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Today is the day to extend your thinking of conscious creation to one of deeper understanding. You have previously thought of creation as something that happens to you from a higher power. Is this true? Yes, in some senses it is. AND it is true that it comes from you.

All That Is has never, not been. You are. You were. You will ever be. Who are you? You are consciousness, a personal extension of consciousness so vast you may never be able to understand it in that world. Consciousness is a knowing of all things.

We speak of your being awake. This is your awareness of your own consciousness. We are not talking about being awake in the human sense of being in the sleep state or awake. We are talking on a greater level of being awake or asleep in your acceptance and awareness that you are one piece of the All.

You exist. That is the first law of creation. There has been a lot of talk about creation and co-creation. What is the difference? Nothing. Creation has always, all ways taken place as a co-creation. Ever since All That Is (God, Allah, or whatever name you call it) split itself into an innumerable number of pieces or souls such as you, you have co-created together. You think a thought, your thought flows as energy, it is “heard” by us (as your guardians in that world) and we arrange for your thought to appear in the physical in the best way we are able so you can see, feel, smell, hear and/or taste it. It is that simple.

Every other system in every other solar system beyond your imaginations, with each and all of their own guardians, do the same thing in their own way. To infinity and beyond; your Buzz Lightyear knew what he was talking about. So, where does this put you? You are the center of your own system of creation. Everything that ever has been in your eternal life has been created by you – with our assistance.

This brings us to who we are. We are the guardians and advisors of your world. We are also All That Is, just as you are. The only difference is that we know it much more clearly than you do. We are more awake than you. You are still, as a world belief, caught up in the belief that you are nothing and God is everything. You believe you are worthless beings that only God can save.

Since you are a piece of God, the consciousness we call All That Is, you can access all the consciousness. The only thing keeping you from experiencing this, from our perspective of total love, is your belief that you are not and cannot. This is what we are helping you change in your world. We are waking you up. We are ringing the bells and telling you that you are as we and we are as All That Is. We are all one.

It is time to let go of all the beliefs that you have been taught to keep you in bondage. It is time to open your eyes and see that you are, and always have been the conscious thought of God. It is now time to open you ears and hear the love that lives in that universe, in that world on your planet called Earth. Listen the birds sing in continuous joy. See the newborn babes of all species upon your world as they love their own. Feel the love in your heart when you feel the joy of love itself. Use your senses to re-mind you of the love you are.

We know you went to that world with lives that have not reflected such love. You went there to let go of all the traumatic experiences that your souls carry from other life experiences (past, future and parallel lives). That is why you chose so many things that seemed difficult in this life. You chose them to see them so you could let them go, once and for all time. You are now in that time.

As you let go of the anger and fear from past experience, you awaken to the remembrance of your true being. If it were not for the trials and tribulations you wrote into your life this time, you would not be able to awaken to our level or higher. WAKE UP. Hear the bells tolling for you to hear. Put aside your past training. Know that your teachers meant well, but did not have all the facts. They taught what was taught to them.

It is now time to fully understand that you are not the sullied, “bad” beings you have been taught that you are. You have lived and are living lifetimes of karmic bonds in this one life so you can let them all go and take one great, giant leap for mankind. You are co-creating this with the world. And because of this, we also get to move. We are waking to a higher version of our realm because we are all one and when you move, we move.

You are becoming your own Earth Angels as we speak. Each one of you who hears the call, who chooses to take the step back into your own birthright as God beings, helps each and every other level of consciousness to raise itself also.

How do you do this? You need to be bold, be brave enough to stand in your own light. Own it. Feel it. Know it is you. When you do this, you will no longer have need for egos that separate and judge. There is no one better or worse than another, just different. You have a fear that to be in your light, your power, that you will have power OVER something else (or someone over you). Not true. True power is not power over anything. It is the power to BE. It is the courage to stand in your own light of All That IS and BE.

When you do this, there will be a feeling of deeper connection with what most of you call God. It is a feeling of love and oneness that fills you with grace. Grace is the feeling of oneness with All That Is. It is loving and kind, although it does not always seem to be loving and kind to you who see it. Love and kindness can appear harsh to those of you who do not like confrontation and want to see only the light and not feel the karmic issues you need to clear. Confrontation does not mean fight. Confrontation simply means standing in your power and being true to it.

When it feels true to stand in your light and refuse to go along with someone who has a different opinion, stand in that light. Be true to yourself. Sometimes standing in your truth means disappointing another. Can you do that? Will you be true to yourself even though you know it will disappoint another, or do you go along to “keep the peace”? We tell you now – that is not peace. That is enabling the other person to stay in the dark.

Owning your own divinity, knowing you are a piece of All That Is, is not for the faint of heart. It takes strength and courage to be who you are because you have been taught that it is not true. You have been taught that it is a lie. You have been taught that to do so will earn you eternity in a burning place called Hell. To overcome and reverse this misconception takes courage in your world.

What you believe is up to you. You co-created this experience with complete free will. You went there to experience duality, right and wrong, light and dark, good and bad. You are now waking from that dream and remembering that you are light, you are good and you are right – without their opposites!

Take what part of this feels good to you. Reject whatever you feel does not fit who you are. Create who you choose to be and live that to the fullest. Our hope for you is that you will feel the truth in these words. You are light. You are goodness itself. You are God Consciousness, living out your life in that world as a human experience.

This all boils down to what you want. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the experience of your world? Do you want to continue to live in the dark, believe that you are born with sin and badness, or do you want to move into your world with your true essence of light and love shining brightly into the night and awakening others? The choice is yours and it is now time to make that choice.

We are with you always, all ways. We will help you every step of the way. Know that we are here. Feel us walking by your side. Hear us whisper in your ear. Join us in your dreams. Talk with us. We hear your prayers and your dreams. We also hear your beliefs and when you believe you are unworthy, our only course of action is to show you how much (and we really do not like to do that). When you put out ideas and beliefs of your goodness, we bring you love in every way, showing you how much you are loved. We will bring people to you who can and will show you just that. We will bring you to beauty around you to reflect your own beliefs.

Choose. What do you want to experience? What do you want to experience for your world? Let go of the old beliefs that keep you tied to darkness that no longer represents who you truly are. Walk into the light. Feel the love of All That Is in your own heart. Spread that love to all around you and watch the world you live in change to a world you only dreamed possible.

It is with great love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. Know that you are the light that we see. You are the beauty that we see in you in each and every moment of each and every eternally changing now. You cannot, not be light and love. You can only experience it as such.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT