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It is now time upon your world to understand a few basic truths. These are the things that will bring you smoothly to and through the changes that are now happening and will be continuing for the duration of your evolutionary process.

First, know that all things are happening WITH your permission. Not only was your permission given before you went there to experience this event, but you stood in line and chose to play your part.

Second, you are now playing out that part. In order to do so, you have been asked to let go of all the old, stuffed emotional energy that has accumulated within your DNA. Your bodies hold the accumulated data, not just of that lifetime, but of all the lifetimes you have experienced so you can let it go in this one.

We know this sounds daunting to you. It is not. When you realize and re-member that you can let it all go at once (if that is your choice), the ease of the letting go takes on a whole new meaning. Most of you have a belief that it is difficult to let it all go. This is not true……….unless you believe it to be so. It is the belief that makes anything what it is and gives it its power. Remember this. It is crucial to your journey ahead.

What you believe will be shifting. What you feel inside will be shifting. As you look around you, you will see your world as you have seen it AND you will begin to see it differently as your DNA begins to shift to a more open experience of yourself.

Your DNA was created to do a specific job. It is a big job indeed. It holds the part and parcel of your combined data of all your experiences in that realm. You have been working with about 3 percent of it. The other 97 percent is the part your scientists call “junk DNA”. It is called such because they cannot prove what it does. They theorize that it holds the data of your experience but cannot prove it as yet. They are correct.

It was designed this way so you had a way of finding your “stuffed” emotional debris that kept you from moving forward. When you got into a situation that “felt” too overpowering, you simply stuffed the emotional pain into your DNA for future evaluation. You believed you could deal with it better at a later time. Every time you experienced a similar experience or memory, the debris came up in your face for reevaluation. Perfectly planned and executed.

The problem arose when you were once again faced with the emotional energy you stored and forgot that you put it there yourself, to deal with and release at a later time. In fact you went beyond that and believed that the person bringing up the emotions was the cause of the event. Not so. It was just another person bringing it up so you could see it again and release it. It is your own. In its most extreme form such as your Jesus, you killed the messenger instead of looking at the combined message he brought to humanity. In its everyday form it is your friends/family/acquaintances that shine light on your own stuffed energy…………so you can see it and release it.

It is time for all of you to release it now. How you choose to do that is up to you. You are being sent many, many people with even more modalities to release this energy now. Reiki, EMF, Yoga, HeartSoul work, Massage, Somatic Release, Therapeutic Touch, Therapists (those who work with energy modalities and use the body for a base of information) are just a small example of the work available. There are many more and even more than that being infused into your world so you all have a means of releasing this energy.

The how is up to you. The WHY it is so imperative is this: To hold the amount of light you need to hold to make the transition from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous requires that you let go of the old, outdated, heavy energy you have compacted within your DNA. To make this transition, this ascension of energy, you MUST allow space for the new, higher energies that will sustain and carry you through the evolutionary shift.

In the coming months we will be giving you many more ways to make all of this possible. As you get closer to this time you will more easily understand what is happening. As the combined energy of humanity rises, the understanding that goes with it will automatically infuse itself into your awareness. This is happening now, but because the combined energy is still not able to carry the higher vibrations of love, it feels like it is dragging its feet. It is not. It is moving at incredible speed, but will not be felt as that quite yet. You will notice a huge shift in this event between 7/7 and 10/10 of your year 2009. We will address this as it arrives.

DNA is not the only thing that will be shifting, but it is the first that will make the others possible. As with all things in your world, they have been set up in a hierarchy situation. They all hinge on the one thing that holds them all together. In this case it is all hinged on your DNA storing all the old data.

As this shifts to accommodate the release of the data, your entire experience of your world will shift and change to a different experience. It’s not so much that the world has changed, but your experience of it will. It is moving from linear to circular. Your experience of it will reflect that change.

We will be with you through this evolution. We will be walking with you, talking to you, nudging you in directions that accommodate the quickest and smoothest change. We will be with you in your sleep, guiding and teaching………..helping you to re-member your role in this transition.

Know firstly and most of all that you have chosen to be there at this auspicious time in human history to play your parts, your roles in the evolutionary change that is happening as we speak. Do not think for one mini-second that are not a huge part of that process. Each one of you plays an integral role in the whole. Do not judge what that role is, either for yourself or another. Judgment is not yours. You do not know the whole story or see the whole picture. You do not know what each person’s role brings to those around them. Sometimes the most seemingly awful tragedy is the gift that is needed for everyone around it to trigger a release of emotional baggage.

You are working with your individual emotional dramas/baggage. AND you are dealing with your combined dramas/baggage of humanity. These are ALL changing and you are ALL instrumental in making that happen. Everyone who makes a choice pushes the change further and faster. Some of these changes do not FEEL good. Some of them will feel painful and you will believe the person instigating them has done something wrong or failed. They have not. This is why it is so crucial you do NOT judge them or the event. ALL events are furthering your progress.

In closing we ask you all this favor. We are here working very hard on our end, helping you all to move forward as smoothly and easily as possible. We need for you to help us now. We need you to open your minds to see us/feel us/hear us, to sense us there and let go of some of your accumulated fear around this process. It will make it easier for all of us during this transition. It will be easier for you to do that if you live in your hearts instead of your heads.

We love you, we are with you, and we honor all that you are and all you do. It is with this love and honor that we take our leave this day of your time.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT