Reconnecting with your Spiritual Beingness

by , under Angelic Readings

Greetings everyone, it is a magical time of year. For most of you, you are faced with the turmoil of the holidays that are quickly approaching. While you do that, please take time to look deeper into the experience of your inner spirituality that is coming for Earth and Humanity. You experience the holidays as a way of getting caught up in the excitement without knowing what the excitement is truly about.

What is it truly about? Most of you will answer that question from a religious perspective. Christmas. Kwanza. Hanukkah. The names change and the meanings stay the same. All ways of worshiping the God you recognize in the way you were taught is correct. We are here to tell you all ways are correct. It matters not who that teaching was centered around.

This is not about religion but spirituality. It is about the truth of who you are. What is the truth behind the teachings? The truth is that you exist, you are part of the ALL, the ONE, and all of the part, that what you give out you get back and that all of this is within you. It is NOT outside of you.

For eons it has been expected and taught that anything and everything that has meaning is outside of you. Is there a consciousness that is “out there”? Yes. AND that consciousness is also within you. It is the body you move and breathe. It is the thoughts you have in every moment. It is also the feelings you experience. This consciousness is God. It is. It simply IS. You cannot be anything but that.

Is everybody else that too? Yes. Everything you see, feel, hear, smell or taste is that same consciousness, as well as everything you intuit that is not physical. It is everyone and everything in every dimension, everywhere, everywhen. It is the person sitting next to you and it is the being on another planetary system in your universe or another you are not yet aware of.

Is this God? Yes. Does it matter if you worship God in one particular religion or another? It matters only to the one worshipping in that manner. Are all of these ways of worshipping correct? Yes. It does not matter how you come to relationship with God; it matters that you do. If you do not feel the presence of God in your life, does this mean he/she/it is not there? No. It means you do not yet feel that presence.

Some of you may feel closer to God in a forest, sitting by a river, hearing the sounds of water cascading over rocks. Some of you may feel closer by sitting quietly by a fire, hearing the crackle of flames on logs. Some may feel closer in the presence of a building, a church or temple containing the objects that you associate with God. All are perfect for the person that communes with this consciousness in this manner.

Why do you feel you must feel closer to God at this and other times of the year? You have been taught to do so. You have been given certain times of the year to set aside your daily experience of your lives and remember. Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Passover, etc. As you notice, many of these times of celebration have been given the same time periods on your world. No mistake. They have been taken and passed forward from one religious system to another as time has passed. Many of the religious rites and ceremonies have been brought forward from other rites and ceremonies, such as your Christian rites forwarded from Druids.

What has happened to these times you were given? For many of you they have become times to be with family. In many cases the spiritual reason has been lost completely. The original intent was to re-connect with the God within, to re-member who you truly are.

Over the last many of your years, the season has become about money, gifts and spending. This has brought upon your world a huge amount of stress. Not enough money………need to give bigger and better presents…………a belief that this time of year is perfect for everything outside yourselves. This have caused so much stress that this time of year is the biggest time of suicides in your world. People who can’t feel the presence within and cannot find it outside of themselves feel despondent and alone to the point of hopelessness.

What can be done about this? It is time to remember who you are and bring that remembrance to others. Put less emphasis on material issues and more on inner ones. Love is the biggest and best of gifts. It is the gift you give yourself and the gift you give to others. Share a meal. Share a quiet evening playing games with each other. Listen to music together. Enjoy each other’s company. Laugh. Bring spirituality back to your own experience and share that with others.

Whatever the religious experience you prefer, once again bring back the inner experience of God and live that to the fullest. Do not be concerned what you wear or how great you look. If you could see yourselves from here you would see all of you adorned as bright stars, glimmering in the universe. No better garb necessary or possible.

See others as the god beings that they are. Forget, or at least put aside the prejudices that keeps you separate, better than them………or worse. Not possible even if you try.

Take time; make time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, alone and with others. BE with the consciousness that is God. Feel him/her/it within your being. Feel the love light the internal fire within your hearts and know that you are and can never be alone. Share this. Let this Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza (insert name here) be an experience of sharing yourself with this universal love and then share it with others.

This is what these religious holidays were truly created for. It is time to reclaim them for yourselves. Feel them in your hearts. BE them in all that you do. Give what you want for yourselves, not the physical wonders you have created, but the inner love you are.

It is with great love and honor that we take our leave this day. We share with you the love that is All That Is. We wish you the best and most loving holiday season you can create. Our love is yours.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT