Conscious Creation

by , under Angelic Readings

We are here to tell you a story of creation. Not creation as you have thought of it and been taught, but creation as it is and will be.

Creation is. It simply IS. Every time you think, you set an energy in motion that is creative. When you concentrate on that thought and focus on it, it is sent to the higher realms and it is set into motion on a grand scale. Thought is energy and energy creates. It is that simple.

This is and has always been so. It is not different now but now you have an opportunity to do it consciously. Knowing how creation works is the key to conscious creation.

What would you create for yourself if you could create anything you want? It is time to think about this because this is what your world is shifting to. You have not been let in on the secret of creation because as a species you have not been ready to do it responsibly. It is now time for that to change.

Yes, there will be some of you who try to use it to your advantage. For those of you, please note that there are built in safety measures to keep God’s will aligned with yours. This is where God’s will and Free will meet.

Humans have been asking what free will is. It is simply the ability to choose what they prefer in any situation. This is and always will be. Since humanity was sent to a realm of darkness and apparent separation, there developed a rift between what you thought of as “God’s Will” and “Free Will”. Most of you asked……… “If life is preordained by God’s will, what is free will? Why bother to be here if we have no choice?

Think of free will as a choice of routes to a destination. Do you want to go by boat? By car? By air? Do you want to experience a smooth journey or a challenging one? Do you want to get there tomorrow or in several lifetimes? These are all choices that you have with free will. The path in each moment offers new choices and each one alters the experience on the path to your destination.

As humanity reaches higher and higher vibrations of love, the lapse in time of creation is shortening. Some of you may have noticed answers to your thoughts happening immediately. You think of someone and they call. You think of a question and you see an answer in headlines, on television or words in a song. You’ve thought it a wonderful coincidence, but know now that it is not such. It is the energy of what you put out coming back to you. Immediately.

When you were at lower vibrations of darkness and fear it took longer spans of time to see the results of your creations. Your fears took longer to manifest in physicality so you could see them. Your loving wishes took longer also. Now you will see them quicker.

It will eventually reach a point of thinking something and you will be there, but not while you are still physical. As long as you are physical you must abide by the laws of the dimension you abide in. In third dimension you live with the laws of physics that work in that reality. Thus you experience a time lag between thought and creation.

How will this benefit you as you evolve? It is up to you. You can use this for your own personal growth and you can use it for the global growth. The safeties that were built in will protect from those who wish to project and create harm for others. While you were in darkness it was possible to project that reality but it is now more difficult to do so. What does not support the good of the whole, or “God’s Will” will very quickly fizzle out.

For approximately the next 14 months of your earth time this will be demonstrated to you in everything you do. Pay attention to the thought you “put out there” and pay attention to what happens in your reality, connected to your original thought.

Try focusing on what it is you prefer for your own growth and see how the focus changes the results of the creation. Play with it. Pay attention to it.

Try putting out positive thoughts (some call it prayer) for the global community. Watch what is happening as more and more add to those thoughts.

The best example we can give you of how this works is Apollo 13. The world was filled with dread because of the number 13. So much fear was focused on and sent out that it created the story as you know it. What changed the story was the millions and millions of people who saw what was happening and focused on loving thoughts of getting them home safely. That is what you created. You first created the disaster………and you then created the safe outcome. This you did unconsciously, but the example is there, registered in history for you to see.

As we settle into this year of change in your world, we will be helping you on this side with unprecedented numbers, to help you create your most fervent wishes and prayers. One alone will create directly one to one. Two or more are incrementally boosted in power and several together, as you see from Apollo 13, create globally.

As you play with this and grow in your expertise and personal responsibility for your choices, we will be here helping you, nudging you to merge your personal free will with God’s will. This is the thing that will put creation “through the roof” of expectations.

To do this, feel in your heart what you want to create. Do not, do not, do NOT create by using only your head to scheme and create “power over” another. As more and more of you regain your connection to your own power in your heart, power over another will no longer work. The second rule of creation is to harm no one. Use your heart and harm no one. Simple truths.

Your world is growing in love and light as we speak. EnJOY watching it grow and add your love to it. With each bit of love and light you add, it becomes stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter. As the dark, fearful people on your world emerge in the light they will look darker in contrast. Do not try to destroy them, but yet add your light and watch them fade away on their own. They cannot be supported in the light.

In ending for this day we leave you with this advice. Always, always, all ways make choices from your heart. Be kind. Be gentle. Love yourself and you will love others in your stead.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT