Conscious Creation – Basics for the New World

by , under Angelic Readings

Hello to the world. We speak this way because it is a greeting beyond which you can’t imagine. It is “just another day” so to speak, but it is a day of immense effect in your world. It is time now to move into a mode of experience that has been unheard of until this time. It is as if, on this day, the brakes have been released and the shift from Homo Sapian to Homo Luminous has begun. The shift from your 3-D world to 5-D has begun.

It is time to look back at what has been and a time to look forward to what is ahead. This is common upon your world at the change of a year on your calendar. It is not common to experience moving from one world to another in that instant.

What world do we speak of? We speak of the world of new experience. For most of you it will feel like a falling apart of who you are and have been. For many it will be feeling like you are floating on some unseeable object, taking you down a river you also cannot see, going where you know not where. For many of you this will be challenging at best. For many of you it will seem almost commonplace, as you have been traveling in this fashion for some time.

What is the river upon which you float? It is the river of life. It is the energy that you are. You exist because this energy is what you are manifested of. It is you. It is the river. It is everything seen and unseen along that river. Where is it taking you? It is taking you to the beliefs you hold that determine what that will be. For some it will be a pleasant place. For others it will be challenging as you will believe you have been taken somewhere without your control. It will seem as if it is happening to you, not through you.

This is the way that life has always occurred. You believe and it is created as such. It is the acceleration of the process that will seem unfamiliar and quite frightening for many. For you who believe in this truth it will seem easier and smoother, for such it is.

Everyone, in one way or another, will now feel this energy movement. For some of you who understand the flow of life it can be a pleasant experience. Use this to help you choose where you would like to be taken upon the flow of this river. For those who do not believe this is how you create, be ready for a ride that bumps you into the objects around you. You will see many who blame others for the direction of their own choices. Please do not be one of them.

Know that it is time to let go of all blame for these choices. It is time to look forward and choose your highest joy and head for that. You may not always reach the place of joy you aim for. You may land a little short of that destination, but with each landing you will be closer to your goal. Nothing lost, but a lot gained in the experience.

How will life change as you live the flow consciously? You will be able to steer your own course into a smoother flow. Please remember when you bump into the shore at a place that looks unfamiliar, that you are choosing the direction of your path through the flow. It is YOUR choice. If and when you bump into shore in unfamiliar territory and you feel out of place and do not choose to be there…..jump back into the flow and choose again.

This is the year of awakening, for your species and your world. To do this you will all be waking up and seeing the world through new eyes. Those of you who are already well on your way to waking will be guides for those who are just opening their eyes. Help them to see truth. Help them to clear the illusion that life has happened to them. Help them to see they are not the victims they thought themselves to be.

Each month of 2010 in your world will bring another theme and another challenge. This one is the master alarm and the basis on which all other things will be built. Everyone’s alarm will be going off at pretty much the same time. They will need you to help them clear the sleep from their eyes and see, truly SEE who they are and how they are creating that with each choice they make.

Remember…………..thoughts and words are energy. Whatever you say will manifest in some way. When you say destructive things about another (or yourself) you create the energy pattern for that creation. Teach love. Teach everyone to think and say loving things about themselves and others. This will dramatically shift the way the flow eases or becomes blocked.

This is a core belief. It is needed to move forward in the transition of your species. It is the first step to creation and this year is about creation. It is about creating your world, as you would like to see it, not as it has been. The world you are transforming was created unconsciously. It is being methodically destroyed by the self-created belief in lack. This has created every sort of greed, war and indifference in your world and needs to be re-created with love. This is already being done by so very many of you who are already awakening and will take you into a whole new world as you help others to create consciously with you.

It is time. We have been saying that things will dramatically shift in Jan. of this year. It will and it is. This is the shift of which we spoke. It is a group effort of consciousness, of awareness. One person creating consciously creates wonders. Groups creating consciously create miracles. It is time for miracles.

Each month of 2010 will be a different theme. As you master each one, each will build upon the others. The masterpiece you are creating will be entirely unrecognizable from where you are today. What do you choose it to be? Think well and feel this in your hearts. Follow the joy in your hearts and use that joy to create the highest version of yourself you can be. Do this as one and move yourself into a more joyful experience of your world. Do this collectively and you create a new world.

We leave you with these thoughts and ask you to practice this each day of this month. Do not be discouraged when you do not see the fruits of your actions played out in front of you. Trust this will happen. Do not judge what you cannot yet see. For now……………practice being the highest version of yourself you can be in each moment…………..CONSCIOUSLY.

Next month we will give you your next step of this conversion of your world. We thank you for your patience, your trust and your love. It is with GREAT love, honor and respect that we take our leave for this day. Know that we are always, all ways with you. You are never alone. We are proud to be taking this journey with you.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT