Becoming the 5th Dimensional Human

by , under Angelic Readings

You are moving into a new experience of life as you know it. It is time to redefine who you are and what your purpose is in your world. It has been easy for you to float with the debris around you for a very long time. You have been oblivious to it because you were so familiar with it. Because of the higher vibration of your world, it is no longer possible to do so without, not only noticing the debris, but bumping into it as well.

The debris we speak of is the accumulation of years and lifetimes of stuffed emotional traumas that you have hung onto for many different reasons. As hard as you may try to hang onto these old patterns, beliefs and traumas, this will no longer be possible in your world.

You may be noticing this in yourselves as a restlessness or unease with yourself and the world around you. You may just not feel right in your own skin. You will most probably be noticing this in the world around you as a feeling of distress. You may look around and wonder who you are and what you are doing with your life. You may also fear you are wasting your time and would like to choose a completely different job, career, and even family. No, you are not crazy. This is what happens when a huge portion of humanity raises its vibration at the same time. We feel honored to be watching and being a part of such a miraculous event.

On a world scale, you may see this first play out as, an opening to something new, like a child in a candy shop for the first time. What choices are possible? You want to try everything and don’t know where to start. This is the first phase of this enfoldment. This will most likely last for several months, perhaps through the next year, as you all become comfortable with seeking your own version of the unknown.

After this phase you may enter into a phase of mass confusion. As the world jettisons its old beliefs and fears, it reaches a level of “critical mass”. When this happens it is often felt as an overwhelming swamp of feelings. This is a phase that can be moved through easily if you understand that the swamp of feelings is not just yours. You are feeling the mass release of emotional energy and if you allow it to move freely it will not weigh you down. Recognize it as loosened, dense energy and allow it to transform to love. It is that simple.

There are those in your world that are so attached to that energy that they will attempt to make a last-ditch-effort to bring it back. They feel safe in the chaos because it is familiar and they will use manipulation to try and recreate the old patterns, even as they fall away. This will happen on a personal level with individuals and families as well as countries and political arenas. It may also be seen on religious levels as well. Just be aware of the patterns and allow for them to transform.

What is your role in this transition time in your world? It is the same for everyone. Each of you has an opportunity to help the world make the transition from fear to love as smoothly as possible. You do this by allowing your own process to be as smooth as it can be. As each of you do that, you add to the global consciousness and that will help the transition to flow.

As with everything in your world, things always, all ways, begin with you. What you do for you, you do for others. It is not possible to be any other way. All life is connected and when you move, others move. You also cannot make another do, feel, say or be anything they don’t choose. You have no power over another. You DO have power TO change you. This alone will be a catalyst to change the world. Make no mistake about this point. You do have the power to change the world AND you do this by changing yourself.

Humanity finds it challenging to let go of others. You have long held a belief that it is up to you to save everyone else. We are asking you to shift that thought. Save yourself first. You cannot help a drowning man if you are also drowning. By becoming strong yourself, you send out that energy of strength to others so they can grab on and help themselves.

It is not widely accepted in your world, but you are not responsible for anyone. You are responsible TO yourself. When you own that fact and take care of you, you can then help guide others to do the same. This goes for the world at large, your family, friends, and even your children. You are there to guide them, not make them be what you want them to be. You chose them as your family to learn and to teach, to guide and be guided.

When someone makes a choice you do not approve of, it is not up to you to try and change that. You may give guidance and a helping hand. If they make a choice you know to be destructive to them or another and they will not change their choice – step away. Perhaps they need that experience to grow in a way you cannot see. To stop being judge and jury for yourself and your world is the first step in growing up as a species. Congratulations. Welcome to the graduate course.

We understand we are saying things you may not like. These are truths you may not want to see. You know in some deep place in your soul this is truth. You feel in your earthly human experience that it is not. It is time to look deeper into yourselves and examine your deepest truth.

Once you find this truth that is your soul’s vibration, you have the opportunity to apply that to your life experience in that world. This is the part that we see as troublesome for you. You have been taught for millennia that you have no inherent power. You have been taught that only what lives outside yourselves has divinity. You have been taught that you are nothing, worthless and have no right to be seen as the shining purity you truly are.

That teaching is incorrect. You ARE. You simple are. You are the bright spirit and soul that is part and parcel of God, All That Is and is not. The energy that you are cannot be created nor destroyed. You are eternal. You will continue to BE, with our without that body. You are a piece of the all, and all of the piece.

Think of what you can do with that knowing. Think of a world where love lives and fear becomes a thing of the past. Think of a world without war, without poverty, without hate. This is the opportunity before you. You are being asked to make the choices now in you that will add to the mass consciousness of your world. What you do, how you make these choices WILL influence and change your world. It is inevitable.

How do you want to make these changes? What world do you want for yourself, for your children and children’s children? Make no mistake. You are choosing that as we speak. How you make these changes will affect all of these things and more. It will also affect your world, your earth mother. You have not been doing an admirable job so far and this is your chance to reverse it. As you have abused her and bled her dry, you can now turn that around and help her to flourish and bloom as you never thought possible. The choice is yours.

This may seem a bit daunting. Most of you believe it is heavy to have such responsibility. It is not. It is the most wonder-filled feeling you can have to feel a part of birthing a new existence, a new world. It is much like creating a new baby. You know you had a part in the miracle and you get to see and feel the joy of its birth. You may now do this with your entire world. Choose carefully.

We have been lending helping hands to you since you were created. We were assigned to the position of being the guides for humanity. You are now becoming your own guides and taking the responsibility to do so with love as your motivation. Without that, this would not be possible. You have turned a corner as a species that we did not think was possible at this time. You are doing this with love and the light is being seen throughout the universe. You are being watched with awe by more beings than you can begin to imagine. As you were once seen as a darker corner of the universe, you are now being seen as great light works.

You need to be strong. You need to be proud. You need to be firm and stand in the love that you are. Do not let anyone tell you that you are less than LIGHT. If they do, it is coming from their own fear and it cannot attach to you unless you allow it. Allow others the right to feel and believe as they do. AND, do not attach to any of their beliefs they try to sway you with. Stand firm in your knowing, in your love. As you grow in your own experience and life, allow others to do the same.

Many of you fear that doing so will make relationships fall apart. When the relationship is strong and allows for the truth of the other to be a part of the relationship, things will go smoothly. When the truth of the other is not accepted and you are no longer able to live within the confines of those beliefs, changes will occur. You can see this as a “bad thing”, or you can see this as room to grow. You will be learning a totally new way of living your lives.

Without fear and judgment, life experience becomes joyful. This is what we hope for all of you. It is what we see in your field of probability and we know you have the love to create it. We will and are helping you in every step in every way. Know you are never, can never be, alone. When you feel the need for help, call on us. Think of us and feel us there. It is that simple.

It is our greatest honor to be of service to you. We love you as the light that you are. No judgments are made and full allowance is given for you to make your own choices. You are still never alone. No matter what choices you make, we love you just the same.

It is with great honor and love that we take our leave this day of your time. Honor yourselves as we honor you. Respect yourselves as you are respected. Love yourselves as you are loved.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT