to attempt to blend them to see if they work together. What will NOT work is attempting change another’s to harmonize with yours.

You must begin to play your own music, march to your own drum. Only you can play yours, no one else can. You cannot play anyone else’s. It is the mixture and richness of all together that make it so wonderful. Also, if you try to fit in and play someone else’s piece, march to someone else’s drum, you will hate the parade.

Find out who you are now. What beat plays your heart? Only by marching to that beat will you find joy in your life. It is time to do exactly that. PLAY YOUR OWN MUSIC. MARCH TO YOUR OWN DRUM.

The changes in humanity that are happening as we speak are about moving into a new way of knowing yourselves. It is not about remembering who and what you were and liked 20 years ago or 1 year ago. It is about who and what you are and like now. Trying to be anything but that will lead you to an existence that is just that – existing. This is about living life – to the fullest – full out, full bore.

Take the time; make the time to find out whom you are. You may have to try different beats till you find out what one suits who you are now. If you are no longer feeling happy where you are with the new you, wear purple instead of gray. Eat spicy food instead of plain. Dance. Play. You will quickly find what works for you. You will know what feels good to you and what does not. Listen to the beat of your own heart.

This is finding your rhythm. This is finding out who and what you are now and we can tell you it will most likely not be who you were before or even what you thought you would ever be. Be brave. Look deeply within yourselves and see what is there. Look outside yourselves and see what the mirror shows you. It will most certainly reflect what you like or do not like in you.

Sometimes the best way to find out who you are is to watch others and see what you like and what does not suit you. That is your mirror. Let the mirror show you what you are not seeing inside. Allow for the truth of what you see be your expression of you in the world now. Do not worry about what others think. You are not playing their song; you are playing your own.

We watch people as they open to the rhythms of their own hearts. There is often judgment if the beat does not match what their minds tell them is appropriate for them. “Dress appropriately.” “Act your age.” “Follow the leader.” “Don’t stand out.” These are all things that keep you from being who you truly are. Let the old standards fall away and be who you truly are, without fear and without judgment.

When you do this you may be surprised to find yourself not only marching in a parade that is filled with joy and excitement, but often times leading that parade. That is wonderful. Do not be afraid to be seen with your bright colors if they make you happy. If gray is your favorite color, wear it with pride. If you prefer to be a marcher behind the leader, then march with pride.

It does not matter whether you are bright and loud, quiet and understated, or any mix in between. What matters is that you are true to yourselves and not be afraid to be seen as that wonderful truth. Be who you are in every situation. Stand tall. Even if you are only two feet tall, stand to your full height with pride and joy. March to the beat that sustains you and you will rock your world.

It is with the greatest of love & honor that we take our leave for now. We watch you with love and joy and wish only for you to do the same. Give yourselves the gift of love and joy and then share it with the world.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT