Living Your Power

by , under Angelic Readings

It’s time once again to look at what you are doing in your world. Who is doing what? Where are you going? How do you feel about who you are? These are all questions that need to be answered if you choose to live your life from a perspective of personal power.

What is personal power? Is it something that is unique to you and you only? No. It is not. Personal power is your own adaptation of Universal Power. What is Universal power? It is the power of God. It is the power of All That Is, being projected by you, for you, in your own life.

That means that each and every one of you is responsible for your own power. This is NOT power over anyone or anything else in your universe. It is the power to be the highest version of who you choose to be in each and every moment, in every way possible.

It is your responsibility, as you accustom yourself to your own version of this power, to help each and every other person to find and learn to utilize their own as well. You are not in this alone. Each and every one of you is in this endeavor with each and every other person in your world.

How do you choose to use your own power? What is it that sparks your own passion? It is up to all of you to find what that is for you. Discover what it is that ignites the fire in you, the passion in you. Learn to live this with each choice you make. When you find yourself doing what you do not prefer, examine this and see if there is some way you can change that to something you love.

Use this passion for what you love to motivate you to move toward this in every part of your life. Are you enjoying being with the members of your own family? Look at this honestly and if the answer is no, see what you can do to change this. Do the same with the work environment. If you are not happy or even satisfied with what you are doing, see what you can do to change it.

We understand that looking this closely at who and what you are, and being honest with yourself, is not always easy. Being honest with yourself is the first step to becoming the person you prefer to be…………and quite likely the hardest step. Because of all the beliefs you have had shoved upon you, it may be very challenging to see your own truth.

Put aside these beliefs and fears and allow yourself to truly feel what feels best to you. If the life you are living makes you feel joy, continue to develop more of the same. If it does not, see what choices you can make to change it. Will you have to disappoint another to be true to yourself? Perhaps. Will you allow yourself to do that, to put yourself first? This is something you have to examine in you and please, PLEASE, be honest with this. Then make your choices.

You can live your life by pleasing others or you can live it pleasing yourself. This does NOT mean to hurt another to get what you want. It DOES mean honestly admitting what you need to do to make yourself happy and making choices to create it. Yes. Sometimes others will not like your choices. What is it worth to you to be happy? If you are not, will those you are with be happy? Probably not. In the words of your world, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.

Look at the world around you. What can you do to feel at home in your world? What can you do to be one with your world? These are things that will be coming more and more into your reality as you realize and remember that you are one with your world. You are not just a random individual, but a part of the whole. You are not, never have been, and cannot be alone.

Your world, your Earth andthe people upon her, need you as you need them. You are one unit, working together for the greater good of all. We understand you do not always remember this and certainly many of you have not lived it that way, but it is the ultimate truth and you are all returning to this reality of life. Do this consciously. Live it with love. As you love your world, so it will love you.

You are evolving. Earth is evolving. You are both becoming a higher version of life and holding more love and light. You can continue to live this with thoughts of separation as you have been for centuries or you can open your eyes and your hearts and live it with unity and love. We can’t make you choose which to do but we can tell you that your choice will determine your happiness and that of your world.

You have looked up to your leaders for answers to everything. It has been an easy way for you to avoid responsibility for your choices. You have done it personally and globally. Your political leaders have had free rein because you gave your power to them. This gave you the freedom to blame then for the choices. The time is now here when you can no longer do this. You must take responsibility back for your own choices.

Take a stand. Make a stand. Have a say once again in creating the world you prefer. Your leaders were put there to represent you, not to take over your power, but to speak yours for you. Tell them what you prefer. Let them know when things are not. Vote. Speak. Be heard once again, as the system was originally created. You have no one to blame but yourself if you do not speak up.

The same thing goes for your own personal life. Speak your truth. Let it be known and live it with each breath you take. AND…………..hear others truth. It is as important as your own. Learn to allow for all truth to be true, yours AND every other person’s.

You have lived with the belief that only one truth can be true, that if one is true the other is false. This is not so. All truths are true and there is room for all of them in one place. Compromise may be made. Choices can be made so that a new truth may emerge from other differing ones. Be open to this. Be willing to work with others and not have your own truth be the only one. Do not let your ego destroy the universal truth for all.

There is much talk of loving each other. This is true and we tell you now…….you can only love another to the extent you can love yourself. This is why it is essential, it is crucial that you love yourself. You MUST love yourself first. You must find and honor the truth that is your own. Honestly. Then and only then can you fully love your family, your friends and your world.

We love you. We love you with each and every breath you take and each and every thought you have. Your light is the light of the Universe and your love is the same. We know this. We see this. It is now essential that you see this in yourself. Your own acceptance and love of you is the key to moving your world into the next dimension of reality.

Make no mistake. You are moving into this dimensional reality. You are moving to this because you have globally, consciously chosen to do so. It is in motion and you are going with it. You will not stop it, but you may choose to ignore it. This will not change it, but it will create an experience for you that is less than happy. It is up to you to know this and choose wisely.

We are watching you. Others in your universe and others beyond that are watching you. We are in awe of the experience you are now creating. It is new in your universe and we watch with love, and honor, and grace. You are the creators of your world. You are the gods of creation that you have always been and are now aware of it. Live it well. Love it well. Love yourself well and bring joy to yourself and your world.

This is in your power. All things are in your power. What you create on a personal level adds to the creation of your world on a global scale. Know this. Just because you created war and misery for centuries does not mean you have to continue to do. You finally saw this and changed the program. Thank you. Thank yourself and continue to move your world into the higher world of love and light. It is your power that is doing this. It is who you were created to be and who you are.

It is with the greatest of honor and love that we take our leave this day of your time. We watch you with a joy you can only imagine. Know that our love is nothing but reflections of your own light as you are of ours. And so it is!

The Angelic Council of LIGHT