Walking Onto the New World Stage

by , under Angelic Readings

We understand as we speak that it is becoming very challenging to be calm in the world. Because of the changes that are happening in and around you, you are finding it more and more difficult to stay calm, focused and at many times, happy. It is because of this that we choose to address this subject today.

We have been telling people that the uncomfortable feeling you are all having is this: You are preparing for the wave that is building on the planet that will move you into the experience of a you that you are creating right now.

Someone asked us in a group last night – “What does that mean?” It means that you are about to experience yourselves in ways you may never have imagined. For example, you have been, for the most part, experiencing yourself as the person you believed you were. This was determined by what you were taught. “You’re good at writing” – so you write, even though you may be unhappy doing so. “You’re not good at sports!” – so you avoid the sports you so love playing. You get the idea.

The wave that is building is a powerful wave of energy that will bring you to your very core of truth. If you are living what we call a lie then you will no longer be able to do so without anxiety, anger, frustration or any other emotion that tells you the truth about how you feel. You will have very little, if any, patience for anything in yourself or anyone else that does not feel truthful and honest.

How will this change your life? How is it changing now? The timing IS now. This wave we have been waiting for is here. It has been building for a very long time and is now to the point where it is about to move. You know this. You have been feeling it build. You may have acknowledged it or you may have avoided it. It does not matter how you reacted. You can no longer ignore it. Since you can no longer ignore it, what do you choose to do WITH it?

Most of you have already done you core of work. You may feel you are not ready. It is easy to get caught up in believing you are waaayyyyy less than ready. The reason for this is a belief in humanity that says you have to have all the information and be perfect before you step into life, especially if you are to be seen by others. We tell you now – THIS IS A LIE!

It is a lie because you will never be ready by those standards. There will never be enough information to make you know all there is to know. It is not possible. You are always creating more new information! AND – there is no such thing as perfect. Everyone has a different opinion or definition of what that is in your world. Perfection is not a thing; it is a belief. If you wait for that to show up in your life or wait for yourself to attain that unobtainable goal, you will never step out into life. That is a fact.

This is about choosing to live, full out, full bore, with love, with gusto, and with the knowledge that everything you say, do and become can be exactly what your heart has always desired. The only thing that has kept you from becoming this already is your fear and your belief that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc. and never will be. The thought that you would step into life and be seen by others has been terrifying.

Well, here’s the truth. Most everyone in the world does not care what you say, think or do. It is you who fears that. Might someone think you are less than perfect? Yes. Does it matter? NO. It only matters if you believe it and fear it is true. When you are happy with who you are and the choices you make that support that, you will not CARE what others think.

That does not mean you don’t love those other people and honor their opinions. It means you love yourself and others can also. When you fear a reaction – you will get that reaction. It is that simple. Change the way you live your life. Do what feels right for you. Follow what is in your heart and it will lead you to the next step. It is that simple. Since you believe you are less than perfect, that is what you experience and you allow that fear to stop you from moving into a life of happiness and joy.

Someone asked us the other day what joy is. There was an underlying belief that joy was fireworks and awe and unimaginable wonder. It can be, but 99 percent of the time it is simply being happy doing what you are doing. It is contentment. It is the 3 minutes of peace you get watching a child play or a beautiful sunset. It has no cymbals banging, trumpets blaring and drums booming in your ears.

It is NOT the living of life that has given you disappointment. It is the expectations or beliefs about that life that have not been met that left you feeling a need for judgment and punishment in many cases. It is time to let that go. ALL of it!!! You have worked hard. You are ready to move into life. You are READY! Let go of the old beliefs that have kept you in bondage. Drop the chains you thought have kept you prisoner. They are NOT ATTACHED to you. You have been holding on to THEM. DROP the chains.

The next big question is this: What do you do now? We get asked this all the time. There is no one answer. Everyone has his or her own answer and it lies in your own hearts. What feel right to you? If you do not know yet, try things that you have always wanted to do. See which ones feel best to you. You will find what you want to do. Do not judge yourselves for not knowing. You have never allowed yourselves to fully look. It is time. Keep what works for you. Throw out what does not.

Yes, you have worked hard to get here. You have looked inside yourselves and found the chains, bonds and beliefs that have kept you prisoner. You have felt the pain and walked through the fire to get here. You have done this against everything you thought kept you from doing so. It is now time to say thank you to you. Pat yourself on the back. Take a deep breath and say, “WOW, look what I’ve done!” “Look how for I came!”

It is now time for the next step of what you came here to do. If you are reading this you are one of the leaders for the world. Does that have a lot of heavy responsibility? NO. It has only the ability to go forward and grow with this new world AND to put out a hand to others to show them how. You have worked through your troubles, faced your dragons, let go of your baggage so you could show others it is possible. Good job!!! Well done!!!

Now it is time to step into the love that you are. Shine your light so all can see. Great artists that perform on stage are mostly afraid stepping onto that stage – every time. Then they get on the stage and find they are in love with the art, the audience and themselves in the process. This is because they have overcome the fear of stepping out. The fear is never about what they are doing. It is about getting out there to do it. It is the fear of judgment, being less than perfect, not having all the information. AND, they stepped out anyway.

Step out! STEP OUT! Take that deep breath and step out. Step into that great unknown and know that you are not and never can be totally in that unknown because you take yourself with you. You may believe you do not know who or what that is. Yes you do. Who and what you are changes in every moment of every day. Who you are is not stagnant. Who you were at 20 is NOT who you are now. Who you were, when you started reading this message, is not the same person you are now. And yet, you are still you, that familiar experience of your soul. You will always be that. It will always be with you and who you are, even though the experience of that changes in every moment. FOREVER.

Do not fear the unknown for you are stepping into it and changing it always, all ways. It is the joy of the journey, the fun of the moment, the celebration of life itself that keeps you getting closer and closer to the truth that your heart has been telling you for your whole life. It is time to listen and act upon that knowing.

You are ready. You are ready to step out onto that stage of life and let the world see you are ready. The stage may be large or it may be two people standing under a tree. Size does NOT matter – content does. That content is your heart.

The energetic wave we spoke of will be in motion in about 3 weeks time. You will be riding that wave whether you want to or not. You can soar along on top of the wave or try to swim against it. The result will be very different. The choice where you live your truth will be a smooth ride along the crest. The one where you fight your true self with judgment and fear will bring you under fighting for air. Which choice do you prefer?

The world at large will be waking up in the midst of this wave. It is now time for you to throw away your past, your story of pain and suffering, and walk forward without looking back and trying to attach to the old you that no longer aligns with who you are. You are ready.

Because you have done your work and you are ready, we ask you one thing. Please help others who are and will be waking up and fighting the wave. It does not mean teaching, talking or boasting in any way. It means you need to stand in your own light. As they are fearful, let them see they can let fear go too. Let them see it is OK. Let them see that they can do it too, just as you did. “If I can, so can you.” That is all we ask. If you feel fear AT TIMES, that is OK. This is new for everyone. Walk in light anyway. It is time and you are ready!

It is in great celebration that we say goodbye to the wave of fear that has gripped your world. We are now moving into the wave of love and light that YOU bring with you. You are the angels that move this wave upon your world. YOU. You are bringing the experience of Heaven to Earth in ways you can barely yet understand, and yet you bring it in every way possible.

It is with our greatest love, honor and joy that we take our leave for now. Thank you for your light. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT