Telling the Truth

by , under Angelic Readings

We have been talking to people for the last few weeks about telling the truth………the truth………the whole truth………..and nothing but the truth! It is the most important thing to remember at this time as you move forward into the new expression of humanity. Why is it so important?….Because if you do not tell the truth to yourself first, and then to others, you will not be able to move forward. You will be stuck in neutral and spinning your wheels.

You are now, more than any other time in your world, seeing each other through new eyes. You are also feeling the energy of people’s emotions like no other time before. Because of this you will be feeling how someone feels without even thinking about it. This is wonderful, and would not be a problem at all, if everyone tells his or her truth. When they (or you) do not it will be noticed in a heartbeat.

When someone does not tell the truth and you know it, you feel it, you will be faced with the choice of addressing the person about it or letting it go. If you let it go it will most likely gnaw at you until you speak up. If you address it you risk the chance of them being upset about being exposed for the lie. The same goes for you. If you do not tell the truth another person will have the option to address it to you. How do you want to handle this?

You can deny you feel different than you say you do. This is an option. It is also another lie. Now the person you are with will probably begin to distrust you at some level. They will know you are not willing to speak your truth. When someone hears words that do not match the feeling, the feelings always win. They are more powerful.

To speak the truth at all times means you will have to face whatever feelings come up from that truth being heard. It will kick up many things that you need to see. It is up to you whether you choose to stand in that place of truth even as others may be upset. To lie to keep them happy is no longer the answer………..for either of you.

On a grander scale you are seeing this play out in the world around you every day. There are “leaks” in every organization, corporation or religion known to man at this time. Everything is coming to the surface. Even the Vatican has not been able to escape the truth from leaking out to the public. The days of scandals, lies and hidden agendas, etc. are over.

Unfortunately, you are seeing reactions to the truth that range from sadness to anger. The worst part of this is that most times it is not sadness or anger about what was done but that it was brought to light. This will pass. You are going through a time of change. It is a time of opening up of the light to which you have kept yourself hidden. It is the time of truth.

Generations ago the rule was to keep things hidden. What happened in your house was your business. You were not allowed to let the neighbors see you were being beaten, hear the foul language or know anything that was considered to be something less than perfect. This is no longer the case. If people are being abused it is time to let the world see it so it can be changed.

This also goes for the world. It is no longer acceptable to allow governments, churches or individuals to abuse one another. It is a time for open dialogue with each other, honestly, kindly, lovingly. It is time to tell the truth to yourself. If you are being mistreated, admit it…………tell the truth to YOU. Then tell the truth to the one that is mistreating you, if not by yourself, by the authorities that can stop it.

It is time to hear the truth of your family members. Allow them the freedom to tell the absolute truth even if you know it will cause you to reexamine yourself and your actions. It is time to stand up to them and tell them how you really feel also. Let them see who you really are.

We have been asked how you can do that. Many of you have done so and your family members, friends, co-workers, etc. have refused to talk with you because of that. We tell you now………if anyone stops loving you, talking to you, being nice to you or any other “punishment” because of your truth…………they never loved you in the first place. You owe them no loyalty for not allowing you to be you.

You may choose to make a lot of choices you never thought you would make when you start to tell the truth. These are not always easy choices, but necessary to be within your own integrity and truth. You can no longer choose to be someone you are not just to “please someone else”. First of all, you can’t please anyone else……they must choose to be pleased and you have nothing to do with their choice.

Those who love who they are will have no trouble telling their own truth. Those who are living their lives to please others will not. It is time to really look inside and tell your OWN truth to yourself. What is true for you? How do you truly feel? Do you like being with someone you think you “should” be with? This can be either a job, a personal relationship, a family, etc., etc……………

When you know your own truth it is time to tell it to others that are connected with that truth. Yes, they may be upset. Yes, they may not speak to you. It is NOT your fault!!!!! It is the inability of that person to allow for your truth if it differs from his or hers. That is a fact. Period. It is the root for all conflict and war in your world and it is time to change it. NOW.

We will leave you with this so you can look at yourselves. Do NOT try to judge whether someone else is telling the truth. You will know if you listen and feel what you feel. It is time to allow them to say and do what they choose and if it does not align with what you feel, create a conversation, open a dialogue with them to see what you can do to come into alignment with that truth. If that is not possible, love them with their truth even as it differs from yours. Agree to disagree.

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. Know that you are love and you are loved. Be brave. Be honest with yourself and let that spread to the world. Live with your integrity and love……in truth…… light.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT