Evolution – Frame by Frame

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You are entering a new millennium of experience. Over your Earth history, spans a series of millennium that represent the growth of your species. If you look back to when you first began to record your events, and take them a thousand years at a time, you will begin to see a sequence of events and growth that begin to make sense.

If you take each of them separately, they seem to be unrelated and meaningless, but together they create a picture of your growth. It is much like looking at a time-elapsed moving picture of the growth of a flower. Each frame is interesting but does not tell a story. Taking it all together and putting it into motion shows you a picture of the entire process. If you look at the process of evolution for humanity as this process, it takes on a whole new view. Think of each millennium as a frame in the picture. We will start with a time before recorded history.

You began as pure energy. Living light. This evolved into organisms that experienced life. Not life, as you know it, but life indeed. Each movement had purpose. That purpose was to grow toward the sun and to spontaneously evolve to a higher version of itself. This process took many millennia as it moved from raw energy to organized life composed of this same energy in different forms.

Several millennia ago something spectacular happened. You became self-aware. You embodied a consciousness that was greater than the whole of who you thought you were. This created a dilemma for your evolving species. You began to question who you were and why you are there. This is a question that is only now beginning to be answered. Most astonishingly, it is your scientists that are finding the answer, only they do now quite know it yet.

As light or energy simply experiencing itself, there is no need to know who you are. You simple ARE. You feel a connection to All That Is. Life was basically very simple. In past millennia, after you created a belief that you were separate, you experienced the feeling of BEING separate in every way you could. You have experienced everything. You have been killed and killer. You have lived everything, to experience yourselves as separate.

As you enter deeper into this millennia, you are now experiencing a return to your basic understanding that you are not now, nor ever have been, separate in any way from anything. You are the energy of God, All That Is, The Universe, or any name you choose to use. You are connected now, were then, and always have been. You have only been allowed to experience it as if you were separate.

You chose to do that, to go to that world and experience what it would be like to live that. You have done this well and beyond our wildest expectations. You have been evolving for eons, millennia, compounded by time beyond your imagination.

In the last four thousand years, things began to change. You chose to experience a few great teachers who taught you that you were more than you believed yourself to be. You learned that you are part of a whole that is larger than the accumulated pieces.

You learned there is a consciousness that everything in your world is composed of, even you. You learned there is a “higher power” that works in mysterious ways that you could only begin to fathom. As these teachers re-minded you of who you are, it shifted your experience of your world. In the beginning you believed this power to be outside of yourselves.

In the process of this new understanding, you began to see that this power is within you. At first you thought this message from your teachers to be wrong, a figment of a wish, but not possibly true, even though you were very plainly shown this fact. You are now moving into this millennia with a stronger belief in this truth. You are. You simple ARE.

You are entering the end phase of your evolution. You are changing form, from physical beings of separation to physical beings of oneness. Does this mean that you are done? Are you finished with your work? No. As you graduate from this phase of evolution and enter a new way of experiencing yourself and your world, you embark on the next phase. You now become the creators of the new world experience.

What does that mean for you? It means that you are about to discover a world you never knew existed. You are explorers in a vast, uncharted world of new experience. For those of you who have always needed the rule book to know how to do things, know this, there is no rulebook except for the one you are writing.

You are presently being watched by more realms of beings than you can imagine. Why? Because you are taking your species to a whole new level. It was thought this was not possible at this phase of your evolution. It has been attempted several times and your deep-seeded fear has stopped you and you had to start over. That is not happening this time. You have chosen, as a species, to let go of the fear that has been inherent in humanity since you chose to experience separation.

There was a program on your television called Star Trek. It started each episode speaking of exploring great new worlds and going where no man has gone before. This is you. You are living this dream. You are exploring great new worlds of yourselves, inner and outer. AND, you are going where no human has gone before.

What is your “job” in all of this? It is quite simple, although it may not always seem easy. Your “job” is to clear out every belief you have that you are separate, unworthy, guilty, unloving, or any other belief that injures your self-esteem and love of you. Your “job” is to turn away from fear and laugh in its face. It is nothing but an illusion, a belief that keeps you from experiencing the love that you truly are. It is a lie. Call it. Expose it.

It is your “job” to remember that you are light, photons, and you are love itself. You are the consciousness that makes up everything in your world and all worlds everywhere, everywhen. It is your “job” to raise your vibration to the highest possible for you in each moment. How do you do that? You do that by clearing away all the beliefs we just spoke of.

This is not philosophy; it is physics. It is similar to a tuning fork. As you raise your vibration, it raises the vibration of all humanity. This is what is and has been happening upon your world. It is the reason you are moving to the end of this phase of your evolution. Without the raising of this vibration, your outcome would have been very different indeed.

We implore all of you, please, please take the time, make the time to do the clearing you need to do so you can raise you own vibrations. Do this for yourself first. You cannot do this for another, but you can do it first and be the living example for others. You can guide them. You can show them how. Then, after you have done this yourself, you can put out a hand and help others to do this for themselves.

It is NOT selfish to put yourself first. It is imperative to do this yourself first. It is self-full, not self-ish. We understand this is most likely the most difficult step. So many of you have been taught that you have to help others and you are less important. This is absolutely NOT true. It is a misperception that has been carried forward in the mass consciousness. Let it go. It will help no one.

As we speak of your great teachers over the last four millennia, as you watch the frames of the picture pass before you, know that you are now becoming the teachers. It was said by one of those teachers that everything he did, so also, could you. This has never been more true. It is now time to step into that knowledge and accept that truth. Experience this yourselves.

To step into that truth you have to know it is true. You have, for so long as a species, put all of your belief, faith and trust outside yourselves. It is not time to change that. It is time to own your own power. You ARE. You simply are that. The great teachers knew that.

These teachers were brought to you over the last four thousand years so you could evolve your belief systems to the point where you could, as a world, reach a point where you could be trusted to handle the power without destroying yourselves. That time has come. You can responsibly handle the truth of knowing you are the creative power that is creating your world and your experience of it. You are taking what has been handed to you from generations on end and are turning it into a new way of life.

Know that you are not only loved, but you are love. You are part and parcel of the consciousness that is known to you as God. Find that in you and then find that in others. It is there, hiding under the beliefs that you do not deserve, nor could be that. Strip them away. Look deeply into your true feelings, who you are and what you truly want. What represents the highest version of who you are at any moment? Explore that. Take the courage to live that, even when it is not what others may want of you. They are not you. Only you can make that choice.

As you see, we have brought you to see how far you have come and how you are now creating the new experience of a brand new world. You have exceeded your own expectations. You are creating a brand new species and we are proud to be watching you birth that consciousness.

We are here helping in every way we can. You are not alone. Ever. Speak to us. Hear us. Sense us by your sides and in your hearts. It is a joy beyond measure for us to see you grow to this pinnacle of achievement. We are joyous. We are proud. As we have helped you to this point, we now pass this to you, so you can become your own teachers and helpers. You’ve earned this and can be very proud of yourselves as well.

It is with great honor and love that we take our leave this day of your time. See in yourselves what we see and you will feel the whisper of a breath that is love itself. Thank you for allowing us to share in this joy.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT