Down the Runway – Conscious Evolution

by , under Angelic Readings

Hello everyone, here we are again for the message of the month. We understand as we begin this, that you are in a time of flux and confusion in your world. We have been telling you it was coming for many months and it is now swinging into place as a door swings shut in the wind. It is time.

Many of you are in positions where confusion seems to be the norm and this change seems less challenging than those who have jobs that are being brought from calmness and serenity to chaos very quickly. The changes are the same in both cases. It is the perception of these changes that is seen differently.

So what does it all mean? It means that we are embarking on a new leg of a journey that will bring you into the new human. We have been preparing you for many months for this, years for some of you, and now we are here. You move…….we move……….together.

As you look around you will see many things happening. There are, and will be, many more deaths of younger people. There will be more suicides than in the past. These things seem very frightening for most of you because there is still a great fear of death in that realm. You have not yet understood that death is just a continuation of your true life, which is eternal.

You have been watching your old systems fall apart. Now you will watch new ideas be brought into the light and some into fruition. Some of these will be met with great excitement and some will not. Some of these new ideas, such as ideas of new energy sources, will be met with resistance by some of your major corporations. They think they will lose a lot of money if these take hold so they may fight them until they see they will gain more by joining in the search for better, more sustainable sources.

You will be watching many changes within your churches. Some will be losing members at alarming rates. Many will be seeing that the God they revere is the same one, whether He/She/It be called Allah, Wakan Tanka, God, Goddess, or any other name you may use.

Financially you will see a fight to keep more money for yourselves as it becomes scarcer. This will change as you realize there are many more ways of living than you knew. Barter. Free giving. Helping others without judgment. Sharing work time. These and many more.

All of these things will seem like an imposition at first, until you realize that this leaves you more time to walk in the woods, sit on the beach and “be” with the sea. Walk in an old growth forest. You will come to realize that the coming phase of your evolution is about holding more light, more God energy and this will give you ways to increase your own.

Elementary schools will begin to find themselves in crisis situations with children who learn in different ways. They are already aware of what they came here to do and need to be guided to do so. They will NOT do well in schools where they are forced into preformed boxes of thought or actions. If they were older they could teach you, but they are children and must be guided to know how to work in your world of physicality. They will fix the damage you have already done to it if you help them.

Most of all, you will be feeling a pull of confusion in yourselves. This may be felt as restlessness. Many of you may be waking up and looking around yourselves to a house, a job, a world that no longer fits who you are. What do you do with this? It will be different for all of you. You now have the opportunity to examine all of these things and see what fits and what does not. Find what feels right for you in your heart NOW and make new choices that fit your own joy and happiness. If you are not joyful with what you are, you will make no one around you happy either.

We have told you before that the time is coming for these changes and you have all been as patient as you could be. We now tell you it is time. We have said in some instances that it is like one of your jets sitting at the end of a runway with the engines revving up for takeoff and the brakes on, waiting. We tell you now, it is beginning its streak down the runway and the wheels will be off the ground within the next couple months.

As this happens, the energy of that airplane builds energy around it and it is felt by everyone. It is shaking loose emotional debris and baggage that has been held at bay and in storage for eons. The irritability, frustration, fear, anger and other emotions that are being shaken loose are beginning to explode from people without their even knowing why. They are feeling a lot of craziness and not knowing why.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the people who has chosen to be in this place, at this time, to be here to help them. Take them by the hands. Look into their eyes. Listen to them. HEAR them. Empathize with them. Do NOT sympathize with them. Sympathy marks them a victim. Empathy gives them power. Guide them as you have been guided.

Most of all………..understand that you can help people through these issues, but you cannot make their choices for them. They will and must make their own. Some of the choices they will make, you will not like. Some you may downright disagree with. That is OK. It MUST be their choice. Understand that their journey is unique for them. It is not yours and must be lived for their own life choice and path, in their own way and their own timing.

There are reasons for everything, everywhere, everywhen, although they may not seem apparent to you at the time. They may never become apparent to you, but that is perfect. There are lessons in each and every thought, and thing that happens in your world. There is always purpose.

What we ask you for is trust. As we watch you all become the Earth Angels that you are learning to become, we remember when we were making similar choices on this side of the veil. We know the difficulties you will be facing and the challenges we can help you master. Please help us to help you by trusting us to do so.

When you are frustrated with a situation and don’t know what to do………..ask for help. We will be there. When you are sad, we will send you whatever joy we can. Know that we are here with you. Trust that you are not alone. Know that you are who you are, a beautiful human being AND you are the beautiful light-filled soul that we see from here. We are separate in affiliation only, never in reality.

Things are difficult for many at this time. They will become more difficult at times. Many will be making choices to join us on this side. Many on this side will be joining you there. This is a grand plan on a grand scale such as your world has never seen. We have never seen it anywhere. You are pioneers of conscious evolution.

This is a spiritual evolution beyond bounds and explanation. The definitions are not yet written. Remember, as you write this new chapter in the book of life, to be conscious. That is the hardest part. Fear will create a shadow that obscures the clarity of choice and will distort the finished product. The more you can keep yourself out of fear and consciously aware of your choices, the faster and more clear your results.

With this in mind we know you will make this your priority. We have been watching and helping you for time beyond time. As you now become your own teachers and guides, know that we are with you in every way. You are loved, you are honored and you are LOVE, beyond your wildest dreams.

It is with the greatest honor, respect and love that we leave you for this moment in time and space.
The Angelic Council of LIGHT