Where We Are – Where We Are Going

by , under Angelic Readings

As we head into your Fall season, we are reminded of the gathering of crops, the gathering in of what you have produced in the season that is coming to a close. We also look at the seasons from a different perspective than you. Ours are not finite. We experience one continuous cycle of growth and we view yours in the same way. We see you gathering the fruits of your labor in one continuous motion, moment to moment as each event unfolds.

You are now beginning to glimpse your own lives in a similar manner. For some of you it is a long awaited experience of life; for others it feels somewhat disconcerting. Most of you are used to beginnings and endings and view your life as such. We are going to add a new dimensional vision of that life.

Consider, if you will, your birth as not a beginning, but a continuation of a life that is eternal. You are eternal as the soul, the Divine Spirit that you truly are. You are consciousness, beingness, what you know as energy and that cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form. And so is the nature of your “life”. It is eternal, timeless and forevermore.

We understand you have no concept for that because your mass consciousness, your morphic field of energy, holds that you are finite and have a beginning and an end. We view your life and ours as continuous, moving from season to season as we grow. Yes, we grow. There is nothing in your world or ours that does not move and change with each moment, each choice that we make. With that in mind, we will take a look at where you are and where you are going.

Your lives have been lived in a continuum of experiences that began on your world with the creation of your planet. Life appeared and evolved over time to what you are now. You are now at the culmination of this evolutionary experience. You are evolving from an experience of your species that was very dense to one that holds a level of light you have not yet imagined. This is happening as we speak and will continue to happen throughout eternity.

Will you continue as humans in that form forever? Perhaps. Perhaps your experience of your species will become so filled with light that you will no longer need to hold physical form. Will this happen in your lifetime on that planet? No. Because you are living and experiencing a world of time and space, it is felt as linear in experience and you will experience beginnings and endings.

These beginnings and endings will, however, change form as you know it. There will be a time in your future when you will be able to consciously choose to leave your bodies and move to another experience, willingly. No pain. No illness. No disease. No accidents. When you attain that level of understanding and “knowing” of who you are, you will choose to manifest your lives in this way. That is not possible right now, but you are evolving in this direction.

What other changes do we see in your “future”. We see you evolving in a way that you will no longer be able to hold the lower energy of hate and fear. Because of this, wars will be something your children’s, children’s children hear about as a history that will be unfathomable to them. Love will be the experience of every being in your world, lived out and experienced in a way that allows you to keep “lightening up”. Helping yourselves and others, will be the norm.

Medicine will change drastically and it has already started. Surgery, for one, is becoming less and less invasive. What used to be considered major surgery is now performed through tiny holes that leave little physical damage to the body. In your future, you will have the opportunity to perfect these techniques and bring in others not yet known to you. Remember the technology in what you knew as “Star Trek”? It is no longer science fiction. These things and more are being worked on as we speak.

How does knowing this affect who you are now? It helps to change the energy in the mass consciousness, the morphic field that holds the old beliefs. As you change the energy of the beliefs that you hold, when you hold the light of the future in your hearts, it spreads out to the mass and shifts the possibilities of the future. It is happening now. It starts with each and every one of you. As you open to the possibilities before you, you imprint these possibilities into the field until all of you know them as true.

That is when you will develop, on a global level, the technology to create the things you imagine. The reason you have not created them as yet is that you were not ready as a global consciousness to handle them responsibly. It will still take some time in your world to reach the level of knowing that this will take, but you are, in the meantime, creating things that will show you how these possibilities are not only possible, but probable and emerging as your future.

Where does this leave you now? It leaves you with a vision of a future that is beyond your imagination, but beginning to form a solid picture of what is not only possible, but will be your upcoming experience of your world. It is up to you to add each and every bit of love to the mass consciousness that you can. Each individual that adds light, brightens your world at an exponential rate that your computers are only beginning to figure.

As each of you lets go of the “stuffed”, repressed, emotional energy that has been with you, you open yourself to shine brighter to your world and that adds to the whole. It’s not that the love, the light, will come to you and “blast” you with enlightenment. You are already this light, this love that is part and parcel of All That Is, God, Allah, or whatever name you subscribe to this energy. Clearing yourselves of the heavy energies that you carry, allows that to shine brighter and brighter organically all by itself. You experience more of who and what you already are.

So, as this evolution takes a next step forward, it is up to you, each and every one of you, to take command of your own healing process, physically, mentally, and spiritually. These three things have been considered separate and disconnected from each other for eons and you are now re-membering that this is not, cannot be true. All of these things are connected and as you approach yourself from either of these things, you shift the others. All is connected and moves as one.

Working from the physical has been the mind-set of your world since you created science to prove your physicality. You believed that is who and what you were. You are. AND, you are so much more. When you change the beliefs that underlie an illness, very often the illness itself disappears. When you believe in a greater consciousness that is not only “outside” yourself, but who you are, illness often does the same. This releases stress that you are alone and have to “fix” everything. It is not broken. You have created situations of distress and illness so you can see that you are more than just physical and there are other ways of working with it.

This does not mean to give up the baby with the bathwater, as you are so fond of saying. Medicine has a place in your world. There are times things have progressed to a point where it is necessary and very useful. Prevention is and will become much more important. With an ability to keep yourselves in a state of health, the need for “fixing” anything will become unnecessary. This, again, will take time for your world to create the consciousness to support it.

As you can see, much of what you see of where you are going is up to you. You hold the key to change. You hold the creative tools with each thought, belief and action you take. Each of these adds to the mix of humanity and creates the future you prefer. Do this consciously, with love and vision of a future that holds love and unity.

This is where you are. You are at this point in your world, reaping the reward of you work. Those of you who have been working diligently to raise your own vibration by letting go of old hates, fears and beliefs, are helping to raise the vibration of your world. This allows you to reach out a helping hand to help others so they can do the same. This will change the world. This IS changing your world.

We have been so very happy and joyous to be here to help you get to this point. We are now passing the baton to you as you become more and more awakened to the light that you truly are. Since we are all connected in that energy of ALL, as you move, so do we. You are becoming the responsible, loving beings that we have been to you. It is now time to step up to the plate, to carry that baton in your world and bring us all into an experience of higher consciousness.

It is with great honor and love that we take our leave this day. Know that we have never been more proud of you. We have never been happier to see a species take itself out of such density and bring itself to light. Feel that in yourselves. Share that with others and pass the love. Pass it forward; pass it backward, just pass it.

Our love is with you always, all ways,
The Angelic Council of LIGHT