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We are here today to tell you we are with you always, all ways. You are in a great time of change upon your planet. It is now occurring so quickly you can barely see what is happening. You just turn around and things are different than they were a few minutes earlier.

This is happening so you can experience the change in time. You are moving from linear time to circular time. In reality, there has never been anything but circular time, but you have been experiencing it in linear fashion. This is why you believe you have a past and a future.

There is no past except that you have memories of things that have occurred and believe they happened BEFORE this moment. We tell you now; this is not true. These things have happened and you are a part of them…………just as the things that are happening in what you call your future.

Picture time as a great circle, or wheel. Each thing that is happening is at a different spot upon the circle. If you could step into a spot on the wheel, you would be experiencing something in a perceived time. This might by your past, your present, or your future, as you know it. It is all happening as we speak. This is why it is possible to “see the future”. In effect, all you have to do is step into a different “time” on the wheel. You are multidimensional beings and you are playing out many roles at the same time. You remember your past. You can also remember your future. What holds you back is the belief that it is impossible.

There are many different paths that you are taking. You are experiencing many versions of your present experience. In your present experience as “who you are”, you are experiencing it in one way. In the others you are experiencing it in a different way. Your awareness is tied to the experience of the body you inhabit. You are many.

We know it is difficult to understand from the perspective you are presently experiencing. Third dimensional thought is very confining and limiting. As you approach the year of 2012 in your world, the experience of time will be changing. We are here to help you understand and adjust your awareness of this event.

First of all, there will be a feeling of disconnectedness. It will feel as if everything is falling apart and nothing is making sense. It will feel as if you can’t grab hold of anything and everything is just out of your reach.

Secondly there will be an experience of deju vu. There will be a slight “knowing” of everything around you. This is because of the overlap of consciousness into another way of seeing time. The “future” will be overlapping into the now. Because you are also there now on the circle of time, you can step into that and see what you are doing there.

Because you are aware of what you are doing there in that “past life” for example, your body in this one is holding onto the “stuffed energy” in the DNA. Your awareness has brought it here to work on and release. You are more connected than you ever imagined to everything in the universe and you are many experiences of it.

Thirdly, there will be a sense of perspective that is different than anything you have ever experienced. Vision is always, all ways, dependent on the point from which you view it. You will now be seeing it from a different point of perception. There will no longer be the effect of seeing what is behind and what is ahead, but there will be a much more expanded vision of the NOW.

Another thing you will be experiencing is forgetting. Because of the change in time as you know it, you will be finding yourself forgetting where you are, what you are looking for and many other types of forgetting. This is also because the experience of linear time is falling away. The past, present and future and turning into one thing and it will be much more difficult to find a focus until the experience becomes more comfortable and “automatic”.

These are just a few of the things you will be experiencing very soon. Many of you will have already started to experience this and wonder what is wrong with you. There is nothing, nothing, no thing wrong with you. There is everything right with you. You are now seeing from a different perspective.

These are only a small sampling of the things that will be changing in you “near future”, or the now you will be experiencing at the time you experience it. We, as always, are here to help you with each and every change you experience.

We wish you Love, and LIGHT and the ease of grace that will facilitate these changes.