Heaven & Earth

by , under Angelic Readings

Many of you have been asking what is happening in your world and we have given you many different answers. You are asking what you can do and what is needed for the transition to the new world and new species you are becoming. We cannot tell you this without telling you first what you will become.

You are moving into a new existence of experience. That experience is of Heaven on Earth. We know it is difficult for you to understand what that means from where you are, a world without war, without hatred, so we will tell you as best we can from our own perspective.

We know Heaven as the bliss and love of the consciousness you know as God, All That Is, The Universe. We know Earth as the living being that embodies and holds the energy of humanity upon it. She holds the consciousness of all of you upon it. To know these as not only Heaven and Earth, but the experience of Heaven ON Earth, you will have to combine the two.

The most important thing in your world right now is the raising of the combined vibrations of Earth and Humanity. This is the deciding factor that will make the merge possible. As the vibration is raised to critical mass in your world, the shift from third dimension to fifth will become possible.

Many of you have asked what will happen with the shift. What will you feel? Will the upheaval of Earth’s energy be smooth or felt as cataclysmic events? Will humanity still feel like the humans they have always been? Will your experience of your world be the same or noticeably different? The answers to these questions have no black and white answers. Many of them will depend on how well you hold the higher vibrations and how smoothly you move as individuals. As each and every one of you hold a higher vibration, the combined vibration increases incrementally. The smoother you make this change, the smoother Earth will also. It’s up to you.

You are all undergoing many physical changes. Some are very noticeable, such as moments of vertigo, a feeling that you are there and somewhere else at the same time. It is slightly disorienting. You brain waves are being altered to hold the higher vibrations. Your bodies are becoming less dense as to hold more light. Memory is beginning to feel “phased out” and you remember only what is necessary at the time. Insignificant details are difficult to hold onto. These are just a few of the present changes.

We are, as we speak, sending and bringing together many teachers from “Heaven and Earth” to help you. There are teachers and Masters from the Angelic Realm and above and there are teachers and Masters well versed in Mother Earth that are being joined as guides, to lead humanity in building a path to the New World existence.

The teachings we are instilling now are ways for you to first become familiar with the energy you are presently living with. As you become comfortable and adept at feeling this energy, you will be able to feel the difference as you hold a higher level. You will be taught how to feel this as your own, personal vibrations. You will then learn how to feel the vibration of Earth. You will then be brought to the knowledge of how to bring in the energies of Heaven, God, the Angelic Realm to join with Earth and Humanity.

This is a joint venture and it starts within you. Your awareness will soon be filled with the opportunities to join in groups, gatherings, etc., that bring these factors to your attention. There will be many so that you will be able to join one that “speaks your language”. Find one that is comfortable for you and join in.

You will be seeing more evidence of the changes in your world in your books, television, papers, churches and everything in general. Pay attention. Join in. Learn ways to raise your own vibration of love and light and spend time doing so. Play with it. Practice it.

There will be a last ditch effort of those in fear to keep you attached to it as you let go of your own, left over from many incarnations on your world. Do not attach to it. Know that it is no longer beneficial for you or your world. It will keep you in lower vibration and slow the evolutionary process. When you hear of fearful events, refuse to pass them on. Whatever you concentrate on grows larger. Concentrate on love. Focus on love and happy thoughts. Pass these thought and stories forward. Refuse to buy into the fear.

You ask what you can do. You need to DO nothing. You need to BE the change you are becoming. Be the love that you are, the love that we see from here. We see you as light, pure and lovely beyond your wildest imaginings. You are grace in its essence. You are photons and force fields, the pure essence of God in the physical.

It is with the greatest of love and honor that we take our leave this day. Know that you are loved and you are love. Be this in all you do, think, say and feel. We are so proud to be privileged to be your guides on this momentous journey. Our thanks and our love is with you always, all ways.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT