Coloring Outside the Lines

by , under Angelic Readings

For most of your lives you have been taught to color within the lines. In school it was enforced as a rule in art class. In life it was always the same. Stick to the rules. Follow the majority. Fit in. Be like everyone else. Don’t stand out. Don’t make a scene. Be small. Don’t rock the boat. In other words – color within the lines.

We are here today to tell you to forget all you learned. It is time to color OUTSIDE the lines. By that we mean it is time to follow your heart even if that means being different. It is time to take a deep breath and feel what feels right to YOU. It is no longer important what is important to someone else. This is about being true to you, not what someone else believes you need to be.

There was a day when you lived by the dreaded word “should”. You should be this or that, do what you’re told, and be the good little girl or boy you were taught to be. This is no longer true. Doing things that do not represent how you feel inside yourself will only make you repress your true feelings. This is never a healthy thing to do.

Does this mean you need to throw out all the laws and guidelines that have been set up to protect society and make it run smoothly? No. There are still things that need to be in place for society to flourish. If those laws seem outdated and not for the good of mankind, see if you can get them changed. Make your feelings known to those who have the power to change them.

Does this mean you need to throw out your moral beliefs? No. It means that the moral beliefs of 100 years ago may no longer be useful for your time. Wearing dresses to your ankles will no longer work in your society. Times change and sometimes you have to change to fit your time now.

Right, wrong, good and bad are all judgments made to keep you conforming to society in some way, be they religious, personal, world, state, country, etc. It is not a matter of conforming to the old definitions and beliefs, but changing them when and where it is appropriate.

When a person is forced to follow old rules that no longer fit the times, there will be resentment brewing on some level. The same thing happens for global and local issues in your world. Learn to stand in your power. This means being brave and speaking up. If it is an individual issue, speak to the person who insists you follow the old rules. If possible, work together to change those rules.

There is one main rule with all of this. It is our law and it says: “Do no harm”. You are not allowed to harm anyone. This does not mean that others may not feel hurt when you do what feels right in your own heart. Do not be afraid to let someone feel hurt or disappointment to be true to you.

Doing what you have been told to do has become “normal” in society. The children coming to the planet today will not be able to do so. It will grate against their very core to do things that are not for the good of the world. They are here to change the old patterns and heal what we have destroyed. Do NOT ask them to color within those old lines.

Allow the children to teach you how to follow the love in your heart. Allow them to color outside the lines AND allow them to show you how to do the same. If you allow them to shine light on what is needed in the world NOW, they will show you how to love in ways you have forgotten.

You look at the children now and you judge. You judge the way they dress and the way they act. They do not, or will not, do as you did. They are not afraid to show us their gender. Girls are proud of their bodies and are not afraid to show them off. They cannot understand why the older generations are so afraid for them and judge them for not covering their bodies as once done. What would you do if you lived in an African village where there was no clothing? Would you judge them then?

They are not interested in the appearance of their bedrooms. If they are messy, they cannot understand why that is a problem to their parents or grandparents. If they wear clothes that are wrinkled or socks that do not match – they see no problem with that either.

They are teaching us to draw outside the lines. They are teaching us to value what is important. How do they feel? What can they do to help the world? How can they stop war? These are the things that mean something to them. This is what is important. For the most part, they do not understand our anger, or hatred, or war.

Let them teach you how to draw outside the lines! Be brave enough to let go of the old beliefs that you have to dress to an outdated code, make your bed every day, keep your house dust free. If you are over 50 and want to wear bright purple with red polka dots, WEAR IT. If everyone wants to go to a play and you want to relax, allow yourself to stay home alone and take that bubble bath you’ve been craving for.

It was said once that everyone marches to his or her own drummer. That is true. We see this like coloring outside the lines. When you keep marching even though you do not like the rhythm, you color inside the lines and probably never want to march again. Find a band that plays your song and march to that. Color outside the lines.

As the world continues to let go of the anger, grief and pain that it is releasing at this time, this will become more and more important to everyone. This year is one of release. To do that you need to be in your comfort zone as much as possible. That means you have to be happy with you and your choices. You will most likely not be able to do that if you are going by someone else’s old beliefs that you have been taught, at least not if they conflict with what is in your own heart.

We are not telling you these things to promote dissidence or discord in your world. We are telling you so you can promote peace and harmony in your world by being true to yourselves. When you live in love, love will flow out to others. When you are in anger and resentment, it will flow out to others. Make your choice. What do you want to give out to the world?

Let that love flow. Let go of all the feelings of being powerless. Be true to you and allow the love in your heart to change the old, outdated rules that keep you stuck in fear anger and resentment. COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES!!!

It is with the greatest of love, honor and respect that we take our leave for this time. Know that you are love, you are loved. You have the power to change the world as it has been, into the world of love you have always dreamed of, prayed for and know in your heart.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT