The Human Story

by , under Angelic Readings

We are here today to tell you a story. It is not your usual bedtime story, but one of your becoming. It goes like this.

Once upon a yesterday there was a world of wonder. While it was a world of wonder, it was not known that it was. It was treated as a world of stasis. People in this world came and went in a daily drudge of activity, working, as they believed they must. They toiled and toiled, bringing to them a reward they called money, or wealth. This allowed them to have a couple days off to do what they called play.

Some were able to do this. Others were not and kept toiling even on these days of play because they had come to worship the thing they called wealth. Thus became a cycle of toil and play. Play and toil. And, for some, work, work and more work.

There were at times on this world a time of worship, for there were those among the people of this world that believed in a power outside of themselves. This power was believed to be greater than any wealth of the mortal world they lived in. Stores were closed and families gathered on this day. This was accomplished for a short time as a day was put aside to pay homage to this higher power. This slowly slid away as the power of wealth grew to overtake this belief and the day of worship became a moment of convenience.

Then something amazing happened. A day arrived when the peoples of this world began to question the value of this pattern of toil and play for such rewards. There seemed to be something missing. There was emptiness among these people that could not be filled by the rewards they gathered. Some tried to work and toil more to gather more reward and that did not fill the space.

That is when the miracle happened. More and more of the people saw this happening and they began to question why. Then they felt something happen in themselves. Others also felt the emptiness of their lives and asked the same question. It was asked over and over by this world, louder and louder until it was heard by ours. The question was, “What are we missing?” “There must be something else.”

We were asked for help by many of those beings. Now we are asked by most, for as the people of that world felt the emptiness, they realized their world was not what they had thought it to be. This gave us the opportunity to do what we do best………help that world re-member and re-turn to its rightful birthplace.

This is how that world reached a turning point in their existence. It is now the story of how this world is changing itself from a world of toil and play for an outside reward they created, to one of beingness and joy, for an inner reward of love and grace from within. (When you go within, you won’t go without)

“How will we do this?”, asked some of the people? How can a race of beings, a whole world, turn from a world of separation and pain? How can they turn from a belief they must look outside themselves for something or someone to save them? How could they find inner peace and joy inside themselves? How could they find this higher power? They had been able to find it outside themselves in some religions, but not been able to find it in themselves.

It sounded much too difficult in the beginning, like climbing the highest of their mountains in a pair of shorts with no equipment……………so…………………The planet was infused with the higher energies of God, Love, Peace, Joy and Grace by this higher power. There were many of us here to help do that. The Angelic Realm and The Association of Worlds are just a couple. These are the ones that have already returned to the Spirit of God and are living their lives in ITS beingness.

This was done in what was the era of “the sixties”. Love and Peace became catch phrases and it was played out to the extreme, as all things on this world were accustomed to. Several years have passed on their world since then and the energy is growing at unprecedented rates. It is no longer being played out with the enthusiasm and passion of those in the sixties as it has become more familiar and the consequences of some of the actions has been evaluated.

Some of these consequences at first seem to be too harsh, but as with all things, when change occurs it sometimes takes the face of brutality. We find it interesting that it was this “brutality” that actually brought that world to see the brutality around it………war, famine, hatred, prejudice and all other things a belief in separation and fear create.

It was this era that changed that world and it is now going forward with great speed and compassion by those who know the work of God, the higher inner power that exists in all beings, in all things everywhere.

“Where are we going?” “What is happening to us?” This is what many on that world are asking as we tell this story. The answer is simple. They are going to a new experience of life as it truly is, as a world of beings, connected to a higher source of Love and LIGHT. Some of them call it God, All That Is,Yaweh, Allah, Grandfather, Great Spirit. It does not matter the name. We will use the name God because it is familiar to us. It is the force and consciousness that is all that is and is not, everywhere, everywhen. This world is a part of that, as are we and every other world that has ever existed or being created.

This world is now experiencing what it is like to connect once again with its own true beingness. Each person who consciously connects to this is bringing two, ten, 100 others to the same experience. This is changing that world to one of love and light as we speak.

How will this change that world? Imagine a world without war, without hatred, without prejudice. Imagine a world without toil for mere pieces of paper or disks of metal. Imagine feeling peace and love in a heart that has only yearned for such and believed it had to be found outside itself. Imagine greeting each other with genuine love and joy at their presence. Imagine not being tired from toil, but in joy for moving to a “job” that feels joyful and does not feel like work.

These are all things this world is moving to now. As each one of these people embrace the love and light that they already are, they create an opening for the next, and the next, until all are able to follow. Imagine this world being your world.

Of course you know this world is your own. It is Earth. It is Humanity that is changing, evolving as we speak. Within the next couple of your years you will be entering the experience of what we foresee. Imagine this world of Love and LIGHT, for it truly is yours. Imagine the feeling of love in your heart, for it truly is the love of God that ignites the flame within your own heart. You are Divine soul, having a worldly experience, with a physical body, in a world known as Earth.

You believe you are separate…………..Americans, Egyptians, Africans, Chinese, Etc. You believe you have separate borders, America, South America, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, the list goes on and on. We tell you now that is something you created when you believed you were all on your own and had to compete for what was not enough. We tell you now. You are ONE. You are Humans. AND you are one with us. We are all one, experiencing our Divinity in a different way, in a different place.

The next time you look in a friend’s eyes, feel the love in your heart and see yourself in those eyes too. Do the same with a stranger. Do the same with someone you do not like. It is all you. We are all you. And we are our individual souls, experiencing our own way through eternity.

We hope you have liked this little story. It is a story of where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. We will be telling you more of this story as your “time” advances in linearity.

For now, try to take in the message of this story and treat each other with love and understanding. Feel what you would feel like to be treated as you are treating others and act accordingly. When you yell at someone, feel what you feel when you are yelled at. When you act with anger and hate, feel what you feel when you are attacked by those who are angry or hate you.

It is with great respect, honor and love that we take our leave this day of your time.
The Angelic Council of LIGHT