Universal Law

by , under Angelic Readings

Here we are at another juncture in history as you make it. As we said, you are creating it as you go along and it is happening very quickly. We told you a while ago that the plane is on the runway and is about to take off. It will be off the ground within the next two of your days. What that means is that you have reached a point where 51 percent of humanity is able to hear God Consciousness. You will have eyes to see and ears to hear.

That does not mean that in two days the world will “get it”. It means that you will now be able to begin to fully understand what that means. It means that you will all be able to start to understand that you are all one being in and with the universe. Unity and diversity. You are you……….and you are God, experiencing Himself/Herself/Itself as human.

Every dimension and universe that is physical has its own physical laws. These laws were made to fit the reality of the dimension you experience. In third dimension, where you are now, you have laws of physics that pertain to that space and time. Other dimensions and planetary systems have different laws that pertain to theirs. All of these are made to fit the times and places of your worlds.

There is only one set of laws that fits ALL worlds, everywhere, everywhen. We call them the Laws of God or Universal Law. They are as follows:

1. You exist. You are eternal spirit, energy, soul………eternal, forevermore. You cannot create or destroy this energy. It can only change form.
2. You are a piece of the all and all of the piece. You are God, experienced as human and as such you have your own individuality AND you hold the essence and consciousness of God within you. You are a hologram of All That Is.
3. What you give out you get back. Energy is always in motion. What you give out returns to you. If you give out anger you will get anger back. If you give out love you will get love back, perhaps not from the same person at that time, but it will come back.
4. Everything changes…………………………..except the first three laws.

These laws are not new or secret in any way. They have been given to many of you over the years and have been stated in many ways. Even your Bible has versions of these laws. You have heard them in many teachings throughout the years. This is because they are the meat and core of your experience in the Multiverse.

These are the things humanity will now be able to understand at deeper and deeper levels. Those of you who are reading this, and versions being given to many others in different languages, etc., are the teachers who will bring this forward to others in the next couple of your years. You will be guided in many ways to help bring this to humanity.

Don’t fear this or get caught up in the belief that it has to be a heavy responsibility. It is not. It simply is a chance to be who you are, every day in every way. This can and will be done by many by just living and being the examples of these laws.

Others of you will be asked to take a more direct role in teaching the Law of One. This is law number two. You can and will no longer believe that you are separate from your God/Goddess/Creator. As you begin to understand that you are energetically connected to everything and everyone else, your view of your world will drastically change.

Some of you are afraid that in being a part of God/All That Is, you will lose your individuality. We tell you now that is impossible. By knowing and understanding that you are eternal spirit having this experience as an individual, your personality and individuality becomes even stronger. You will gain a sense of self that will sustain you through many changes ahead. We know it is odd to hear that being more one with All That Is makes you stronger in your individual self, but it is true.

It is not important now to know how you will do all these things. It IS important that you understand that these truths are your reality. How this will be taught and conveyed will be known soon enough. For now, take the time, make the time to feel what it feels like to be connected with this consciousness. Feel the love that seeps into your being. Hug a tree and listen with your inner ear. Sit by a brook and listen to the sound of water streaming over rocks. Listen to the birds. Watch nature at its best. Sit in a quiet room and meditate. Listen to soft music and dream.

See how happy life is without the complications humanity puts upon it. Connect to the simplicity of life, for the sake of living. No expectations. No judgments of what it should be. As you sit in the moment of peace and experience only that, every worry will disappear. Fear and worry only happen when you project that fear forward or get stuck in what is behind. What is behind is gone; what is ahead is yet to be created. Worry is what you create when you have an expectation you fear you cannot or did not meet.

For now, as the beings of your world move into the newness of opening to a greater understanding of who and what they are, watch and feel the energy of a world being born into a new experience of itself. Know that as you move forward with this, it will grow and expand to greater and greater love and understanding. Know that as this grows, your world will no longer be able to do things in the old paradigm of hate and fear. Love will replace them both.

We will be working with all of you as we have been since your creation. That is our job. We are here to help you in any and all ways. We whisper in your ears. We put people in your paths that call you “out of the blue”. We set people in grocery stores, on planes and other places you visit with messages for you. Nothing is by chance. There are no mistakes. We send you messages on your TVs, in your newspapers, on the sides of trucks and on car’s number plates. Be open. Be aware. We are here. Know that you are not alone. You are safe. You are loved.

In the next few of your months we will be sending more messages with ways to help with the transition of humanity to a higher level of experience. You may take these messages to heart and help and you may ignore them if you choose. There is no right or wrong, just different ways of being. You need not feel pressured. All things happen in their own timing and it is always, all ways, perfect.

We ask you now to absorb this message, these laws, into your experience of who you are. Let them become your way of being in every day life. Live them. Be them in every way. It is now time to walk the walk.

It is with great honor and love that we take our leave for this day. Thank you for being there at this time, for the bravery and courage it took to be where you are, doing what you are doing. See yourselves as you truly are, as we see you. You are LIGHT. You are LOVE. You ARE. Until next time, hold within your heart the knowing that you are. You are one and you are many. You have been and you will be again. Forever.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT