Moving into Spiritual Growth

by , under Angelic Readings

We get many questions now that humanity has made it to 51% of the people able to “hear” or “see” God Consciousness. What does that mean in practical terms? Here is the answer from our perspective..

You are in a position as never before to grow, spiritually, at an unprecedented rate. Humanity has been moving at a fairly even rate for eons and now it is being asked of you to move at rates that defy your modern science. It must seem to you that yesterday you woke up and were living unconsciously in a world that was doing the same. You got up in the morning, put on your clothes and went to work. Now you are getting up, looking in the mirror and asking yourself who you are. What do you want? Does your job offer you fulfillment?

These are questions that will be coming up for all of humanity. There will be an unprecedented number of people changing jobs, places of residence and doing deep self-examination of the meaning of their own lives. Marriages are failing in many instances……………because as you wake up, you look around and may find a stranger next to you. If one person in a relationship changes and the other does not – it is unlikely you can find happiness in that relationship, as it is, any longer.

Many of you at this point will be faced with self-judgments that will stop you in your tracks. Many of you have judgments that label you as a failure for a marriage that no longer works. Blame of yourself and projection to your partner make it very challenging to grow smoothly. Find a person who can help you through this. Counselors, Clergy, and especially many who work with energy can help. Spiritual teachers are opening to their calling and offering advice and support also.

Fear around money………….there is a fear of lack………..there is not enough. This leads to greed to get more and separation so you can have your “share” and others can fend for themselves. This was the old way of thinking. This is no longer true in your world. There is ENOUGH……enough money……enough love…….enough of everything in your world. ALWAYS.

Movement creates fear for most of you because this creates a rich environment where the neatly held, blocked emotions in your bodies can no longer live. These emotions are flying free and enveloping you in old patterns and feelings you did not want to deal with (thus the reason you hid them in the first place). You can no longer keep them hidden. You will have to deal with them. Again, there are many, many modalities available. Talk with a friend. Find a type of therapy this suits you if this is needed.

This brings us to the subject of projection. It has been the habit of humanity for eons to project your feelings on someone else. If you are unhappy in a relationship, it is soooooooooooooo easy to blame that on your partner. If you are fearful……… see fear in your partner. If you are angry………… accuse him/her of being angry. You simply see your hidden feelings and beliefs in the one you are closest to. Here’s the truth – These feelings, beliefs, etc. are YOURS. It was our way of giving you a mirror to see yourselves, but you forgot the gift of the mirror and thought it was the mirror, the person who mirrored it back to you. It is your own reflection. And you break the mirror.

Karma. What can we say about karma? It is yours also. You can blame a person, state, country, etc. for the situation you are in. OR, you can understand that your karmic path has taken you to experience this path to clear the karma that brought you to it. What you give out you get back. Karma. Whether in this lifetime or several, these karmic ties keep you in view of them until you clear them. Now is the time.

Your bodies are also experiencing many huge changes. The emotional feelings and beliefs that you have kept so perfectly hidden away are pure energy. As you release these feeling you release energy. It is not unlike one of your volcanoes erupting. The smoother you can release this energy, the less violent it will feel as it is released. Again……find someone who has been doing this for a while; they can help you or at least lead you to someone who can.

Most of all, as these changes occur – Don’t judge yourself or anyone else. Judgment is one of the most injurious actions you can put your energy into. One of the most insidious and dangerous to yourselves and others is guilt. This is judgment turned inward. This is one of the biggest causes of illness in your world, both mental and physical.

The best way we know to avoid judgment is to simply be an observer of you. Notice your actions and re-actions to all things. Do NOT judge them. Observe them. “Oh, how interesting” is a great statement to adopt. Watch your actions and non-actions as you would watch a tree. “Oh, how interesting”. Do you like the action, non-action or re-action? If yes, keep doing the same. If no, simply choose to make a different choice next time. No judgment.

You are perfect. All things are perfect. They may not look perfect from where you are. This is judgment in some form. You have a preconceived idea of what it should look like and when it does not match that perception you are once again faced with judgment. Nothing has meaning except for what you give it. Judgment. Everything in your world simply IS. It simply IS. Do not judge it. Use it to choose what you do and do not prefer to be.

So………….who are you? What gives you joy? What are you passionate about? This is the driving force in the universe. Passion. By that we do not mean blind lust and greed. This is what your media has chosen to use to represent passion. We are talking of true passion, the joy you get from the things you love. People. Jobs. Concepts. Nature. Find what it is you feel passionate about and allow that to move you forward. What job can you find to live that passion? In a relationship, does your partner share the passion that drives you? Can you share his/hers?

You have lived lives by taking what you want. We ask you now to change that to giving. As you give, you get back. What is it that gives you joy? Give that to someone and feel it come back to you. Have no concept of what that will look like. If you give money for example, do not expect money to come back, but the joy with which it was given. This will live within you. If you give with resentment, you will feel no joy in the giving and will get only that back.

As you help others to release their blocked and stuffed emotions, you will be helping yourselves to release your own. There is comfort in this. It goes both ways.

You have buried yourselves in work. In this way you have been able to keep yourselves from looking at and feeling what you have stored in your own bodies. Emotional debris. This, as we said, can no longer work in the same way. These feelings are coming out and can no longer be held. The raising of the vibration of love on the planet is making it impossible to support this lower vibrational energy to survive any longer. It will be releasing to be transformed to higher energies of love.

Find groups of like-minded people. This will help to talk about your own experience and realize that you are not alone. All of you are experiencing similar things and it always helps to share this with others, both for your own peace of mind and for others. Spend time with others who have similar likes and passions. Share them as well and allow them to grow. Being alone is an option, not a necessity.

Now that just over half of your world is able to hear and see God Consciousness, the opportunity to change yourselves, and thus your world, is astronomical. How is a world changed? By changing yourselves. As each and every one of you change, the small world around you changes, then the world around them and so on. It is like the ripples that flow out from a pebble thrown into the calm surface of a pond. The ripples go out from the pebble and get larger and larger as they cross and intermingle with other ripples. You are the pebbles that will change your world. You grow……….the world grows.

You cannot change yourself without changing something and someone else. Because all of you are ONE and all things are connected, one thing cannot change without everything changing. You change, your friends and neighbors change. They change, your world changes. Your world changes, we change. We change, the Universe changes. You go…………….we go.

We told you before that many are and will be leaving the planet. You are seeing evidence of this all around you. This is NOT to be feared. These changes are necessary and done with agreement of those that are leaving. Death is not and end, but a continuation of life in another realm. Only the body changes, the soul just IS. It cannot be created. It cannot be destroyed. It simply IS. You simply ARE.

As it looks right now, it will be approximately a little over two of your years for just over half of your world to reach just over half of God Consciousness. That means that just over half of your world will BE that consciousness, live it, see it in everyone and everything in your world. At 51% of God Consciousness you will still be quite physical, but able to hold more light and love. You will create a different world in every sense.

For now, be content and happy to grow. Be grateful for the release of the stuffed emotional energy that is and will be shaking loose. Do not be afraid. Go into this experience as an adventure. That which you fear is far worse in your heads than it is in reality. It has no power over you except for what you give it. Give it none. Each thing you face and release will leave you open to experience more of the light that you already, truly are.

We watch you wake up and are in awe of you. We have watched individuals do this always, but never everyone at the same time. You are all having similar experiences, all at the same time. You are there for each other. Help one another. LISTEN to each other and allow yourself to be heard.

It is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day of your time. We are here to help you in every way we can. If you are finding it challenging to face your fear, ask us in your hears and we will lead you to those who can help. We are wrapping you in our wings and holding you in our heart.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT