The Journey Continues

by , under Angelic Readings

For many of you, the correct statement for the title would be, the journey ends. It has been seen this way for millennia as people looked ahead for 2012 and the “end”. We are telling you that you have always had it backwards. It is the beginning of a new and marvelous creation. Are you ending an experience that you have known? Yes. AND – it is a continuation – from this to another that feels like a beginning.

In actuality, there are no endings, or beginnings. There is just one eternal continuation of experience, lifetime to lifetime, moment to moment. Time is a concept that you feel as very real in your every day life. It rules the way you live. You plan your day around the clock and forget to enjoy the experience in each moment.

It is “time” to change the way you live. Every day, when you get out of bed, take a moment to “feel” what would give you joy in that day. How can you plan that into your day? Make it happen. “Make time” for it to happen. It is something you will be learning to do as you move into the world as you are creating it.

What does it mean that you are creating your world? You are moving into an experience of feelings instead of just thoughts. Use them to propel you forward into doing what you love instead of what you believe you need to do to survive. It is the energy of the feelings that creates the world you live in. As more and more of you do what you love, you add more and more of that to the world and that, in turn, builds the world you’re creating.

It has worked this way since the beginning of creation, but you were not aware that you were doing the creating. You always believed someone or something outside yourself created it and you had no choice. Also, because of the density of fear that was on the planet, it took “time” for you to see the results of your creation. Because of this “time lag” you forgot you put out the energy that created it in the first place.

You no longer have the luxury of time that you had because the level of vibration on the planet has exceeded the limit that fear can rule. The higher vibration of love that in infiltrating the world is burning off the lower vibrations of hatred, anger or any fear based emotion. Humanity will no longer be able to maintain these emotions. You may be able to manifest them, but not keep them for any length of “time”. You will be experiencing present moments.

These are the changes the Mayan’s saw coming for humanity. AND, they predicted them to be here at exactly this moment in the world. They were masters of time and knew that the experience of it would be shifting right now. They saw the world shifting and estimated the cycle to end as of December 21, 2012. The alignment of the universe supported their belief and the calendar reflected the calculations.

Well, here we are in 2012. We are here on the wheel of life, moving from one place on the wheel to the next. It is all synchronistic and perfectly orchestrated by us. Humanity is now in charge of its own evolution. We are guiding you as we always have, but you are taking a much more prominent role in the process. You are doing this more consciously as each moment passes.

We will be telling you more in the next several months about what that means to you on a practical, every-day level. How will it play out in your personal experience or your world? This will depend very much on how you each take part in the process. For each and every one of you who consciously chooses love as your motivator, two more will get the benefit of that choice. This will grow incrementally until everyone does the same.

We told you two years ago that when fifty-one percent of humanity reaches fifty-one percent of “God Consciousness” your whole world will be awakened to that consciousness. You are now, as a collective, at forty-eight percent. The growth is exponential and will ignite the mass consciousness by the end of this year.

Does that mean you will get up on December 22nd and the world will be “all better”? No. It means that all of humanity will be able to hear they are connected to a higher source. It will take another fifty years for the world to completely shift the energy away from war and strife. All through this period of growth you will be making huge changes in the way you treat each other. This will be due to the awareness that you must treat yourself with the love you want to see out there.

As you reach the “finish line” to fifty-one percent you must understand that it is not the end. Once again, it is the continuation into a new way of being. You will be graduating from Homo-Sapien to Homo-Luminous. It’s kind of like graduation from high school to college. Now the real work begins, but with much more fun and passion for the life you choose.

As always, you are not alone. We will be with you for as long as you need us as guides. We have been with you in that role for eons. It was planned that we do that until you are ready to take over. When you see yourselves as the love and light we see, you will be taking on the roles of “Earth Angels”. We will no longer be needed in the same way and will be moving on, just as you are. As all things are connected, you move – we move. From the perspective of eternity, consider us to have been your “training wheels”.

We will be giving you more information and help over the next several months as you reach the fifty-one percent. Please know that you can be in quite space and talk with us any time you want. Hear us in your hearts. Feel the answers to your questions as you ask. Many of you will not see or hear us as you would another human, but you can feel our presence. We are love and light as you are, and as such we merge.

It is our joy and love to be with you in this way. It is an honor to be here in each moment. See yourselves as we see you and you will know that you are love, that you are the light of the world.

The Angelic Council of Light