Holding Pattern

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If anyone of you has every flown on an airplane, you know that when you arrive before schedule you are put into a holding pattern that circles the airport until it is your time to land. If it is too soon there may be no place to park the plane or it is too dangerous to fit into the landing pattern. There may be many reasons for the delay. This may also happen on the other end of the flight. Sometimes if the airline is aware that it is too early to fit into the airport you are heading for, they will delay you at the airport you are leaving from.

Why is it so important to tell you this now? It is because many of you are in this holding pattern right now. Some of you are circling, waiting to land. Some of you are feeling like you are stuck in the airport, waiting for your plane. Some of you feel like you are on the plane, waiting for the pilot to begin the flight. Some may feel like the one-hour flight is taking you 14 hours and you will never land.

There are others of you who are feeling stuck here, like nothing is moving. You are not yet on the flight but getting prepared for it. You may feel like your life is going along at light speed and can’t quite stop to take a breath. You know there is somewhere you need to go or something you need to do but do not yet know what that may be. Not to worry, you will get to the airport yet.

It is always easier to be moving than feel like you are standing still. This is because you have been taught in this world that standing still is a BAD thing. You are lazy. “Don’t waste time”. There are a million reasons you believe you are not supposed to be in one place for any length of time. Stillness is an experience that you shudder to face. That is because to do that you must face yourself. In that stillness there is only you.

When we say there is only you we make a distinction. Many of you believe that when you are in that stillness that you are not alone, that you are with God. This is absolutely true – AND – there is only you. In that stillness there is the ONENESS of you. That IS God. That IS you. That IS everything in creation. In that stillness there is only ONE.

It is crucial that you understand something – you have to be in the stillness before you can fly. The flying of which we speak is not physical flight although we use this analogy. The flight is the movement that you make into the experience of oneness with all things. Here on Earth. You are all at some stage of this understanding, this pattern of flight.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means that you need to be content with the place that you are now. It is so very important that you understand that you need to be there and it is perfect for you right now. You can’t make it to the next step without being thoroughly where you are now. If you are not fully aware of where you are now you cannot see where you need to go next!

Again, think of this as being in a physical flight. You are, either deciding where to go, preparing to pack, packing, getting to the airport, getting on the plane, in flight or preparing to land. The landing is not yet ready to happen. The reason for this is timing. What is awaiting you on the ground of your destination is not yet prepared. In effect, the hotel you are booked at is not ready for you yet.

Many of you are preparing to do some spiritual work. Some of you know what that is; many are still waiting to feel what is right for you. This does not mean that you are not preparing for that adventure. Whatever it is that you are doing IS preparation for what is to come. You are in the midst of a global transformation. You are in the midst of a human transformation. It is this transformation that will decide for you where you are going to land when it is complete.

Some of you are already aware of where you are going. OR…….you believe your are. This may stay the same or this may change as you evolve to a higher understanding of whom you are. If is more important now than it has ever been in human history, to be open to change. Notice who you were, what you are feeing now and be open to the chance that you may want to be something different tomorrow. In other words, the flight you believed you needed to be on may be different than you originally believed. You may need to book another flight in a different direction, to a different destination.

When this happens you usually get caught up in a few different judgments. “Oh my God, I’ve wasted years doing what I’m doing and now I don’t want it any more.” “Oh my God, I’m 50 years old (fill in the year) and I want to start over; what’s wrong with me?” The answer is NOTHING. Nothing is wrong with you. You are exactly where you need to be.

In answer to the age comment, you are never too old to change directions. You have been taught that “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. Rubbish! That is just an old saying made by someone who did not want to change. Of course you can change directions and in many cases you will be much happier in the process.

So, what is it you need to do? Where is it you are supposed to be going? No idea! You will figure that out as you go along. Each choice you make will bring you to another that seems important to you. Decide which of the things IN FRONT OF YOU is most important to you and choose it. From there make the next choice that seems important. This is the preparation phase. This is the “packing” you are doing for your flight.

When you have reached the point of knowing what you want, and where you are going, you will be in the airport waiting to go there. Then, and only then, will you be able to fly. Who will fly? All of you will be flying. As those of you who understand how flight works know, once the plane gets into motion on the runway and gets going fast enough, it will take off. Even without a pilot the plane will take off.

Taking off is not the problem. Landing is the issue. How do you want to fly the plane? Where do you want it to land? These are things you most likely do not know as yet so do not be so concerned about getting on the flight. Wait until you are sure of your direction before getting on that particular plane. It is OK to not know where that is. It is OK to be getting ready for the flight.

If you are on a plane bound for Alaska in the winter and you have packed nothing be shorts and bathing suits you will not be comfortable when you get there. The same if you pack heavy coats for the Australian Outback in summer. It is now time to find out whom you are and “what you want to be when you grow up”. That is for everyone no matter what age you are now.

Do not be discouraged that you do not know those answers yet. Do not be discouraged that the plane has not yet taken off or is stuck in that holding pattern. The whole world is in one stage or another of that pattern right now as it waits for humanity to decide where it wants to go. You are feeing it on an individual basis, but the world is feeling it as a whole.

Humanity is preparing for the flight of its history, not just the Wright brothers making history with a small plane, but as a global species of being. You are all getting ready to fly. You are taking off the chains of fear that have kept you imprisoned on the ground, seeing from a very small perspective around you. You are getting ready to soar above the clouds of old fears and judgments that have kept you trapped in a limited experience of life on Earth.

You are getting ready to bring a larger experience of life on Earth TO Earth. It is much like the difference of perspective looking from the top of a building in your neighborhood to the astronauts seeing Earth form space. Take the time; make the time to feel what you feel inside you with every choice you make.

Find your love for life now, here, inside yourself. Be in the stillness. Find what makes you happy. Let go of the things that keep you stuck in beliefs that no longer work for you. Undo those chains that keep you stuck in an old job, old relationship, old belief that no longer works for you.

Allow for the experience of flight. Allow yourself to feel free to move, to expand, to soar to the highest experience of yourself that you can imagine. Fly toward the love in your heart and allow that to bring you to the next place. This will bring you to a joy you have never experienced or thought possible.

This is flight. This is the next experience for humanity and each and every one of you has the chance to create that right NOW. Read those books, walk in the park, swing on a swing. Write that symphony, that book, that screenplay you’ve been seeing in your mind. Play with your children, your grandchildren, your pets. Skip flat pebbles in a pond. Be a student, a teacher. Be alone.

Right now it is paramount that you make the steps to get you ready for the flight. You need to be ready for the WORLD where you land. You need to know where you are going before you go or the world will not be ready for YOU when you land.

Follow your hearts in every moment and before you know it you will find yourself soaring in the love of life. You will find yourself in flight.

It is our greatest love, honor and joy to be with you in this way. Until the next time……..we leave you in love and “in love”.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT