Space/Time continuum

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DearHearts, we are at a time in history when things are changing so quickly you will not be able to comprehend the magnitude of these changes. This is as it should be and was planned when time began. You have tried many times in your world to accomplish what is happening now, but have failed and started over. Now is the time for the move into the world you have been waiting for.

You know that time and your experience of it are changing. AND, because time and space are unalterably connected, space is changing also. Your relationship to space is shifting. The space/time continuum is shifting so your experience of it will be different.

Space is a measurement in your world, as are time, distance and other linear fields. Because they cannot be separated, as one shifts, they all shift. We have talked about time and your experience of it before. We will now talk about space.

To talk about space, we have to include distance because that is what you have created to measure what you see between objects in space. Space is simply what you don’t see within an outer perimeter. Objects fill this space so you believe they have distance between them. These are all valid concepts from your linear perspective. We will try to simplify this idea and give you a look from our perspective.

Because we experience no time here as you know it, it is difficult to translate what we experience into your understanding, but we will try.

Because you see borders, delineations, boundaries and things that separate the whole, you had to create a way to measure what you see as separated. Lets say you see your world as a large egg. This egg contains everything in your awareness, the universe, the planets, and your personal world of Earth. Each of these becomes a separate unit that requires measurement.

For us, all of these things are seen and known as one thing. There is no such thing as borders or any type of separation. We see and understand it as one homogenous unit, part of God itself, all made out of the consciousness that is him/her.

Space is not empty. It is a continuous mix of energy swirling and expanding and changing form from one thing to another in the ever-expanding creation of God, All That Is.

As it is with the space you perceive outside yourself, the universe, planets, etc. it is also the same with your personal space, your body. It seems solid. It is not. It too is an ever expanding, swirling mass of energy that is constantly shifting and changing. New cells are created as old ones die and are absorbed or returned to dust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. A large portion of house dust is old, dead cells that are decaying and “disappearing” from your view as the energy recreates itself anew as something else.

For a long time your scientists believed things that are now so silly you laugh at the concepts. You now laugh at the old idea that the world was flat. Tectonic plate movement was just a theory not so long ago. You once believed you were the center of the universe and everything revolved around you. Now you know different.

We tell you now, the things you find so solid in your beliefs will quickly fall away as new technology and understandings are infused into your world and your consciousness. This is happening as we speak and is about to take off at an astounding speed, as your scientists understand the principles at a deeper level.

The space that you have measured and studied about is about to take on a whole new meaning and understanding to humanity. Your belief that you are the only intelligence in the universe is about to be challenged also. As more and more of you begin to see through the veils of separation, the illusion of separation will begin to fall apart. As this happens, many of you will begin to see and understand that others have been with you and available for longer than you can imagine.

As your understanding of oneness becomes more real to you, the illusion of separation will begin to fall apart. As this happens, your experience of the space/time continuum will shift to a new one, just as your awareness and understanding that your world is not flat changed with experience of it.

You see space as the air and universe around you. You see space as the emptiness in your living room. None of these are “space” as you see it. As we said, this “space” is filled with more than you can wrap your minds around, ever changing, ever expanding and growing with creative power and possibility.

You see a majority of the world around you as space; from here we see none. Neither is right or wrong. Both are correct from the perspective from which we view it. What is changing is the shift in your awareness and ability to see it a little closer to what we see. The veils are thinning, time is shifting, space is swirling and changing and we all continue to grow and expand our awareness and consciousness so our experience of space and time and distance are no longer the same.

We know this may seem absurd to some of you, or too difficult to imagine to others. It is truly simple if you view it from a different perspective. Take a deep breath. Back up. Step away from your old though patterns and try to imagine it from the limitlessness of God. See through our eyes. Envision a world without borders, a universe without end and yourselves as ultimate potential.

It is with the deepest of gratitude and honor that we take our leave. Remember to look beyond what you’ve been taught. Seek to see yourselves and the world in a new light of ultimate possibility.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT